Monday, April 28, 2014

Juarez Mexico

Back in Casas Nuevo

Windy Mexico

Back to Casas Grandes - Home!

Buenas Tardes Hermosa Familia Mia!

 It sounds like quite the week!  Graduation, LAX games, visiting with Hermana Silvia, Museums and even Bars ;) --- (watch yourselves hahaha)  I also had a much better week!  It was GREAT!!!!!  I am back in beloved Casas Grandes and I feel great :)  It is weird how much of a home this little town is for me!  I might just have to move back here after my mission!! ;) hahaha (wouldn´t you love that mom) haha  But I am happy and healthy and my foot feels a lot better!!  
We have been working our back ends off this week and it sure paid off; we are seeing the fruits of our labors and the Lord is blessing us with miracles! It is amazing to be here and to be learning and growing!  What a blessing the mission is; my advice to anyone who is wondering what they need to do in life...... MISSION!!!!  It is the hardest most amazing thing you could ever do with your life!
I got the package from Juarez!!!!  THANK YOU TIMES A MILLION AND A HALF!!!!  You are always thinking about the little details and I LOVED the package!!!  The little primary girls loved the bows!!!  Also we were in a lesson last night and I had a few bows left over, and thank goodness because our investigators have two little girls who just ¨needed¨ bows!  It honestly brought tears to their eyes - they were so happy! 
OH AND BEFORE I FORGET, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I’m a little late... but I can’t remember if I told you last week or not - better late than never!!!)

….. 1 …..    Derek wants to know how your foot is?    (We sent a lacrosse ball to help with your recovery in the package Hermana Silvia took back…  Enjoy the ball!!!!)

My foot is a lot better!!  I think it is something I am just going to have to live with but it is a lot better so no worries, also the insoles you sent help a lot!!!  Thank you thank you thank you!!!! (and of course you sent a lax ball!! ;) perfecto!  I´ll try it out and see how it works!
….. 2 …..    How’s the heat?.?.?

It is warm!!  But I’m not dying yet!!! :)  It is like the perfect spring!  It is the best!  I need to enjoy it when I can!!  haha  But the heat is coming and we can feel it!  The crazy thing is the wind..... LOTS OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But we are staying away from the trees that are falling and the signs!!!  Nothing can knock down these missionaries!!! :) 
….. 3 …..    What made you smile this week?

Oh my!!  We have a new investigator this week who has desires unlike anyone I have ever seen!  He really has no background of religion...  Not who God or Christ are but he wants to learn and He is such an example!  He is ready to change his whole life!  He knows there is truth in this world and he, like Joseph Smith, is asking and trying to learn everything he can!  He is an example to me!!! (so yes, he makes me smile! )  Just thinking about his desire makes me want to be a better person! 
….. 4 …..   Are there fast food places there or do they not have many restaurants?  Do you cook much?

Fast food places.....  Well in Juarez there are LOTS!!!  But in my home, none!  There is a place for chicken that I guess is kind of like fast food, but not the fast food you are thinking of!  Well we cook every once in a while, but there isn´t much time!  I would rather study than eat interesting foods...  I am happy with OATMEAL ;) haha - are you proud of me mom???
….. 5 …..  Does the mission give you a mission card to buy things or how do you purchase groceries, pay rent, etc.?

Yeah we have a mission debit card that we use to buy groceries and everything!  They just deposit the rent in our account and then we (oh what´s the word.... saque el dinero!)

Well that was my week!!!  Sorry, I wish I could share some other amazing experiences that we have!!!  I just want to testify that there are angels preparing the hearts of the children of Men! (Alma 13.24)  This work is progressing everyday more and more!!!  I know that this is the work of the LORD!!!!!!!!!!!  He is head of all, and He lives!!!  I love Him; He is my Savior!
Have an incredible week!!!  You are always in my prayers!!!  I LOVE YOU MUCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Hermana Sutton


Monday, April 21, 2014

Learned to Braid Hair

Juarez City


Street Vendor Corn

12 Pesos and SPICEY !!!!

Juarez Picnic


A Week in Juarez

How was good old Easter for the Sutton gang?? :)  I hope you celebrated for me, because our activities sadly didn't involve searching for eggs or even eating candy from the Easter bunny :(  For the record... if we did search for eggs here, they would definitely be spicy and have lots of flavor!!!!  Just like everything!!! MMMMHMMMMM :)  I thought I knew what flavor was before my mission ;)  

 But we had a really good week!  I have been here in Juarez with another Hermana ALL week long.  Her name is Hermana Soto (don't be confused... different Hermana)  She also has a problem with her foot so pretty much the President locked us inside for one week....  I bet you can imagine how I took that news ;) haha  But it has turned out pretty good!  We studied all day, cleaned the apartment, and cooked really good food.  I think it turned out as good as it could have been, being inside and not being able to work... but the Lord has a reason for everything!  And I really am grateful for the opportunity that we had to study study study!  I still am in Juarez and I really don't know when I am going back... but sometime this week I think!  I miss Casas Grandes!  And working and talking to people... But I am learning patience!!!!  FINALLY - haha

…. 1 ….  We heard there was an earthquake in central Mexico last week (around Acapulco).  Did you feel anything?

