Monday, December 29, 2014

Feliz Navidad 2014

December 22, 2014

HMMMMMM I am in a pickle.....  Since we talked yesterday I don’t know what I should tell you!!  So let me just ramble and we can see what I come up with!  hahahaha  SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...  We are doing great!!  We are so excited for Christmas and we feel so blessed to be serving the Lord right now!  We had a Christmas lunch with all of the missionaries in the entire mission which was really fun!!!  THE BEST PART WAS THE TIES AND THE SCARVES!!!!!!!  A huge shout out to everyone who helped put everything together!!!! :)  You should have seen the faces of all the missionaries!!!!!  THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!  You made this Christmas one we can never forget!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):) 

This week we really did see a lot of miracles; the phrase of the week... “WHAT A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE” ;) hahahaha  But like I told you yesterday we found an amazing family who we really have high hopes for!  The Hermana went to the concert (with our stake president) and LOVED it, and well we have her won over I think ;)  The Hermano is awesome too, his nickname is “Wolf”, and he is a Bromista... (a joker) and he is really receptive!!  It is awesome that our stake president is there for them.  There is a huge difference when the members help, and we feel super excited to continue helping them to come unto Christ

Also this weekend we sang at Misiones (the big mall here in Juarez) and everything went really well; we got a lot of references and we hope we are sharing the Christmas spirit the way the Lord wants it to be done!  Especially during this time of the year I am so grateful to have learned how to play the piano and how to sing.  I know the Lord blesses us with our talents to be able to help His children.

HMMMMM WHAT ELSE!!!!  One of the things that we are doing for Christmas is... okay let me explain!!!  So almost every day we take the same route to get to our area (cuz we technically don’t live in our area) so we pass by the same people every day, like the people that sell hamburgers or the crazy lady who yells at us for crossing the street, or the awesome taco guy, just a few of our favorites!  SO what we did this year is that we wrapped up Books of Mormon and wrote in them our testimonies and put stuff about HE IS THE GIFT, and tomorrow we are going to take them around and give them their Christmas present!!!  There really is power in the Book of Mormon!  We are excited to see how it works in their lives! ;)

I loved the pictures you sent of the boys in their pajamas!!!  THEY LOOK SUPER!!!!!!!!!! ;)  I explained the other day to the president about our tradition with the pizza and candle light on our china....  He thought we were a strange family!  SO I THINK HE GOT THAT RIGHT!!!!! ;)  I hope that this year is a great one, make sure you enjoy it and eat a lot of good food for this missionary!!!  My present was definitely talking to you all yesterday!  You are just as crazy as I remember!!!  I cannot believe that Beckham recognized me!!! ;)  What a cutie!!!

I love you all so much!!  And I hope you remember just how blessed we are to have the truth in our lives.  I really just can’t wrap my mind around the fact that Our Father loved us so much that He sent his only begotten Son.  And not only that but that Christ was willing and suffered everything for us.  I love them both, and well I love this season.  I really do think that the world is more open to learning how they can grow close to Christ now!!! 


Hermana Sutton

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