Monday, January 27, 2014

Me and My Companion

Book of Mormon Activity

Shout Out From Mexico

Yet another week gone and it is getting warmer!  It has been the weirdest weather here in Casas Grandes; some days I have only short sleeves and am dying of heat... and then the next day I am in a hat and boots and all the clothes that I can find!  Crazy weather... kind of like Utah (okay not really at all) hahaha  But I couldn´t be happier!!  

This week was really great, and we have been working our tails off to find members to come to all of our lessons with us! :)  There really is power in the testimony of a member...  SO really, if any of you get the opportunity to go with the missionaries to lessons, TAKE IT!!  (Especially all my friends preparing to go on their missions.)  It will help so much!!!  It is crazy how much the mission opens your eyes to see what is really important in life right now, for our futures, but most importantly for eternity :)  What a great blessing it is!

..1..  How are your clothes/shoes/boots holding up?  Is it still pretty cold?

My clothes are holding up pretty well...  I hope that after 18 months it will still be great, but I’m not worried... as long as I am covered - right ;)   hahahaha 

..2..  I have been “chatting” a little with Elder Gonzales’ mom.   She’s from Pleasant Grove, UT (which is down by Provo).  She said he accompanied you during the Christmas Devotional.  Are there quite a few members and/or missionaries who can play the piano in your area?

NO WAY!!!  Elder Gonzalez is awesome and yeah he is from Pleasant Grove!  He is pretty much a second Eric.  He can play pretty much everything; it has been awesome to have him accompany me in a lot of numbers :)  There are a few that play the piano in our zone!  Mostly everyone from Utah can (all the Americans) hahaha and Hermana Jacobo can as well  :)

..3..  Were you able to read/translate our “thank you” for the Relief Society sisters?  Are you lucky enough to eat lunch with them on a regular basis?

Thank you thank you for the thank you note!  Hahaha  Yes, usually every day (if the members remember) we get to eat with them!  It is such a blessing and a great way to feel more at home here.  We really have some incredible familias en our ward :)

This week was honestly one that I won´t forget in all of my life!  Not because anything physically really happened...  Our investigators aren´t really progressing and we are working so hard with the members and the results haven´t come yet.... but they will I KNOW :)  But there has been a change in me.  And I wish I could explain how it feels, but I can´t.  But I can try.  I KNOW MY SAVIOR LIVES!!!!!!!!  Yup, that´s it. 

We also had an activity with the Primary yesterday to help them be involved in this work of salvation...  We had them draw a picture and write their testimonies on a piece of paper and then put it inside books of Mormons for them to give to their friends!!  It was so great to see how excited they got about sharing the gospel! :):):)   I LOVE THE PRIMARY!!!!!!!!!

This church is true!!!!!  I am growing!!!!!!!  I am smiling!!!!!!!!!!  And I am praying like crazy!!!!!!!!!  Most of all I am enjoying!!!!!!!  This life is a blessing... so enjoy it!!!!

I love you with all my heart and soul!!!!!  And to anyone who is reading this - just keep smiling :)  Trust in the Lord our Savior!  ALL IS WELL!!!! :)

Hermana Sutton


Monday, January 20, 2014

Singing With The "Spirit"

Can you believe it is Lunes already???   What is going on???   Time slow down!!!! ;)  hahaha   I’m only kidding!   But I am here once again and happy and healthy and learning lots and lots of Spanish and how to be a better servant of the Lord!   No questions this week??   What?? hahah   Let me ramble instead.... 

That is really cool that you found that video of me singing...  I hope it was good :) and that you felt like I am a little closer to you!  hahah   Hermana Jones is such a sweetheart!   She reminds me of mom - it is crazy; I told her that she can adopt me for 18 months and she said she was fine with that too!

I can´t believe that there were SOOOO many mission calls!  AHHHHHHHH   That is so incredibly exciting!!!!   And Kiela and Heather both Spanish speaking???  OHHH YEAH BABY!!   I am thrilled to see more and more jovenes serving and dedicating this time to the Lord!   We are trying to convince the jovenes in our ward to go on a mission!  I tell everyone that they will get called to Brigham City, Utah!  (Maybe that is what is scaring them ;)

I hope Randon is feeling better!   Man, I wish him the best!  UGHHH   I can´t imagine being home right now and not physically being able to serve!!!   YIKES!!  hahaha   But everything happens for a reason!   Maybe the people just need a little more time to prepare to hear him! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 30 never looked so good and bald!!! ;)   I hope you eat lots of cake and ice cream for me and sleep in! (something I miss) hahaha 

