Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The "Miracle Family"!!!!!!

HOLA FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Let me just start out by saying I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!  Mom gave in for the I-Phone!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) hahahahaha  If you weren't cooler than me before, you officially are!  We pretend we have an I-Phone because there is a little flashlight on our phone... but you know that is the end of it ;) hahahaha  I THINK YOU CAN CALL THE SUTTON FAM THE I-PHONE FAM!!!!!!!!!! hahaha 

This week was a great one and well the time is zooming by....  I don't even want to think that we are almost in OCTOBER!!!!!!!  That just scares me to death.  I feel like I have done so much in my mission but then I also feel like I have done nothing ;)  But we are loving it, and learning a ton and having a million experiences (crazy and spiritual) and just about every other kind.

But before I go on to this week, I just want to tell you a little about the week that we had last week.  First of all, we met a "MIRACLE FAMILY!"  I think I mentioned them a little bit the last week; they are Rafaela and Jose and their daughter Suri.  They have only been here in Juarez for about 1 month and they came here with absolutely nothing.   It has just been a miracle that they are still here and have their house.  The day that we met them (in the street) he had not had work for almost a week.... (he is a mechanic) and we told him that this is the gospel of miracles and that if he puts in his effort he is going to see miracles.  Well needless to say he has had A TON of work the past 2 weeks and his smile could take the frown off of the face of anyone!  They are accepting the gospel like it was a plate of chocolate ice cream and just keep asking for more and more!!!!  Rafaela has been going to ALL of the relief society activities and fits in perfect with the hermanas.  They went to the activity that we had with the ward and they were also the miracle family that showed up to church randomly.  We are working really hard with them to keep progressing and seeing the miracles that God has in store for them!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, well I can't remember what else I was going to tell you from last week!  SORRY!!!!!!  THE THINGS JUST ROLE TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha  But I have been writing in my journal and so one day you will hear of all the stories!!!!!!!!!!  But here are your questions from last week...

1- Can you paint your fingernails?
YEAH, but only like really pastel - things you can't really see!  But a little! hahaha

2- Do you still have your coats etc. from last winter?
Yeah, I saved everything!!!  And Hermana Jacobo left me her other coat that is better than mine!  I think I will be set!!!!

3- Are any of the male missionaries down there attractive?

hahahaha  OH but from this week....  Also on Saturday was the Women’s Conference....  It was kind of a mess to finally watch it.  But we saw the last half!  I was astonished by the talk of Elder Uchdorf. We are all children of God and the amazing thing is that He loves us so much.  He knows our mistakes and He knows our weaknesses and trials and yet HE LOVES US, AND WILL ALWAYS LOVE US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I know that He lives, and I can't wait to see Him again.  I know He is saving a place for me up there in the big house, and I know that I can make it there.  THE GOSPEL IS WHAT SHOWS US WHAT WE NEED TO DO!!!!!!  We have everything to have success in this life, and the life to come!!!! 

I love you all so very much and you all had better be saying your prayers and reading your scriptures and preparing for CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR INVESTIGATORS SO THAT THEY CAN COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):) 

Have a great week!

Hermana SUTTON!!!!!

p.s.  Sometimes I still find myself thinking, wow I am a missionary!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH - I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think it is a sin to sing... “I hope they call me on a mission”!!!  WE ARE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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