Monday, April 7, 2014

Our Life - 3 Minutes of Glory on Earth

Wow sounds like a great General Conference weekend for the good old Sutton family!  For me tambien; it was great and I learned SOOOO much!  Sounds fun that you had a little visitor and that you were nice and relaxed on the couch in your pajamas as always...  Not going to lie... I missed it :(  Nothing is better than ¨going to church¨ in your pajamas - on the couch and eating all the food that mom loves to put on the table!  And the random field trips all over Corrine!  You guys are the best!

 This week for me was a weird and a really fast one... because I was in Juarez on Sunday and Monday and Thursday and Friday I felt like the schedule for everything was all mixed up and I was running around with my head off ;)   But we will keep our fingers crossed that this week will be a little bit more normal!  But Juarez was good and the capacitacion tambien was really inspiring and we learned a lot!  Our President is a funny man and he knows a lot, so it was good to hear and talk to him a little bit!  The only thing a little bit scary is that we had to do a practice lesson in front of him so he could critic us and help us to improve...  But I think I passed so they aren`t going to send me home yet ;)  haha

… 1 …     Where do you go to write your letters?  (an internet café, the church, etc.)

Well because our area has all the shops and stores, all of the missionaries come here to write letters.  We just write in a little store that sells some computer stuff.  It is the nicest one in Casas Grandes, so we always hurry here Monday morning so that we can beat all of the other missionaries ;)  haha 

… 2 …     Did you hear the mention of Colonial Juarez on conference?  Were you all excited (if you did)?

COLONIAL JUAREZ IS FAMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yeah everyone cheered when they said Colonial Juarez.  We were pretty proud ;)  But also Brigham is famous too!  We can`t forget that!  I think the Lord was just trying to link us a little bit more! hahhaha   General conference was amazing as always and filled with help from the Lord!  It was such a great opportunity we had this week to share with everyone that the Lord has called a living prophet to guide and help us!  It is so unique!!!!  But so true!!!!!

… 3 …     How was your trip to Juarez?   What kind of training did you and Herm Jacobo receive?

Juarez was big and a lot of people and cars and buildings as always.... hahahahaha  but it was really good!  I learned a lot and it was fun to be with Hermana Jacobo again; she is hilarious!  It was a training meeting for all the leaders in the mission, so we just learned how to be better examples and really how to be better ourselves so that others will set their goals higher! 

… 4 …     Did you find you latest package?  Grandma Reva also has sent you a letter and a little extra?

I did get a package but not from you guys.. it was from VALYN!  Tell her thank you times a million; it was so sweet and all the elders loved the treats on the bus ride back to Casas!  And I also got a letter from Grandma!!!  Thank you too!!!! :):):):):):):)  But don`t worry, I am sure yours is coming!  It will get here soon enough! :)  But I will keep an eye open for it :) 

… 5 …     How are the feet?

No worries - I am fine! hahaha  I think they are getting better, but it may just be that I want them to get better that I am convincing my mind that they are better ;) hahaha - not!  I am good; no worries! 

 I had a really cool experience yesterday after the conference; we went and ate dinner with a family in our ward.  The husband and wife both served missions.  We stayed and talked to them for a while and I wish I could explain how much they helped me.  The experiences they shared and the feelings they felt were just like mine.  They gave me so much strength to improve and to learn everything that I possibly can!  They were an answer to my prayers!  They gave me a whole bunch of papers and articles from their mission that helped them, and I know they are going to help me!  The Lord always answers our prayers!  My mission is such a short moment in my life... it is like Gary E Stevenson said in General Conference, “our life here on earth is like our 3 minutes of glory...” - well if that is true my mission is my is like my 3 seconds!!!  I need to make every mil-a-second count!  And I am going to do just that!  Every day is an opportunity to serve God´s children, and I am going to work with all of my heart so that one day I can stand before God and tell Him with all confidence I did my best with the little piece of His garden he gave me!

 This church is true!  We have a prophet of God who guides us!  We just need to listen and act and we will be lead right to the Kingdom of God!  I hope you have an AMAZING week!!!  And always remember I love you  :)

Hermana Sutton 

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