Friday, October 25, 2013

Photos from Provo

Megan with Hermana Nunez

MTC West

Well... I don't know where to start because my email got lost from last week.... :(   I made it to the MTC!!!!  (hahahaha)   To be honest my first week was pretty much the hardest thing that I have ever had to go through.  It was just difficult figuring out the schedule and how much freedom I have and how I am supposed to get everywhere and when and all that jazz.  But I made it and I honestly can say that the MTC IS SOOOOOOOOO AMAZING!!!!!!  Everyone always says that the MTC has the most amazing spirit; but let me vouch for that, it is incredible!

I am actually on the West Campus because they are starting to put all missionaries speaking Spanish here.  At first I was really scared and upset because I wanted the exact same experience as Derek and Eric and Jake and Tyler... but hey!  I'm a Hermana and for heaven’s sake, I am not like those Elders at all.  (haha)   I love the west MTC and I love the small environment and the people you really get to know here.  I know it is inspired that I am at this campus; also... we get to walk to Brigham's Landing every p-day and get Jamba Juice  (take that main campus-haha)  Of course I’m just kidding.  But I really love it here!

I have two companions; their names are Hermana Nunez (from Mona Utah) and Hermana Geddes from St. George’ish – coincidence.  ;)  hahaha  They are great!  And we get along pretty well, but to be honest having two companions is so super hard!  It is hard to keep track of each other, it's hard to teach unified, and it is hard to have to sleep on a mattress on the floor every night,  (hahaha)  but I LOVE THEM!!!  And we have such a fun time together, and we’re getting stronger each day.

I am in a district of all sister missionaries...  Which is a lot of girls ;) haha  but that is a prayer answered about not getting distracted by the Elders!  Haha - just kidding!   We have a hard time focusing a little bit, but I think we are getting better and figuring out our purpose and why we are here.  I actually am the sister training leader, which is pretty cool!  It’s like the district leader, but girl form!  I get to go to all the amazing meetings with the branch president and zone leaders and it has been such a blessing to get to worry about everyone else - not just this crazy sister!


he language is coming... it’s super hard but super rewarding!  We teach twice a day, because our district is so small we have enough teachers to get to practice a lot!!!  We taught our first lesson in Spanish the third day we were here, and that was for sure a humbling experience!  I have learned more than anything that the “spirit is the teacher” and if the spirit is there during the lessons than it will be felt!  I am so blessed to be going to Mexico and I am excited for the journey of getting there!

The best time of the day is.... of course... GYM TIME!!!! We have it right in the middle of the day right before lunch.  This is great because we have lots of time to get ready, and it gives us a break from the long hours in the classroom studying!  (Even though I have the most amazing teachers who are so great and loving and smart.)

So... my p-day IS on Friday!  Sorry about last email again... :(  but so ‘ist das laben’ I guess!!! haha - that was German!  But we got to go to the temple which is the most amazing experience EVER!  I have never felt so much peace and help from the temple before in my life.  It is incredible to know there is a plan to help this girl get through the hard times in life!  The temple IS the house of the Lord and what we learn there is ESSENTIAL and such a blessing!!!  Even when I am overwhelmed with learning and the busy schedule of a missionary life, the temple is constant and amazing and has been the biggest help since I have been there!  I know my Savior loves me and I know that He is in that house.

I'm not sure what else you want to know...  I guess I’ll just tell you some random stuff...

I live in Wyview apartments on the north side (so right by Derek's car) haven't seen it yet though...  (This is where Amanda lived her first year at BYU.)

I live with 5 girls, who make up our district (we're just small but powerful)

We sing ALL the time!!!!!  We all know how to sing really well, and it is incredible the spirit that comes when we sing praises to the Lord!

No wraps for Megan.... BUT they just put in a hot chocolate machine that makes THE best hot cocoa!

Our zone is great!!!  Not too many girls, but they are all going to Mexico like I am!

My testimony has grown so much more from being here!!!!  It is incredible how much the Savior helps in time of need!!!  WE ARE SO BLESSED, FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you guys so so so so so much!  Keep staying strong and read your scriptures every day because you will be blessed!  There is power in those amazing books!!!!!

I got to go, but I hope you know how much I love this work!!!  It is still amazing to me that I have been called of God to be here, right now!!!! 


Love, Hermana Sutton


Friday, October 18, 2013