Monday, August 25, 2014

Sister Anderton and Sister Sutton

This new Companion is a keeper!!!!! She is super sweet and
WOW, has a testimony that can move mountains!!!!! 
I feel so blessed to be her companion and to be here with her!!!! :)

Scream Team

OH SING ME A SONG OF BOX ELDER!!!!!!!!! HER COLORS ARE PURPLE AND WHITE!!!!!!!! (and all the way in Mexico) And yes of course it was some random lady in the street, and yes of course I stopped her like a crazy and asked to take a picture with her!!! I just couldn't not!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tortilla Maker

If we weren't Mexican before, I think for sure we are now! We have the sweetest hermana in our ward that makes tortillas to sell to all the little stores around here, and she decided to share her secret recipe with the white girls!!!! It was SOOOO much fun! But super hard!!!!!!!

I LOVE MEXICO!!!!!!!!!

I Learned to Make Tortillas!!!!


I know I say every week... what a great week!!!  But really - what a great week!!!  We had a lot of activities and appointments that went great and we are both just loving being here in Mexico together!!!  And we are getting a lot better at ignoring the “GUERAS GUERAS GUERAS” that we hear in the streets on every corner!!! hahahaha  But we are loving it and using us being different to contact a ton of people!!!!

Like the pictures you saw... hopefully!!!  You see that we learned how to make tortillas!!!  It is super hard but really fun!  THEY TASTE LIKE HEAVEN!!!!!  We are going to get so fat from eating all of them!  But it is so worth it!  The hermana’s name is Connie and she is a recent covert (2 years ago like dad) and wow, her life has changed so much since then.  It was so fun to spend a little time with her and learn something new!!!  But the thing is, who knows when I get back if I will be able to do it... I think if you don’t make them here in Mexico they don’t taste the same ;) hahahaha  But we will see what we can do!!!!!

 We had an open house in one of the church houses in our stake last Saturday so we went and helped out!  What we did was in each room we had a presentation about one of the missionary lessons!  We had the plan of salvation and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!  What we did was first of start out by showing a picture of our family and explaining “HOW MUCH WE LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!” but also how the gospel has helped us.  It was super cool to see the people light up and completely open up.  After we shared, everyone was so willing to talk and share also!  (Thanks for the help you guys)  We shared about what things we need to do to receive an eternal family!  IT WAS SUPER POWERFUL!!!!!!!  And there was a family there who weren’t members and all of them were so excited and are going to start learning about the church!  THE FAMILY IS EVERYTHING!!!!!  I just want to thank you family for everything that you have done for me; I love you with all my heart and soul and if I have learned one thing here on the mission it is that the families are ESSENTIAL to the plan of God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I LOVE YOU FAM!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so remember Lamar - the man that only speaks English??? Well he and his wife invited us over for dinner on Saturday night you won’t believe what they made us!!!!!!!!!!  MEAT LOAF AND HOMEMADE MASHED POTATOES AND CORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We were in heaven!!!!!  I didn’t think I missed American food so much... hahahahaha  But we had a fun time being there with them and talking a little English!  They are super nice and went to church yesterday!!!  We are hoping to get everything figured out so that Lamar can get baptized soon!!!!

But yeah that was our week!!!  If anyone comes up with some solutions for my sleep walking and talking please send them over...  I am afraid my companion is going to kick me out.... ;)  Last night I took all of the things and ran to my bed to hide them!!  HELP ME I AM CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha

Crazy, but HAPPY!!!!!!!!  I am where I should and want to be.  I am growing and learning and preparing!!!  This life is a time to prepare to meet God!!!!  We have to use our time wisely!!  He is waiting to welcome us back! :)  I know He is our father and that we are children of Him.  I love Him so much and am so happy to be able to share this amazing love He has for us with Ciudad Juarez!  There are people in all places that are just waiting to find the peace the gospel brings!!!  I know this plan is perfect!!!


Hermana Sutton

Monday, August 18, 2014

Laundry Day !!!!

From the roof of her last apartment

Juarez Missionaries

Fun Ward Sister

We have no Idea?

Orange is Megan's favorite color

Raegan Megan Selfie

Sisters Baptism

Relief Society Hair Braiding Party

Musical Sisters

Sisters Anderton & Sutton

Happy New House w/ an Oven

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  New cars; aren't you guys super cool!!!!!!!! Where did you get the money to buy those?? ;)  Oh yeah, that's right, I hooked you up with the drug cartel down here in good old Juarez!  You are welcome ;)  But I like them a lot; they look super cool especially the one that is energy efficient!  But Eric also mentioned that you are thinking about selling MY tan truck....  Just remember that you do have another daughter, and she loves you very much!! hahaha  No, I’m just kidding.  I am getting pretty dang good at walking, actually that is all I ever do!  The days that we have meetings are the days that my legs feel weak and really weird!  I think my body is so accustomed to walking it is just part of life!!!  BUT HAPPY NEW CARS!!!