We heard about an earthquake!  SCARY ;)  Sadly or happily no se...  We didn't feel it!  I have always wanted to feel an earthquake, but I think that I can live without it :)

…. 2 ….  What did you end up doing for Easter?  Did you get to go to dinner at someone’s house?

Yesterday was Easter, right??  Well we really didn't do anything that exciting!  We got to leave the house and go to church which was really great!!!! :)  I met a lot of new people - so that was my Easter treat!! (It was sweet spiritually not physically)  CANDY!!!  But it was a good day! 

…. 3 ….  How was your Juarez trip?  Did your last package arrive? 

My trip to Juarez is still ongoing and well it has been just dandy! :)  I have learned a lot!  I think that I am heading back tomorrow or Wednesday!  I think there is another capacitacion here in Juarez on Wednesday and the Presdiente wants me to be here... but who really knows!  You never really know when things are happening in the mission; it changes about 5 times in an hour! haha  But President Derbez did tell me there is as package waiting for me in Casas Grandes... entonces!  I think it is the one!!! :)   Thank you mucho!!  I will keep you posted if it really is the package, or it's from my other family ;)

…. 4 ….  I’m sending another package this week sometime.  Is there anything special you want us to include?

HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY - WAIT A SECOND OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Do you remember Raul whose mom is in my ward!  Well she is heading to Provo tomorrow early in the morning to go to Provo, I think for the graduation of Raul...  FIND HER!!!!!!!!  That way you don't have to pay for it!  Also she can bring anything else you want to send me.... ;')  But really, make sure you find her; she also has a package for you guys from Christmas!!! :) OKAY????  I'm sorry I couldn't send anything else for you; I am in Juarez and thought I would be back in time to give her something, but you kind of just gotta go with the flow!!!  hahaha 

 But that's pretty much all I have for this week!  I am happy and healthy and enjoying the warmer weather!  I know without a shadow of a doubt that everything happens for a reason!  Our Father in Heaven is always looking out for us!  And if we are doing what He asks of us, we will always be guided to where He needs us, and where we can grow the most!!! I love you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!!!! :)  Have a fantastic week with all the festivities (Grandpa’s birthday – HAPPY DAY & Eric’s graduation - CONGRATS)!!!!

Hermana Sutton

Monday, April 14, 2014

la cucaracha

Staple of life in Mexico

Mexico MTC Bus

The Sisters Shirts

Find the Good in Every Moment


 It sounds like everyone is happy and healthy but that not too much is happening!  That`s right, keep it on pause until I get back ;) hahaha  That`s kind of how I feel it is going to be!  Can you believe that we are at six months now??  Wow where has the time gone??  Just two more of those fam, you can do it :)  Like I said last week, this time is so short and so precious we have to make the best of it that we possibly can!  Find the good in every moment and always be full of gratitude!

 This week was great!!  (It was actually semi-normal) haha  Our investigators are progressing and we are seeing miracles around every corner!  The Lord is blessing us with people who are prepared!  The only trick we are trying to figure out is how to convince our investigators to get married to their boyfriends!  ;)  hahahaha  Any hints on that one from the peeps of UTAH ;) hahaha  We found out this week that three of our investigators aren`t married... needless to say we are going to have to get really good at planning weddings!  And quickly! hahah  But that`s the mission - always new things to figure out! 

 Send my love to Joe and Barbara and family; they are in my prayers!  It is good to hear that the surgery went well and he is going to start feeling better :)

… 1 …  How’s your foot?  (details are good)  

Well, I shouldn`t have told you about that in the first place ;)  I should be more like Derek and not share anything until I get back and then tell you all the crazy stuff! ;)  “just kidding”  It is okay; I have to go back to Juarez this week to see some other doctors (because there is nothing in my sweet little Casas Grandes)  But we`ll keep our fingers crossed that they can find out what is going on!  Don`t worry, the Lord knows the timing of all things!  Maybe I need to help someone in Juarez - that`s why I have to keep going back ;)

… 2 …  Any Easter plans for next weekend?