I had a really good week - really hard because not very many of our investigators are progressing like they have the ability to be doing, but we are working hard and I know that miracles will happen!!!   You just have to trust in the Lord with all your heart and everything will work out :)

We had the wonderful opportunity of meeting with Elder Hojos who is the first counselor in the area on Friday morning!   It was with all of the missionaries in our zone and the other colonies!  IT WAS INCREDIBLE!   He is such an example and so inspired!   We joked that when we shook his hand it was like shaking President Monson’s hand... which is like shaking the Saviors right??? ;) hahaha   Anyways, his message was inspiring and gave me a lot of ideas of how I can improve and be a better missionary and servant.  In the middle of his talk, the Mission President came up to me and asked if I would be willing to sing something after he concluded his thoughts... and of course I said YES  (I didn´t want to get sent home ;) hahahaha - kidding!  But I felt inspired to sing “Grand Eres Tu” and I truly felt something I have never felt so strong!   Music is powerful but for me it is even more powerful to be able to be what the spirit works through, like a connection - I guess you could say!   It´s a blessing.  And it really was a wonderful reunion!

But the week was good, and I am really learning so much and growing so much.   My testimony is such a blessing, and I can´t thank you enough for helping me to become the kind of person that I am today.   You are incredible and I know without a doubt in my mind that I have the BEST familia en el mundo!!!!!!!!!  GRACIAS GRACIAS GRACIAS!!!!

Keep praying and remembering that the Savior is always there and knows how you feel!   Rely on his infinite atonement and power!   He wants to bless you with everything He has!!!

Con amor,
Hermana Sutton



Shampoo is TOO EXPENSIVE! So I got a haircut!



Monday, January 13, 2014

Zoomba anyone?

Laundry Room with a view

Beautiful Skies of Casas Grandes

I really can´t believe that I am here writing already; this week flew by like none other!  It is hard to believe that I have been out for almost 3 months now!  WOW!  What a great experience and just so you know, I am SOOOO happy!  Just so we get that straight, and you don´t have to worry about your little baby ;) haha  This week was really great, and we had a lot of great experiences teaching our investigators and watching the spirit work inside of them.  It is so UNBELIEVABLE the affect truth has on the lives of others. 

This week we had stake conference on Saturday night and Sunday in Dublan!  All of the missionaries got together during this week and practiced a few songs that we were asked to perform in the conference.  I had the wonderful opportunity of leading the choir and helping with all of the practices!  (You´ll have to tell Tami that she was my example of teaching ;) ) haha  I wish I could explain how grateful I am that I was ENCOURAGED ;) to take piano lessons, and also voice!  That has been one of the biggest ways I feel like I have been able to bless the lives of the people in Mexico!  The spirit speaks through music; I know that with all of my heart!!!!  The conference was all about the work of salvation and so it just makes sense that all of the missionaries were asked to participate!  It actually was a broadcast from Salt Lake for all of the stakes in northern Mexico!!!!  Elder Robert D. Hales and D. Todd Christopherson and Craig Christenson of the 70’s spoke, and it felt like general conference!!!  It was so great and the spirit was so strong!  This work is moving along just like the Lord has planned and it is so incredible to be a part of  it (I know I say that every week) but it is true!!!!  There is actually an English ward in our stake, so I got to listen to a few of the talks in English!!  It was weird to be honest... but really good :) 

We had a really great experience with one of our investigators this week, her name is Vanessa and she reminds me of myself a little bit.  Her brother is a member and she always has thought the church was interesting but never really wanted to put effort into finding out if it was true or not.  But now is the time and she is progressing and learning and growing and wow what a change!  I had the opportunity this week to take lead in a lot of the lessons, and the particular lesson we taught her was about prophets and the need for a restoration!  And as I spoke and taught in the silly ways that help me remember with pictures and crazy examples, the Lord witnessed to me that I, MEGAN ANN SUTTON, was sent here for a reason - to help others for being me!  Sure, during this experience I will change and grow and become better, but the Lord called me and will help me bless others with the talents that I have :)

OH before I forget!!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE WHO ALREADY HAD ONE IN JANUARY!!!!  I forgot.... namely.... Lana!!!  Kiela!!!  Aunt Cheri Seashell!!!  and next week DADDY!!  - if I forget.... ;) hahahaha

Also, I hear you are talking to some members in my ward using facebook!  No fair; I want to talk to you ;) hahaha only kidding!!!! 

