Monday, January 27, 2014

Shout Out From Mexico

Yet another week gone and it is getting warmer!  It has been the weirdest weather here in Casas Grandes; some days I have only short sleeves and am dying of heat... and then the next day I am in a hat and boots and all the clothes that I can find!  Crazy weather... kind of like Utah (okay not really at all) hahaha  But I couldn´t be happier!!  

This week was really great, and we have been working our tails off to find members to come to all of our lessons with us! :)  There really is power in the testimony of a member...  SO really, if any of you get the opportunity to go with the missionaries to lessons, TAKE IT!!  (Especially all my friends preparing to go on their missions.)  It will help so much!!!  It is crazy how much the mission opens your eyes to see what is really important in life right now, for our futures, but most importantly for eternity :)  What a great blessing it is!

..1..  How are your clothes/shoes/boots holding up?  Is it still pretty cold?

My clothes are holding up pretty well...  I hope that after 18 months it will still be great, but I’m not worried... as long as I am covered - right ;)   hahahaha 

..2..  I have been “chatting” a little with Elder Gonzales’ mom.   She’s from Pleasant Grove, UT (which is down by Provo).  She said he accompanied you during the Christmas Devotional.  Are there quite a few members and/or missionaries who can play the piano in your area?

NO WAY!!!  Elder Gonzalez is awesome and yeah he is from Pleasant Grove!  He is pretty much a second Eric.  He can play pretty much everything; it has been awesome to have him accompany me in a lot of numbers :)  There are a few that play the piano in our zone!  Mostly everyone from Utah can (all the Americans) hahaha and Hermana Jacobo can as well  :)

..3..  Were you able to read/translate our “thank you” for the Relief Society sisters?  Are you lucky enough to eat lunch with them on a regular basis?

Thank you thank you for the thank you note!  Hahaha  Yes, usually every day (if the members remember) we get to eat with them!  It is such a blessing and a great way to feel more at home here.  We really have some incredible familias en our ward :)

This week was honestly one that I won´t forget in all of my life!  Not because anything physically really happened...  Our investigators aren´t really progressing and we are working so hard with the members and the results haven´t come yet.... but they will I KNOW :)  But there has been a change in me.  And I wish I could explain how it feels, but I can´t.  But I can try.  I KNOW MY SAVIOR LIVES!!!!!!!!  Yup, that´s it. 

We also had an activity with the Primary yesterday to help them be involved in this work of salvation...  We had them draw a picture and write their testimonies on a piece of paper and then put it inside books of Mormons for them to give to their friends!!  It was so great to see how excited they got about sharing the gospel! :):):)   I LOVE THE PRIMARY!!!!!!!!!

This church is true!!!!!  I am growing!!!!!!!  I am smiling!!!!!!!!!!  And I am praying like crazy!!!!!!!!!  Most of all I am enjoying!!!!!!!  This life is a blessing... so enjoy it!!!!

I love you with all my heart and soul!!!!!  And to anyone who is reading this - just keep smiling :)  Trust in the Lord our Savior!  ALL IS WELL!!!! :)

Hermana Sutton


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