Monday, December 29, 2014

Cinnamon Roll Christmas :-D


How is everything going in the good old Brigham City??  It looks like from the pictures you enjoyed yourselves!  For us here in Juarez it was AWESOME!!!!  It was quite the strange few days but it all turned out great and well the best thing is that we didn’t forget what our moms had taught us... and we made CINNAMON ROLLS!!!!!!!!!  So let me start from the 24th , because that is pretty much Christmas here for everyone!  So we went to the family Bencomos house and Hermana Bunderson talked to her family and so did the other missionaries!!  It was fun to see all of their families!!  Then we helped the Bencomos make lunch and we all ate together! T HIS FAMILY IS AMAZING!!  I know that I have said that about a million and a half times but really it was so fun to be with them and to feel in home!  We ate ham and lots of good food and banana cookies for dessert!!!  YUMMY!!!!  We then went back to our house at 5 and we had the rest of the night to clean and to relax!!!  So we came home and made a chocolate cake for our neighbor, cinnamon rolls, and watched “The Legacy” about 5 times!  Hahaha  And I got caught up on my journal and we just hung out!!  IT WAS FUN!!  :)

 Then we went to bed and on Christmas morning the sisters came to our house early and we ate together and opened a few little presents!!  And off we went to a meeting with the President ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!!!  IT WAS THE GREATEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT!!!!!!!!!!!  IT WAS LIKE A SPIRITUAL OVERLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!  It was just a meeting with the hermanas (cuz the president likes us the best!) and we talked about, pretty much everything you could talk about!  All the general authorities the president knows... Sister Derbez and his story.... the mission and his advice.... how to prepare to be good moms.... ;) and well just about EVERYTHING!!!  There also was an hermana there who cut everyones hair!  All 40 hermanas here in Juarez!!!!  It was really awesome and we had a lot of fun! 

Then on the 26th ... well I think my comp partied too hard cuz she was sick all day!!!  Soooooo once again we were inside!  Cleaning and watching “The Legacy” about 50 more times!!!  But she is feeling better, and you had better believe that on Saturday I was SOOOOOOOOOOOO ready to work!!!  (3 whole days inside, I thought I was going to have a panic attack!)  hahahahaha  but the weekend was great too!!!  We sang again at Misiones (mall in Juarez) on Saturday and then again on Sunday!!  And we had even more people than last week!!!  It was super fun and well... what do I say!?????  I AM JUST A HAPPY MISSIONARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Well also I just wanted to tell you guys thank you so much for the 12 days of Christmas you sent and also the little package with the quote book!!!!  IT IS SO AMAZING!!!!!!!  It really just put the cherry on the Christmas!!! (by the way I like cherries now...)  hahaha 

…1…  How was your Christmas and what did you do?
See above ;)

…2…  Are you allowed to venture out on New Year’s eve/day?
HMMMMMMMMM - we aren’t doing anything too different I dont think!  We are just going to leave a little bit later on the 1st  so we dont have to deal with all the drunks....

…3…  How are your investigators doing?
AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!  We had an amazing experience yesterday at church!  A family that we are teaching came and in gospel principles they LOVED IT!!!!!!  We talked about baptism and WOW I have never felt the spirit so strong in a gospel principles class!!!  The brother asked how long he had to wait to be baptized....  SO WE ARE STOKED!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE REALLY PREPARED FROM THE LORD!

…4…  Can you get amazing breads in Juarez like we did in Puerto Vallarta?
Hmmmmmm - YES indeed - they do make some pretty great breads here!!  It is such a temptation every time we go to the grocery store!!  BUT YOU KNOW YOU HAVE TO ENJOY LIFE RIGHT!!!!!!!!! ;)

…5…  Do you need anything from us?  (money, prayers, etc.)
NAH!!!  I am doing great!!! :)  Prayers are always welcomed and well I am actually enjoying being a poor missionary!!!! ;)  But I am doing great!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful NEW YEAR!!!!!!  (Can you believe that it is already gone????)  Thank you so much for everything you have and are doing for me!  This literally is the biggest blessing in my life, to be able to serve my Father in Heaven 24/7!!!  I am loving it!  And I am working harder and harder every single day!!!  I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!  AND HAPPY 2015!!!!!

Hermana Sutton

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