Monday, August 25, 2014

I Learned to Make Tortillas!!!!


I know I say every week... what a great week!!!  But really - what a great week!!!  We had a lot of activities and appointments that went great and we are both just loving being here in Mexico together!!!  And we are getting a lot better at ignoring the “GUERAS GUERAS GUERAS” that we hear in the streets on every corner!!! hahahaha  But we are loving it and using us being different to contact a ton of people!!!!

Like the pictures you saw... hopefully!!!  You see that we learned how to make tortillas!!!  It is super hard but really fun!  THEY TASTE LIKE HEAVEN!!!!!  We are going to get so fat from eating all of them!  But it is so worth it!  The hermana’s name is Connie and she is a recent covert (2 years ago like dad) and wow, her life has changed so much since then.  It was so fun to spend a little time with her and learn something new!!!  But the thing is, who knows when I get back if I will be able to do it... I think if you don’t make them here in Mexico they don’t taste the same ;) hahahaha  But we will see what we can do!!!!!

 We had an open house in one of the church houses in our stake last Saturday so we went and helped out!  What we did was in each room we had a presentation about one of the missionary lessons!  We had the plan of salvation and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!  What we did was first of start out by showing a picture of our family and explaining “HOW MUCH WE LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!” but also how the gospel has helped us.  It was super cool to see the people light up and completely open up.  After we shared, everyone was so willing to talk and share also!  (Thanks for the help you guys)  We shared about what things we need to do to receive an eternal family!  IT WAS SUPER POWERFUL!!!!!!!  And there was a family there who weren’t members and all of them were so excited and are going to start learning about the church!  THE FAMILY IS EVERYTHING!!!!!  I just want to thank you family for everything that you have done for me; I love you with all my heart and soul and if I have learned one thing here on the mission it is that the families are ESSENTIAL to the plan of God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I LOVE YOU FAM!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so remember Lamar - the man that only speaks English??? Well he and his wife invited us over for dinner on Saturday night you won’t believe what they made us!!!!!!!!!!  MEAT LOAF AND HOMEMADE MASHED POTATOES AND CORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We were in heaven!!!!!  I didn’t think I missed American food so much... hahahahaha  But we had a fun time being there with them and talking a little English!  They are super nice and went to church yesterday!!!  We are hoping to get everything figured out so that Lamar can get baptized soon!!!!

But yeah that was our week!!!  If anyone comes up with some solutions for my sleep walking and talking please send them over...  I am afraid my companion is going to kick me out.... ;)  Last night I took all of the things and ran to my bed to hide them!!  HELP ME I AM CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha

Crazy, but HAPPY!!!!!!!!  I am where I should and want to be.  I am growing and learning and preparing!!!  This life is a time to prepare to meet God!!!!  We have to use our time wisely!!  He is waiting to welcome us back! :)  I know He is our father and that we are children of Him.  I love Him so much and am so happy to be able to share this amazing love He has for us with Ciudad Juarez!  There are people in all places that are just waiting to find the peace the gospel brings!!!  I know this plan is perfect!!!


Hermana Sutton

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