Monday, January 20, 2014

Singing With The "Spirit"

Can you believe it is Lunes already???   What is going on???   Time slow down!!!! ;)  hahaha   I’m only kidding!   But I am here once again and happy and healthy and learning lots and lots of Spanish and how to be a better servant of the Lord!   No questions this week??   What?? hahah   Let me ramble instead.... 

That is really cool that you found that video of me singing...  I hope it was good :) and that you felt like I am a little closer to you!  hahah   Hermana Jones is such a sweetheart!   She reminds me of mom - it is crazy; I told her that she can adopt me for 18 months and she said she was fine with that too!

I can´t believe that there were SOOOO many mission calls!  AHHHHHHHH   That is so incredibly exciting!!!!   And Kiela and Heather both Spanish speaking???  OHHH YEAH BABY!!   I am thrilled to see more and more jovenes serving and dedicating this time to the Lord!   We are trying to convince the jovenes in our ward to go on a mission!  I tell everyone that they will get called to Brigham City, Utah!  (Maybe that is what is scaring them ;)

I hope Randon is feeling better!   Man, I wish him the best!  UGHHH   I can´t imagine being home right now and not physically being able to serve!!!   YIKES!!  hahaha   But everything happens for a reason!   Maybe the people just need a little more time to prepare to hear him! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 30 never looked so good and bald!!! ;)   I hope you eat lots of cake and ice cream for me and sleep in! (something I miss) hahaha 

I had a really good week - really hard because not very many of our investigators are progressing like they have the ability to be doing, but we are working hard and I know that miracles will happen!!!   You just have to trust in the Lord with all your heart and everything will work out :)

We had the wonderful opportunity of meeting with Elder Hojos who is the first counselor in the area on Friday morning!   It was with all of the missionaries in our zone and the other colonies!  IT WAS INCREDIBLE!   He is such an example and so inspired!   We joked that when we shook his hand it was like shaking President Monson’s hand... which is like shaking the Saviors right??? ;) hahaha   Anyways, his message was inspiring and gave me a lot of ideas of how I can improve and be a better missionary and servant.  In the middle of his talk, the Mission President came up to me and asked if I would be willing to sing something after he concluded his thoughts... and of course I said YES  (I didn´t want to get sent home ;) hahahaha - kidding!  But I felt inspired to sing “Grand Eres Tu” and I truly felt something I have never felt so strong!   Music is powerful but for me it is even more powerful to be able to be what the spirit works through, like a connection - I guess you could say!   It´s a blessing.  And it really was a wonderful reunion!

But the week was good, and I am really learning so much and growing so much.   My testimony is such a blessing, and I can´t thank you enough for helping me to become the kind of person that I am today.   You are incredible and I know without a doubt in my mind that I have the BEST familia en el mundo!!!!!!!!!  GRACIAS GRACIAS GRACIAS!!!!

Keep praying and remembering that the Savior is always there and knows how you feel!   Rely on his infinite atonement and power!   He wants to bless you with everything He has!!!

Con amor,
Hermana Sutton



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