Monday, April 28, 2014

Back to Casas Grandes - Home!

Buenas Tardes Hermosa Familia Mia!

 It sounds like quite the week!  Graduation, LAX games, visiting with Hermana Silvia, Museums and even Bars ;) --- (watch yourselves hahaha)  I also had a much better week!  It was GREAT!!!!!  I am back in beloved Casas Grandes and I feel great :)  It is weird how much of a home this little town is for me!  I might just have to move back here after my mission!! ;) hahaha (wouldn´t you love that mom) haha  But I am happy and healthy and my foot feels a lot better!!  
We have been working our back ends off this week and it sure paid off; we are seeing the fruits of our labors and the Lord is blessing us with miracles! It is amazing to be here and to be learning and growing!  What a blessing the mission is; my advice to anyone who is wondering what they need to do in life...... MISSION!!!!  It is the hardest most amazing thing you could ever do with your life!
I got the package from Juarez!!!!  THANK YOU TIMES A MILLION AND A HALF!!!!  You are always thinking about the little details and I LOVED the package!!!  The little primary girls loved the bows!!!  Also we were in a lesson last night and I had a few bows left over, and thank goodness because our investigators have two little girls who just ¨needed¨ bows!  It honestly brought tears to their eyes - they were so happy! 
OH AND BEFORE I FORGET, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I’m a little late... but I can’t remember if I told you last week or not - better late than never!!!)

….. 1 …..    Derek wants to know how your foot is?    (We sent a lacrosse ball to help with your recovery in the package Hermana Silvia took back…  Enjoy the ball!!!!)

My foot is a lot better!!  I think it is something I am just going to have to live with but it is a lot better so no worries, also the insoles you sent help a lot!!!  Thank you thank you thank you!!!! (and of course you sent a lax ball!! ;) perfecto!  I´ll try it out and see how it works!
….. 2 …..    How’s the heat?.?.?

It is warm!!  But I’m not dying yet!!! :)  It is like the perfect spring!  It is the best!  I need to enjoy it when I can!!  haha  But the heat is coming and we can feel it!  The crazy thing is the wind..... LOTS OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But we are staying away from the trees that are falling and the signs!!!  Nothing can knock down these missionaries!!! :) 
….. 3 …..    What made you smile this week?

Oh my!!  We have a new investigator this week who has desires unlike anyone I have ever seen!  He really has no background of religion...  Not who God or Christ are but he wants to learn and He is such an example!  He is ready to change his whole life!  He knows there is truth in this world and he, like Joseph Smith, is asking and trying to learn everything he can!  He is an example to me!!! (so yes, he makes me smile! )  Just thinking about his desire makes me want to be a better person! 
….. 4 …..   Are there fast food places there or do they not have many restaurants?  Do you cook much?

Fast food places.....  Well in Juarez there are LOTS!!!  But in my home, none!  There is a place for chicken that I guess is kind of like fast food, but not the fast food you are thinking of!  Well we cook every once in a while, but there isn´t much time!  I would rather study than eat interesting foods...  I am happy with OATMEAL ;) haha - are you proud of me mom???
….. 5 …..  Does the mission give you a mission card to buy things or how do you purchase groceries, pay rent, etc.?

Yeah we have a mission debit card that we use to buy groceries and everything!  They just deposit the rent in our account and then we (oh what´s the word.... saque el dinero!)

Well that was my week!!!  Sorry, I wish I could share some other amazing experiences that we have!!!  I just want to testify that there are angels preparing the hearts of the children of Men! (Alma 13.24)  This work is progressing everyday more and more!!!  I know that this is the work of the LORD!!!!!!!!!!!  He is head of all, and He lives!!!  I love Him; He is my Savior!
Have an incredible week!!!  You are always in my prayers!!!  I LOVE YOU MUCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Hermana Sutton


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