This week was full of crazy stories, getting lost (surprise!), moving into our new house (which is like a 5 star hotel), finding a few more people to teach and just really enjoying the mission and the wonderful blessings that we see every single day!  First things first.... I finally bought some new shoes, so if you see a purchase in my account that would be why...:)  They are super nice and I feel like a new girl! haha  I think I am a terrible companion though, Hermana Anderton got blisters all over her feet and well it took us like 3 days to finally go and buy new ones!  But we are all good and feeling great now!!

So like I said we moved houses this week.  What happened is that we were living with a cute old couple in our Ward for the first week or two.. (like really living with them)  And although it was great to share the kitchen because there were always beans ready to eat, we couldn't live like that!  So we moved into a different house which is right behind a member and it is super nice!!!!  We have a washing machine!!!!!  AND an oven!!!  We feel like we are on cloud nine... well I do; I think my companion thinks all of her houses are going to be this nice... hahahahahahaha :)  But we spent a few days cleaning with the Hermana who owns the house and FINALLY we got to move in.  We still are getting settled but we really like where we are at!!!  Another thing which is super awesome about where we live is it is right around the corner from a nursing home!  IT IS THE BEST! We have made friends there and all the cute old people love when we come by to sing “Nearer my God to Thee!”  The best is one lady that is so so funny!  She has Alzheimer’s and really can't ever remember who we are, but she makes the funniest jokes and always makes us smile!   It reminds me of the good memories that I had at Maple Springs!  But we try to make a stop by every other day or so to see how our “adopted grandparents” are!!!

AHHHHH - This week we were walking down a street and there was a man who was just working on his car.  We said, “Buenas Tardes” and then he replied... "I speak English!!!" and we both turned instantly and smiled!!  At first we thought how does he know we speak English, but then we realized hahahahaha - TWO WHITE GIRLS WALKING AROUND THE STREETS OF JUAREZ!!!!  But he is super cool!  He works in El Paso, which is like 8 minutes from his house in a car, and his wife is from here so they live here!!!  He only speaks English and a little Spanish, so it is PERFECT for us!!!  He lived in the United States a while ago and took the missionary lessons and was preparing for his baptism.... But the elders got transferred so he stopped 2 weeks before his baptism!!!  His wife is a member but who knows what happened, (it just wasn't his time yet...)  BUT it was a miracle to be there and to get to know him!!  We really think he is ready to change and except the gospel!!!  My companion is absolutely ECSTATIC!!!  She said, I finally will be able to understand an investigator!!!  She is super sweet!  But yeah!  I will keep you posted on how everything is going!  But for sure, it is a little hard to teach in English.... I think that is a good sign!!!! ;)

1.       How has the running been going?
OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!  Hermana Anderton LOVES running.... she kills me almost every morning!  But I am enjoying it and I feel a lot better during the day!  She is my personal trainer... so hopefully I don't come back fat!!!! ;)

2.       Do you speak Spanish or English when at home?
hahahahaha  WELL..... We speak a lot of Spanish..... But stories are so much cooler in English!!  We are working hard - don't worry!!  What usually happens is I try and speak in English and she laughs at me because my English a really bad... hahaha :)  But she really is getting better at Spanish!!!

3.       What is the capital of Peru? 

4.       What have you learned to cook for us?
We are going tomorrow to a sisters house to learn how to make tortillas... so I will keep you posted on that one for the next week!!  I need to learn how to make more...  I am just getting really good at eating!!!!  BUT I LOVE CHILE!!!  Yesterday at lunch, we ate with the other 2 sisters in our Ward (one of them is Mexican...) and no one could finish their pasta because it was super hot... so all of them gave me theirs!!!  (I THINK THAT MEANS I'M MEXICAN!!!!!)

5.       How’s the foot, don’t lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My foot is GREAT!!!  No worries there; I feel good, and it really doesn’t bother me!  But I did buy a new pair of shoes because my other ones died.... hahahaha

But that was our week!!!  It was super good!  Oh yeah, if you want to read about what my comp has to say, I think she has a blog now... you can see both points of views... (hahahaha - funny)  But we are super happy and doing good and loving life!!!  Hermana Anderton is AWESOME!  She is such a blessing for me!  I know that the Lord sent her to me!  Just like He always does, he is looking out for us and showing how much He loves us!  I am so grateful to be here on the mission and experience what true happiness is and help the children of God find the way back to him!  The work is hastening!!!  IT IS THE BEST!!!