Also, I just wanted you to know how beautiful the sky here in Casas Grandes is!!!  I have never seen a more beautiful night sky in my whole life.  Every single night when we are exhausted and feel like we can´t go on, I look up at the stars and think I can do this.  God sent me here!!!!  Tell Emma she would be proud of me for all the constellations I remember!!!  But really!!!  It is soooooo beautiful!!!!

I hope you have an incredible week and enjoy the blessing of the gospel we have in our lives!  Live your testimony!  Let the light shine in you!  The Lord wants to bless you in everything and in every way!  Sé que El vive y el es nuestro Salvador! Te amo MUCHISIMO!!!!!

Su Hermana 





Monday, January 6, 2014

The Bathroom Fix


Great New Year To Come!!!

Hola hola hola familia whom I love so very much and I guess hola to everyone else that is reading this!  (Who knows?  Do I still have friends?)  hahaha - of course I am kidding.

This week was an incredible one, a week full of changes for me spiritually.  And let me just say this change couldn´t make me more happy.  I finally feel like I am here with my whole heart, that I am making a difference and I can UNDERSTAND what people are saying!  haha  My relationship with my Savior has grown so much this week, and I really can´t express my love that I have for him....  But anyways - this week was GREAT! 

How do the Mexican people celebrate New Year’s?

To be honest, everyday is a party for the Mexicans!  haha  So the New Year’s celebration was big and everyone was with family or at bailas or in Juarez...  They drink, a lot, and eat really good food (yay for getting fat) and pretty much no one was home, meaning that our work as missionaries was a little bit more difficult in esta epoca. ;)  But we spent a wonderful night of new years sleeeeeeeeping.  It was wonderful!  It is amazing to think that the entire year of 2014 for me is completely for this wonderful work, and that I don’t have to worry about anything else.  What a blessing to be able to dedicate one whole year (and a half) to the Lord!

You never said anything about your photo book?

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE PHOTO BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you times a trillion!  I loved every single picture and face and little message, it truly was the BEST present I could have ever gotten for Christmas.  Thank you!  My comp also loved to see everyone!  Thank you mom for taking the time to plan that and getting pictures from everyone; you are so amazing!  But yes... saying I loved the book would be an understatement!!!!

 Are you staying with your same companion for a little longer or do you anticipate transfers coming your way?

Yes, transfers were today and thank goodness we are like the only area that didn´t get transferred!!! :)  The mission is getting more sisters this week!  So thank goodness, I won´t be the young one anymore... hahah (weird to think about right?)  But yes, I hope we will be in Estacion for 6 semanas mas! 

 Have you learned anything interesting, cool or weird about your little city in which you live?  

Hmmmmm I’m not exactly sure to be honest!  I probably should research that a little bit more... but something fun that we found this week was a ZUMBA class!!!  I wanted to go and dance soooo bad.. but my comp didn´t quite go for that idea ; )  It made me a laugh a little bit to think about Zumba dancing with mom and Jennifer in the gym in Bunderson!!!

I have the most incredible miracle story to share with you this week.  This happened a few nights ago... But let me give you some background info first.  So lately in the morning I put a couple packages of skittles in my bag (that you sent me mom) to give to the kids that are selling chicklets and things like that on the street.  So this particular morning I put 3 packages in my bag and off we went for our day.  During the day I passed out ALL the packages of skittles and thought nothing of it right?  Well as we were walking back to our house at the end of the night, the cutest little girl comes walking up to us and asks us if we would like to buy something...  I thought to myself, man!  I wish I had a packages of skittles to give to her.  I knew I had none, but for some reason I still reached into my bag to see what I could find...  And there it was a package of skittles!!!!!!  Just for this little 5 year old girl.  I wish I could explain the light in her eyes as she saw that little packages of skittles.  WHAT A MIRACLE!  I know that God lives, and He is a God of miracles!  And I really don´t know what a packages of skittles meant to this little girl, but I do know that God was watching out for her and what a blessing it was to see the hand of the Lord first hand!  The Lord knows us each individually and you had better believe that He will, and always has, helped His children!  Look for His hand in your lives; I know you can find it.  He is everywhere! (so in other words... thanks for sending the skittles ;)

Oh also, keep an eye open for a little something something coming your way from Mexico! The family that brought the package from Provo´s sobrina goes to school at BYU.  So I may or may not have sent something special  ;) 

I love you for all of my heart!  Whether I am in Mexico or in Brigham City!  Have a great week, and remember God is a God of Miracles!!!!!