Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Juarez is so BIG & so MANY PEOPLE!

I HAVE A STALKER......AND NOW SHE IS MY COMPAÑION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (save me!!) ;) hahahahahahahahahahahaha

OKAY!  That´s not true.... well the stalking part is true.  But I AM SUPER HAPPY!  The only sad part is that she pretty much knows all of my stories and experiences, so when I start to tell her one, she just starts to smile... hahahaha :)  Her name is Hermana ANDERTON!  (her first name is Reagan - how weird right....) hahaha  She is from Idaho Pocatello!  She loves loves loves to run, so we really are loving running in the morning!!! She is super sweet and also is 19.  She wants to be a nurse! (coincidence...) and well we were made to be companions.   And the best thing of all is that  we made it through our first week here in Juarez and we are actually loving it!  

IT IS SO BIG AND THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!! But it is a new adventure and we are super happy!  The sad thing though is that this week we weren´t in our actual area too much...  We had a meeting Tuesday all day and then we had the consejo of the leaders of the mision on Thursday night and all day Friday....  But the meetings were really great! (as always, and I am so excited to start searching and finding the people here in Juarez that are searching for the gospel!!!)  The basic of the meetings that we had were about building the faith that there are people prepared to receive the gospel... we just need to find them and help them realize this is what they are missing!  The amazing thing is, this is happening all over the world.  THE LORD IS PREPARING THE HEARTS!!!  In every single part of the world, In Mexico, in Utah, everywhere!!!!  We just have to be willing to find them.  There is a scripture in D&C if you want to look it up section 60 vers 2 and 3. (it´s kind of tough, but it is true)  WE HAVE TO OPEN OUR MOUTHS!

BUT WE HAD A GREAT WEEK!!!  Right now we are living with some members....but we can´t do that so we are looking for another house... so we have been living out of our suitcases!  hahaha  But we found a new house that is super nice and we are going to go with the President today to see if it is okay for him.  Our area is called “Niños Heroes” and we are here with 2 other sisters... (did I tell you that??? - one that is from California and the other from Mexico.)  So pretty much the Americans are taking control here ;) hahaha   We have to really focus to speak Spanish, because if not we are never going to get better at Spanish....  But we are happy and working hard.  And talking to everyone!!!!  AND THERE ARE ACTUALLY ¨PEOPLE IN THE STREETS!!!!”  IT IS A MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!  We are opening this area of course so we are starting from zero... but I am super excited to be here!!!  Our ward is tiny!!!  But I love it.  Everyone is super nice and really involved in the work of the Lord!!!!  I feel so grateful to be here; I know this is where the Lord needs us to be!!!

On the other hand, sadly I want to say I am so sorry for John.  How unexpected and terrible.  He is such a great man and really was an example to me.  Thank goodness that we have the authority of God here on the earth in our days.  The temple covenants we make are real and they tie us to our families.  That is why the temple is SOOOOO important, because it is the only way that we are going to be able to live with our family again...  Take advantage of this time to share the gospel - with the friends of John - with his family that may not be members.  Everything in this life happens for a reason, we must do our best to do what the Lord would have us do.  I feel terrible that such a thing happened to such an amazing man.  I want them to know how grateful I was to meet and know him.  His smile and jokes always lit up the room.  We have to remember him like that; that is what he would want!  I hope the funeral goes great and send my deepest regrets to the Noyes family.

Just remember the Lord is there in every step of the way...  He is constant - we are the ones that change.  If we want him in our lives we have to let Him in.  He has given us EVERYTHING that we need to be successful in this life...  We just have to take advantage of it!  I know in a special way that He lives, and He loves us.  He has prepared the way, it is just our job to follow Him and be willing to sacrifice for Him.  I LOVE HIM!  I know that one day I will see Him again, and what a special day that will be, when I can tell Him.  I have done MY best.    That is all He asks.

I love you with everything that is in my heart.... (blood, arteries, veins, valves, tendons, EVERYTHING!!!!)  FAMILIES ARE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!1

Hermana Sutton

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