I hope you have a great week!!!!  I miss you guys so much!!!!!!!!!!  The time is going super fast... enjoy the time you have without me... because you will have me for eternity!!!!!!!!! :)

Hermana Sutton

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Juarez views

View from Megan's Juarez apartment

 This star is across the border in El Paso, Texas

Juarez Sisters

Now this looks safe?

Megan's new companion, Sister Anderton from Pocatello, ID

Juarez is so BIG & so MANY PEOPLE!

I HAVE A STALKER......AND NOW SHE IS MY COMPAÑION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (save me!!) ;) hahahahahahahahahahahaha

OKAY!  That´s not true.... well the stalking part is true.  But I AM SUPER HAPPY!  The only sad part is that she pretty much knows all of my stories and experiences, so when I start to tell her one, she just starts to smile... hahahaha :)  Her name is Hermana ANDERTON!  (her first name is Reagan - how weird right....) hahaha  She is from Idaho Pocatello!  She loves loves loves to run, so we really are loving running in the morning!!! She is super sweet and also is 19.  She wants to be a nurse! (coincidence...) and well we were made to be companions.   And the best thing of all is that  we made it through our first week here in Juarez and we are actually loving it!  

IT IS SO BIG AND THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!! But it is a new adventure and we are super happy!  The sad thing though is that this week we weren´t in our actual area too much...  We had a meeting Tuesday all day and then we had the consejo of the leaders of the mision on Thursday night and all day Friday....  But the meetings were really great! (as always, and I am so excited to start searching and finding the people here in Juarez that are searching for the gospel!!!)  The basic of the meetings that we had were about building the faith that there are people prepared to receive the gospel... we just need to find them and help them realize this is what they are missing!  The amazing thing is, this is happening all over the world.  THE LORD IS PREPARING THE HEARTS!!!  In every single part of the world, In Mexico, in Utah, everywhere!!!!  We just have to be willing to find them.  There is a scripture in D&C if you want to look it up section 60 vers 2 and 3. (it´s kind of tough, but it is true)  WE HAVE TO OPEN OUR MOUTHS!

BUT WE HAD A GREAT WEEK!!!  Right now we are living with some members....but we can´t do that so we are looking for another house... so we have been living out of our suitcases!  hahaha  But we found a new house that is super nice and we are going to go with the President today to see if it is okay for him.  Our area is called “Niños Heroes” and we are here with 2 other sisters... (did I tell you that??? - one that is from California and the other from Mexico.)  So pretty much the Americans are taking control here ;) hahaha   We have to really focus to speak Spanish, because if not we are never going to get better at Spanish....  But we are happy and working hard.  And talking to everyone!!!!  AND THERE ARE ACTUALLY ¨PEOPLE IN THE STREETS!!!!”  IT IS A MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!  We are opening this area of course so we are starting from zero... but I am super excited to be here!!!  Our ward is tiny!!!  But I love it.  Everyone is super nice and really involved in the work of the Lord!!!!  I feel so grateful to be here; I know this is where the Lord needs us to be!!!

On the other hand, sadly I want to say I am so sorry for John.  How unexpected and terrible.  He is such a great man and really was an example to me.  Thank goodness that we have the authority of God here on the earth in our days.  The temple covenants we make are real and they tie us to our families.  That is why the temple is SOOOOO important, because it is the only way that we are going to be able to live with our family again...  Take advantage of this time to share the gospel - with the friends of John - with his family that may not be members.  Everything in this life happens for a reason, we must do our best to do what the Lord would have us do.  I feel terrible that such a thing happened to such an amazing man.  I want them to know how grateful I was to meet and know him.  His smile and jokes always lit up the room.  We have to remember him like that; that is what he would want!  I hope the funeral goes great and send my deepest regrets to the Noyes family.

Just remember the Lord is there in every step of the way...  He is constant - we are the ones that change.  If we want him in our lives we have to let Him in.  He has given us EVERYTHING that we need to be successful in this life...  We just have to take advantage of it!  I know in a special way that He lives, and He loves us.  He has prepared the way, it is just our job to follow Him and be willing to sacrifice for Him.  I LOVE HIM!  I know that one day I will see Him again, and what a special day that will be, when I can tell Him.  I have done MY best.    That is all He asks.

