Monday, December 1, 2014

We are the Queens of Pie :D

HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!!!!!!!!  It looks from all of the pictures that you partied for all of us!!!  And don’t worry about these sister here in Juarez, we were pretty spoiled and just happened to eat a little turkey and stuffing!!!  (By the way, I think this mission thing is really changing me; and I am getting a little worried... I LOVE STUFFING!!!!  Mom, I ate it, and I didn’t even cry ;) hahahahaha I thought it was a pretty big deal!)  We ate with the Bencomo Family, who is the bishop and his wife and the family of her!!!  THEY ARE THE SWEETEST!!!!!  The mom of Hermana Bencomo grew up in Casas Entoces; she is all into the American traditions!!!  We ate with them and really felt like we were part of their family!  It was super fun to tell everyone "FELIZ DIA DE PAVO" in the street, cuz they just looked at us like dumb Americans!!!  BUT WORTH IT!!!!  But the dinner was amazing, and also Lamar made us “Beef Steak Pudding” (which sounds TERRIBLE!) but I am a witness that it is pretty dang good :)  We were spoiled, but so grateful for our great thanksgiving....   It just so happened that the whole week, the members made us turkey too!!!  (of course... when you have 3 American missionaries you have to take the excuse and celebrate with them!!!! ) WE MADE PIE ALSO.....  OH I ALMOST FORGOT!!!!!!!!!  WE ARE THE QUEENS OF PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Over all - it was a great day!!!!
1.                  Are you keeping warm enough?

Yes... and no.... hahahahaha!!!!!!  I sometimes wish I was on the beach, because I am turning into my mother a little bit and am always cold...  BUT I have all my fingers and toes and so I think I am set!!! ;)  I am using the coat that Hermana Jacobo left me and it is working out just dandy!!!  We just need a little bit of snow and I think I would be warmer ;) 
2.                  Have you found out when you can call us at Christmas?

WOW!!!  Can you believe Christmas is almost here!!!!!!!!!!!!  I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):):):):):):)  But as for the phone call, I am not sure, if you need me to call another day; I probably could..  I’ll figure it out!!!  ACTUALLY, I think we should make Amanda and Eric suffer, and not be able to talk to me....  They are too cool and heading off the Hawaii!!!! ;)  Okay, I am just kidding!!  What day do they leave???
3.                  How’s the Christmas play / program coming along? Tell us more!!

HMMMM IT IS GOING TO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!  We pretty much changed all the plans this last week; we found an awesome guy that is helping us with the music and the whole program!!  It is going to be in this huge concert hall called "Centro Cultural Paso de Norte!!!"  LOOK IT UP!!!  And then we are going to sing and have short little messages and everyone is going to cry and give us tons of references, and then we are going to baptize all of Juarez and then it will changes to the safest place in the world!!!!  (That is the goal at least... you gotta shoot for the stars!)
4.                  Do you miss your Utah Family?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - You guys are crazy!!!  Of course I miss you guys!!! :) 

NOW IS THE TIME!!!  YOU EITHER JUMP ON THE WAGON OR GET LEFT IN THE DIRT - FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!  THE CHURCH IS DOING AMAZING THINGS FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!  THERE IS A HUGE PROGRAM THAT THE ENTIRE WORLD IS DOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  IT IS CALLED “El es la Dadiva!!' or for you white people... “He is the Gift!!!”  Check it out, the church bought a whole day in YouTube to advertise it (this Sunday).  There are advertisements in Time Square!!  And I am sure you guys have seen them on Facebook and everywhere on-line!!!!  JUMP ON THE WAGON FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is the best time to share the gospel, or at least share a video with your friends!!! ;)  You will see, put it to the test!  SHARING THE GOSPEL GIVES YOU GREATER HAPPINESS THAN YOU HAVE EVER FELT!!!!!!!!!!!!  Go to :) 

A short little miracle for this week!!!!!!!  We had been praying a lot to find new investigators... especially on Friday; we said a special prayer before we left the house!  Not one minute after we had walked outside the door and a hermana called to us and asked us who we were!!!  YES!!!!!  She was super excited and told us that she and her family really need to change their lives right now!!!  We went back the next day and they were there waiting for us with Atole and cookies!!!  THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!  They are accepting the gospel so easily, because they are some of the elect!!!!!!  WE FEEL SO BLESSED!!!!!  Our Father really answers our prayers!!  I know He lives! :) 

Also this week, we got to go to the temple!!!  We went with the Bencomo Family (we kind of like them a lot if you can tell....)  THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!!!  AND SO WAS THE TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


"Happy Birthday" to Amber (a couple weeks ago), Barbara (today) and Susan (this weekend)!!!!!!

Hermana Sutton


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