Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Foot Doctor Time

Better Late Than Never - Right????

Yes, I am e-mailing today... a little bit weird right?  Well I had a really weird week to be honest, but none the less here is your email! (My leaders told me I didn´t have to write, but I didn´t want mom to die of stress that her sweet, perfect, youngest daughter got kidnapped by the drug lords!)  So here I am with a little e-mail!  (YOUR WELCOME MOM) ;)  haha

Well let´s start with the beginning!  It is a long story and pretty much a miracle that we were able to go…. but, one of the members that we have been working with from Colonial Juarez invited us to go and see the play in the Academia with he and his family and the Familia Carballo - who we are teaching.  He called the Presidente and we got permission to go!!!!!!!  (I’m not sure if I mentioned or if you know but the Academia is an LDS church high school bi- lingual)  The play was “Saturday’s Warriors” and it was so AWESOME!!!!!  And it was in English!!!!  It was really fun to go and be a part of the musicals again!  We really enjoyed ourselves!  And sadly, I was singing the music for a couple of days!  :)  hahahahaha  But it was GREAT!!!!!  The best part of the whole thing is that the Familia Carballos are really progressing and getting excited for their baptism!  They are a family so special, and it is a blessing to be able to help them learn about the gospel!

Also, this week I had to go to Juarez to see one of the doctors there...  NO SE PREOCUPE!  I just have a foot that has been a bugger for a few months and I finally decided to do something about it.  We aren´t sure exactly what it is yet but we´ll see, no worries - I am tough!!!!  (thank you dad) hahahaha
(They think I have an espolon... who knows what that is in English....  But it is like a little bone out of place on my heel!  PAINFUL!  But that´s not important, it just makes it hard to focus on others when I have this terrible foot...  Don’t WORRY THOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The doctors here just give drugs for everything.... so I got that taken care of! ;)  hahahahahahahahahaha)
So I was in Juarez all Sunday and Monday with the President and his wife and the other missionaries there!  (The weirdest thing was that I traveled ALONE!!!!)  Crazy huh??  I guess the President trusts me a lot, or maybe doesn´t care if I get lost along the journey! ;) hahahahah  Kidding of course!!!!   But it was great to be in Juarez and to get some advice from the president too!  He is really great :)  But it is a completely different world..  So it was good to be back in my little Casas Grandes!!!

The other news of this week.... NO CAMBIOS PARA NOSOTROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hermana Soto and I are still in Nuevo Casas Grandes!!!!  Everyone else got transferred, pretty much, but we get to stay!!!  I am happy about that!!!

Sorry this e-mail wasn´t too great!  It was a really quick and crazy week!

I am growing everyday and learning so much about who I really am!  I am happy to be on the Lord´s errand :)  This church is HAPPINESS and what a wonderful blessing it is!!!  Keep reading your scriptures everyone and saying your prayers!  Our Heavenly Father is just waiting to talk to you  :):):)

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Sutton 

(hey - where are my questions???)  I don´t know what you want to know ;) 


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