I love you with everything that is in my heart.... (blood, arteries, veins, valves, tendons, EVERYTHING!!!!)  FAMILIES ARE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!1

Hermana Sutton

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ninos Heroes - Hello Big City!!!!

HELLO FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HOW’S IT GOING IN GOOD OLD UTAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  As for Mexico it is great!  Sounds like I missed a lot of parties this week - make sure Grandma knows I celebrated her birthday here in Mexico for her! hahahaha  Also, make sure she knows that I got a letter from her!  She mentioned in her letter that she didn’t know if I got them or not!  But yes indeed I did.  Also one package from Grandma Carlene!!!  THANK YOU!  I also got a cute group of letters from a few youth from our ward!  THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!!!!!  I really am the most spoiled missionary in the mission! hahaha  THANK YOU REALLY FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND LOVE!!!!!!

THIS WEEK WAS THE BEST IN THE WHOLE MISSION!!!!!!!! (sorry if I have said that before, this week for sure was) haha  I don’t have enough time to even think about all of the amazing miracles and experiences that happened but I am going to try and do a little preview and give you a little hint and of the wonderful work of the Lord!!!! Hmmmmmmm  - where to start.......!!!!!!

On Thursday I headed to Juarez to prepare for the sister training meeting on Friday morning!  It went really well and I am getting better at talking in front of people in Spanish!!!  YAY!  It doesn’t scare me as much as it did at first! hahaha   The meeting went well and we even got to practice exercising - IN SWEATS!!!!!!  I WAS IN HEAVEN!!!!!  Some of the hermanas were struggling finding things they could do in the morning, so we gave them some ideas and had a lot of fun!!!  I really have learned so much being the sister training; I always have to be on my toes and progressing and being an example for all the hermanas!!  It is a lot of pressure, but I love the challenge!!!!  The mission really is great - so much work and sacrifice!!  But more happiness than you can imagine! 

So we have been working with our ward a ton this month to try and help them get more involved in the work; we have tried everything and we finally decided if we can get them to pray and fast we could see miracles!  So we made cards and talked to everyone - made posters and testified and reminded them and well worked super hard for everything!!  Our ward mission leader came up with a great idea to go and do a special session in the temple with all of the leaders of the ward!  SO.... he talked to President and he said sure!!!!!!!!!  CAN YOU BELIVE IT!!!!!  So on Friday we went and did a session in the temple in Colonia Juarez!!!!!!!!  IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (pictures to follow)  My companion was super excited to see Colonia Juarez and well of course to go to the temple!!!!!  IT WAS SO GREAT!!!!!!!  OH HOW I MISS THE TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!  IF IT WAS THE IDEAL LIFE, I WOULD GO TO THE TEMPLE EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

AND ON SATURDAY WAS THE BAPTISM OF SILVIA AND MANUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was incredible and well there wasn’t a dry tear in sight!  I wish I could explain how much they have gone through, and their sacrifices and their desires and the light that they have inside of them.... but words can’t even begin to explain it!!!!  I think I mentioned this last week, but I have never taught anyone like them; they are so willing to change because they trust in the Lord more than anything!  They truly are examples for the world!  I feel honored to be in their lives and for sure they will always be in mine!  During the baptism the bishop shared a few words and then invited them to the activity that the ward is holding this week to go do baptisms for the dead (of course the timing is perfect right) hahahaha  So they are heading to the temple this Wednesday to do the work for the husband of Silvia (the dad of Manuel and the girls)  THEY COULDN’T BE HAPPIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So on Sunday they got the spirit (the Holy Ghost) and then Manuel got the priesthood!  And Wednesday they are headed off to the temple!!!!!!!!!!  THEY ARE SO GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And looking forward to one year from now going to the temple to be sealed for eternity!!!!  (I gotta start saving so I can come back and go to the sealing!!!!!) 

Silvia shared her testimony in church yesterday and wow, it was so powerful; she was prepared for the Lord and just waiting for this in her life!!!!  I hope that one day you will be able to meet her and her family!  It is her and Manuel that is 12 and Allison who has 5 years and Naeomi that is 2!!!!!!!!!!! (and the missionaries) hahahaha

 I know with all the surety in my heart we were placed in their path for a reason.  I know that the timing of the Lord is perfect and everything happens for a grand reason!  WE HAVE TO TRUST HIM!!!!!!!!!!  I feel honored to be in the service of the Lord and be an instrument in His hands.  I am growing closer to Him every single day and I encourage you to think about how you are too!  We must get to know Him, so we can recognize Him when He comes!!!!!!

This church is true; the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only place that we can find pure happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!