Monday, April 14, 2014

Find the Good in Every Moment


 It sounds like everyone is happy and healthy but that not too much is happening!  That`s right, keep it on pause until I get back ;) hahaha  That`s kind of how I feel it is going to be!  Can you believe that we are at six months now??  Wow where has the time gone??  Just two more of those fam, you can do it :)  Like I said last week, this time is so short and so precious we have to make the best of it that we possibly can!  Find the good in every moment and always be full of gratitude!

 This week was great!!  (It was actually semi-normal) haha  Our investigators are progressing and we are seeing miracles around every corner!  The Lord is blessing us with people who are prepared!  The only trick we are trying to figure out is how to convince our investigators to get married to their boyfriends!  ;)  hahahaha  Any hints on that one from the peeps of UTAH ;) hahaha  We found out this week that three of our investigators aren`t married... needless to say we are going to have to get really good at planning weddings!  And quickly! hahah  But that`s the mission - always new things to figure out! 

 Send my love to Joe and Barbara and family; they are in my prayers!  It is good to hear that the surgery went well and he is going to start feeling better :)

… 1 …  How’s your foot?  (details are good)  

Well, I shouldn`t have told you about that in the first place ;)  I should be more like Derek and not share anything until I get back and then tell you all the crazy stuff! ;)  “just kidding”  It is okay; I have to go back to Juarez this week to see some other doctors (because there is nothing in my sweet little Casas Grandes)  But we`ll keep our fingers crossed that they can find out what is going on!  Don`t worry, the Lord knows the timing of all things!  Maybe I need to help someone in Juarez - that`s why I have to keep going back ;)

… 2 …  Any Easter plans for next weekend?

Hahahaha no...  Maybe eat some chocolate!  Sounds like a good thing to me ;)  Here in Mexico everyone celebrates “semana santa”!  So everyone is on vacations at the beach, or at least not in Casas Grandes!  The schools here have 2 whole entire weeks of vacations (can you believe that).  That is how big “semana santa” is.  But we`ll do something fun!  No worries :)

… 3 …  What are the temps like?

Well we are warming up!  And thank goodness!  It is just like spring weather - not too hot not too cold!  I really love it!  Everyone tells me to enjoy it now, because when summer comes you will want to die! haha  But it is really great weather :)

… 4 …  Are your clothes holding up or do you need a “refresh”?

Hmmmmm my clothes.... hahaha  I am good no worries!  We have to dress a little more formal then the things that I brought, but I am finding little things here and there, to add to them!  And I brought really good quality, so in that sense everything is good! :)  Thanks for always worrying about the little things, mom!  You are great :)

One little short story this week...  Do you remember the activity that we did with the primary and the books of Mormon??  Well I was talking to one of the little girls yesterday about her experience (we ate with them yesterday).  She told me that she gave her book of Mormon to one of her little friends from school, and after that experience, her and her family starting investigating the church.  Just a week or so ago they got baptized!!!  CAN YOU BELIVE THAT???? What a testimony of how our simple acts of love can lead to miracles :)  And even though I didn`t know the family that got baptized, it all worked out the way the Lord wanted it to!  I felt like I was a part of that miracle, and what a blessing!  :)

I hope you have the best of weeks, and know how much I love and miss you! :)  We each are blessed with so many things in this life - if you can`t see that, ask our Heavenly Father to help!  HE LIVES!!!  Never forget that power of prayer, it is the way we can connect heaven and earth!  What a power! 

Adios y LES AMO MUCHO!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Sutton

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  1. Me gusta mucho su entusiasmo!
    soy de Honduras, y serviré en ciudad Juarez, me emociona mucho sus fotos y sus palabras.!