Hahahaha no...  Maybe eat some chocolate!  Sounds like a good thing to me ;)  Here in Mexico everyone celebrates “semana santa”!  So everyone is on vacations at the beach, or at least not in Casas Grandes!  The schools here have 2 whole entire weeks of vacations (can you believe that).  That is how big “semana santa” is.  But we`ll do something fun!  No worries :)

… 3 …  What are the temps like?

Well we are warming up!  And thank goodness!  It is just like spring weather - not too hot not too cold!  I really love it!  Everyone tells me to enjoy it now, because when summer comes you will want to die! haha  But it is really great weather :)

… 4 …  Are your clothes holding up or do you need a “refresh”?

Hmmmmm my clothes.... hahaha  I am good no worries!  We have to dress a little more formal then the things that I brought, but I am finding little things here and there, to add to them!  And I brought really good quality, so in that sense everything is good! :)  Thanks for always worrying about the little things, mom!  You are great :)

One little short story this week...  Do you remember the activity that we did with the primary and the books of Mormon??  Well I was talking to one of the little girls yesterday about her experience (we ate with them yesterday).  She told me that she gave her book of Mormon to one of her little friends from school, and after that experience, her and her family starting investigating the church.  Just a week or so ago they got baptized!!!  CAN YOU BELIVE THAT???? What a testimony of how our simple acts of love can lead to miracles :)  And even though I didn`t know the family that got baptized, it all worked out the way the Lord wanted it to!  I felt like I was a part of that miracle, and what a blessing!  :)

I hope you have the best of weeks, and know how much I love and miss you! :)  We each are blessed with so many things in this life - if you can`t see that, ask our Heavenly Father to help!  HE LIVES!!!  Never forget that power of prayer, it is the way we can connect heaven and earth!  What a power! 

Adios y LES AMO MUCHO!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Sutton

Monday, April 7, 2014

Conference Posters

The Circus is in town !!

Spring TIme in Mexico

Our Life - 3 Minutes of Glory on Earth

Wow sounds like a great General Conference weekend for the good old Sutton family!  For me tambien; it was great and I learned SOOOO much!  Sounds fun that you had a little visitor and that you were nice and relaxed on the couch in your pajamas as always...  Not going to lie... I missed it :(  Nothing is better than ¨going to church¨ in your pajamas - on the couch and eating all the food that mom loves to put on the table!  And the random field trips all over Corrine!  You guys are the best!

 This week for me was a weird and a really fast one... because I was in Juarez on Sunday and Monday and Thursday and Friday I felt like the schedule for everything was all mixed up and I was running around with my head off ;)   But we will keep our fingers crossed that this week will be a little bit more normal!  But Juarez was good and the capacitacion tambien was really inspiring and we learned a lot!  Our President is a funny man and he knows a lot, so it was good to hear and talk to him a little bit!  The only thing a little bit scary is that we had to do a practice lesson in front of him so he could critic us and help us to improve...  But I think I passed so they aren`t going to send me home yet ;)  haha

… 1 …     Where do you go to write your letters?  (an internet cafĂ©, the church, etc.)

Well because our area has all the shops and stores, all of the missionaries come here to write letters.  We just write in a little store that sells some computer stuff.  It is the nicest one in Casas Grandes, so we always hurry here Monday morning so that we can beat all of the other missionaries ;)  haha 

… 2 …     Did you hear the mention of Colonial Juarez on conference?  Were you all excited (if you did)?

COLONIAL JUAREZ IS FAMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yeah everyone cheered when they said Colonial Juarez.  We were pretty proud ;)  But also Brigham is famous too!  We can`t forget that!  I think the Lord was just trying to link us a little bit more! hahhaha   General conference was amazing as always and filled with help from the Lord!  It was such a great opportunity we had this week to share with everyone that the Lord has called a living prophet to guide and help us!  It is so unique!!!!  But so true!!!!!

… 3 …     How was your trip to Juarez?   What kind of training did you and Herm Jacobo receive?

Juarez was big and a lot of people and cars and buildings as always.... hahahahaha  but it was really good!  I learned a lot and it was fun to be with Hermana Jacobo again; she is hilarious!  It was a training meeting for all the leaders in the mission, so we just learned how to be better examples and really how to be better ourselves so that others will set their goals higher! 

… 4 …     Did you find you latest package?  Grandma Reva also has sent you a letter and a little extra?

