Monday, December 8, 2014

Really, We Are Trying to Change the World!!!!


It’s beginning to feel a lot like autumn... and it’s almost Christmas!!!!!!!!!  WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!??????????? hahahahaha  I hope that Santa still finds us here even though it is only sweater weather ;)  But this week was a great one!!  We were running pretty much with our heads cut off; we had a lot of practices for the choir and just A LOT of work!!! :)  We are so happy to be here and to be helping this ward.  Last Saturday we had the ward Christmas party, and it was really great!!!  BUT WE TOTALLY BEAT THE MEMBERS!!!!!!!  I AM PRETTY SURE THERE WERE MORE NON-MEMBERS THAN MEMBERS THERE!!!!!!!!!!! :)  It was a great turn out; we missionaries sang (with no notice before hand) but it all turned out great!  The primary put on the nativity scene and the youth danced to 80s music!!  It was a great evening!! :)  This ward is awesome; it is going to be a sad day when I have to leave them!!

As for the Christmas Devotional last night, we only saw the last 15 minutes because we were in a practice for the choir, but what we saw was amazing!!  The conference center looked great and the choir was incredible!! :)  I LOVE CHRISTMAS IF YOU DIDN'T KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!

As for everything else, the work is moving forward, we are working with the Lamar still for his baptism and also with our new investigators we found last week!  We are hoping we can have a baptism before the year comes to an end.  But only the Lord knows the timing!!

…1… Have you had your missionary Christmas party yet?
We haven’t had the party yet as missionaries!!!!  I think that we are going to have it like the 19th or that weekend...  WE ARE GETTING EXCITED PREPARING ALL THE TIES AND SCARVES!!!!!!!  We are hoping the President makes us dinner and we get to be with all the missionaries, but who knows right!!  You just play it by ear!! :)  But I know it is going to be great!!!

…2… What’s the craziest thing that happened this week?
Hmmmmm the craziest thing.... I am not sure!  To be honest my memory is getting terrible.  I have to write things down during the week so I don’t forget to tell you guys.  Really I can’t even remember what we ate yesterday!! hahahahaha  FORGIVE ME!!  I will try to think of one this week!

…3… Did you ever get your 4 generation genealogy we attached to an e-mail?
Yes, I sure did, and it was perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!

…4… Tell us more about the 'El es la Dadiva, it’s new here and no one knows much about it.

ARE YOU SERIOUS - THE MISSIONARIES AND THE WARD AREN'T DOING ANYTHING THERE?????????  IT IS HUGE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!! :)  THE WHOLE CONCERT WE ARE DOING IS FOCUSED ON THAT!!!!!!!  Well anyways, we have the video (that I hope everyone has seen) and we are sharing that with the members and with pretty much everyone we meet.  Then we also talk in the street to everyone about the “spirit of Christmas” and the DADIVA!!!  We invite them to learn more and let us go to their house.  It is pretty much the same as missionary work, but with more focus on Christ and how to make this Christmas different.  REALLY WE ARE TRYING TO CHANGE THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)  Nothing else....  But it is awesome!  Really this is the most amazing time to share the gospel!!  And not just for me, but for everyone!  Think about when you do a gift for the neighbors - maybe put a scripture in there or the video. 
But great things are happening here in Juarez; we are seeing people open their hearts and change.  

Just one little thing before I head out.  Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting. The Hermana Patlan had told me last week that she wanted to share her testimony but that she was really scared.  We practiced and I told her I would go up with her and share mine too!  So we went up together and she did AMAZING!!!!!!!!! :)  She really was so scared, but she spoke so simply but powerfully!  The WHOLE congregation was crying.  SHE IS A REAL CONVERT!!!  She has been changed by Jesus Christ.  It is amazing, and I am so grateful that she and her family are part of my life!!!

Hermana Sutton
p.s.  Pray for us and our big concert on Friday!!!!

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