Monday, December 15, 2014

'Twas the Week Before Christmas!!!!

ON THE FIRST DAY OF CHRISTMAS MY FAMILY GAVE TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you so much; I started the days of Christmas and I LOVE it!!!!  Let me just tell you something really cool - yesterday I ran out of q-tips and I thought to myself... well dang - now I have to buy more today at the store!!  BUT NO WORRIES!!!!  My family is inspired and in the present today was a box of q-tips!!  I thought it was pretty great right?? hahaha  But we are doing great here in Mexico and loving the warm weather (I mean - if I can’t have snow, it might as well be warm!)  We are working really hard with sharing about Christ, and we hope that as we start the new year we are going to have a lot of prospects for teaching!!

… 1 …     Tell us all about the Christmas Celebration!!!!!!!  (we like details especially what you personally had to do – hahaha)

SOOOOOOO.... this was the week of the El es La Dadiva concert!!!  AND IT TURNED OUT REALLY GREAT!!!!!!!  It was a huge miracle; at the beginning of the week I got a really bad cold and sore throat!!!! (Yikes!!)  But miracles happen and the day of the concert I was feeling great...  Oh but the day after, I think Heavenly Father was making me pay ;) hahaha  But it all turned out great!!!
Okay, so I will give you a little over view!!!  (It was actually on TV hahahahaha - we are so cool ;))  So we started with a few videos!  (There was a huge projector and screen!!!!)  The first video was an overview of the church and the Book of Mormon and just some of our basic beliefs!!  (It is a Mormon message of a black bishop from England!)  Then we watched “Because of Him” :):):):):) and then “El es La Dadiva” (He is the gift!!)  Then we went back in time to like the beginning of the church and sang a few songs as a choir - “The Day Dawn is Breaking” (a really cool arrangement) and “Joseph Smith’s First Prayer” (it was all high-tech and the lights looked great!)  I kind of felt like I was on Glee! ;)  Then we went into the life of Jesus Christ, about how we have to follow Him and sang about that and "Our Saviors Love" with a cute little girl playing the violin!!  And then there was a song about baptism (a primary one).  The whole time they were showing pictures behind us on a big screen!!!  IT WAS SWEET!!!!
Then an actor came out and acted out the part of when the angel came to announce the birth of Christ (that was cool) then we went into Christmas songs!!!!!  Hermana Ellsworth played beautifully “What Child Is This”, then we sang “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”, and then a mix of a whole bunch of Christmas hymns.  Then an Elder and I started with “O Holy Night”, and the choir joined in on the chorus!!!  Then the actor explained how we can give a gift of Christmas, (focusing on the Book of Mormon).  And under the seats of the whole audience were Books of Mormon!!!  We closed by singing “Joy to the World”!!! :):):):):):):)  The whole time we had a little orchestra playing and our director was really great!! :)  The spirit was super strong, and after the concerts was over, we wanted to continue it into the street!!! hahahahaha It was so fun to actually perform again!!!!
I doubt that made any sense to you.... but in a few words....  IT TURNED OUT GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

… 2 …     Are you able to call – SKYPE – next Sunday?  (If so, details – what time, etc)

Yeah!!!  I talked to the President and he said he wanted to go to Hawaii too... ;)  But said I could call whenever you guys would like!!! :)

… 3 …     Do many people put up Christmas lights in Juarez?  Any other decorations?

Hmmmmm - Yes, there are actually a few houses that do have Christmas lights outside!!!  I was surprised to be honest!!! :)  Everyone and their dog put up a Christmas tree!!!  Actually this week we went to the house of one of our investigators to help her put up her tree and decorations!!!  What happened was 5 years ago her husband and mom both died and ever since then she has never put it up...  But she told us it was going to be different this year!!!  We helped her and her granddaughters put it up!!  It was fun to be with her and she told us some really awesome stories of her family and her life!!!  

... 4 …    Where are you all having your Christmas party?  (At the President’s house, church)

Hmmmm the details about the Christmas party we are not sure about yet...  There are rumors that it is this Saturday, but we still are not sure!!!  But I am sure it will be great!!! :)  I am getting all the ties and the scarfs ready so it should be a HIT!!!!!!!!!!  THANK YOU AGAIN FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

But everything is going great!!!  I am happy and enjoying this wonderful life as a missionary!! :)  I am learning SOOOO much and meeting so many great people!!  I really do feel in family here; the gospel really does bind us together as one!!!  This Christmas I have had the goal to get to know my Savior better.  I have been studying the life of Him and reading about Him, and really trying to be like Him!  And I really do feel a difference in my life!  I know that Christ is our Savior and that He was and is the perfect example for us.  I am so grateful for Him for the amazing gift of His life; the atonement inspires me to be better and to return to live with Him.  I am so grateful for Christmas!!!!  Of course, right??  IT’S THE HAPPIEST TIME OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):)
Have a great “week before Christmas”!!!
Hermana Sutton

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