I did get a package but not from you guys.. it was from VALYN!  Tell her thank you times a million; it was so sweet and all the elders loved the treats on the bus ride back to Casas!  And I also got a letter from Grandma!!!  Thank you too!!!! :):):):):):):)  But don`t worry, I am sure yours is coming!  It will get here soon enough! :)  But I will keep an eye open for it :) 

… 5 …     How are the feet?

No worries - I am fine! hahaha  I think they are getting better, but it may just be that I want them to get better that I am convincing my mind that they are better ;) hahaha - not!  I am good; no worries! 

 I had a really cool experience yesterday after the conference; we went and ate dinner with a family in our ward.  The husband and wife both served missions.  We stayed and talked to them for a while and I wish I could explain how much they helped me.  The experiences they shared and the feelings they felt were just like mine.  They gave me so much strength to improve and to learn everything that I possibly can!  They were an answer to my prayers!  They gave me a whole bunch of papers and articles from their mission that helped them, and I know they are going to help me!  The Lord always answers our prayers!  My mission is such a short moment in my life... it is like Gary E Stevenson said in General Conference, “our life here on earth is like our 3 minutes of glory...” - well if that is true my mission is my is like my 3 seconds!!!  I need to make every mil-a-second count!  And I am going to do just that!  Every day is an opportunity to serve God´s children, and I am going to work with all of my heart so that one day I can stand before God and tell Him with all confidence I did my best with the little piece of His garden he gave me!

 This church is true!  We have a prophet of God who guides us!  We just need to listen and act and we will be lead right to the Kingdom of God!  I hope you have an AMAZING week!!!  And always remember I love you  :)

Hermana Sutton 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Jaurez Sisters

Mary Garcia

The Soto Sisters !!

Missionary Groups

Foot Doctor Time

Better Late Than Never - Right????

Yes, I am e-mailing today... a little bit weird right?  Well I had a really weird week to be honest, but none the less here is your email! (My leaders told me I didn´t have to write, but I didn´t want mom to die of stress that her sweet, perfect, youngest daughter got kidnapped by the drug lords!)  So here I am with a little e-mail!  (YOUR WELCOME MOM) ;)  haha

Well let´s start with the beginning!  It is a long story and pretty much a miracle that we were able to go…. but, one of the members that we have been working with from Colonial Juarez invited us to go and see the play in the Academia with he and his family and the Familia Carballo - who we are teaching.  He called the Presidente and we got permission to go!!!!!!!  (I’m not sure if I mentioned or if you know but the Academia is an LDS church high school bi- lingual)  The play was “Saturday’s Warriors” and it was so AWESOME!!!!!  And it was in English!!!!  It was really fun to go and be a part of the musicals again!  We really enjoyed ourselves!  And sadly, I was singing the music for a couple of days!  :)  hahahahaha  But it was GREAT!!!!!  The best part of the whole thing is that the Familia Carballos are really progressing and getting excited for their baptism!  They are a family so special, and it is a blessing to be able to help them learn about the gospel!

Also, this week I had to go to Juarez to see one of the doctors there...  NO SE PREOCUPE!  I just have a foot that has been a bugger for a few months and I finally decided to do something about it.  We aren´t sure exactly what it is yet but we´ll see, no worries - I am tough!!!!  (thank you dad) hahahaha
(They think I have an espolon... who knows what that is in English....  But it is like a little bone out of place on my heel!  PAINFUL!  But that´s not important, it just makes it hard to focus on others when I have this terrible foot...  Don’t WORRY THOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The doctors here just give drugs for everything.... so I got that taken care of! ;)  hahahahahahahahahaha)
So I was in Juarez all Sunday and Monday with the President and his wife and the other missionaries there!  (The weirdest thing was that I traveled ALONE!!!!)  Crazy huh??  I guess the President trusts me a lot, or maybe doesn´t care if I get lost along the journey! ;) hahahahah  Kidding of course!!!!   But it was great to be in Juarez and to get some advice from the president too!  He is really great :)  But it is a completely different world..  So it was good to be back in my little Casas Grandes!!!

The other news of this week.... NO CAMBIOS PARA NOSOTROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hermana Soto and I are still in Nuevo Casas Grandes!!!!  Everyone else got transferred, pretty much, but we get to stay!!!  I am happy about that!!!

Sorry this e-mail wasn´t too great!  It was a really quick and crazy week!

I am growing everyday and learning so much about who I really am!  I am happy to be on the Lord´s errand :)  This church is HAPPINESS and what a wonderful blessing it is!!!  Keep reading your scriptures everyone and saying your prayers!  Our Heavenly Father is just waiting to talk to you  :):):)

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Sutton 

(hey - where are my questions???)  I don´t know what you want to know ;)