Monday, September 8, 2014

"I'd Rather Die than Run a Marathon"

HEY FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow Peach Days have come and gone and still no peach cobbler for this sister...  I think that is a little problem!  But then also a great excuse to eat double the helping next year!  Sounds good to me!!!  Crazy to think about next year! AHHHHHHH  I won't be a missionary :(  I think that is a little problem!  This was my plan...  I am going to come home and then change my identity!  (I have met some friends here that can help me) and then tell them that I am 19 again so I can send my papers in and head out again!  Think about it!!  I could learn another language!!! HAHHAHA  Sound good to you guys!!!??  I LOVE THE MISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week was a great one!!!  First of all a shout out to VALYNN for her amazing package of goodies this week!!!  “WE LOVED IT!!!”  and also to GRANDMA REVA AND SHIRLEY MORRIS!!!!  We love getting mail!!  THANK YOU - THANK YOU!!!!!  It always gives us a little boost to keep going on!!!  And a little sugar rush!!  (You taught me well, mom.)

1.        Did you get transferred or get a new companion?
NAH!!!  I don't think we will have transfers!!  She is still in her training and I talked to the President and I think that we are safe one more transfer!!  WE JUST HOPE AND PRAY IT IS TRUE!!!!!  She is awesome and is helping so much.  Her knowledge of the gospel is great so we make a good team; I teach Spanish and she helps me with the doctrine facts and all the cool stuff :)

2.       What food do you miss the most (besides peach cobbler?)
HMMMMM - I miss milkshakes!!!!  And just food made on the grill by daddy!!!  But the thing is, I don't think I am missing too much because my memory of the life before is really little.  IT IS WEIRD!!!  Sometimes my companion asks me about it and I honestly just can't remember!  What did I like to do, other than sports and singing?? hahahahah  I think I am becoming the boring missionaries!!! (hahahah OKAY not boring - just weird!)  We had to go to the mall really quick this week with one of the hermanas and OHHHH I felt so uncomfortable it was strange!!! hahahahaha  I know you probably are laughing your heads off!!!  But it is true!!!

3.     Can you beat your Companion running yet?
NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!  SHE IS SUPER FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!  She is trying to talk me into running a marathon when we get back.  I honestly told her I would rather die than run a marathon!  ESPECIALLY with her!!  SHE WOULD KILL ME!!!!!!!!  26 miles is 26 too many!!!  Props to all you runners out there!!  Someone’s gotta do it!

4.       We’re getting together another package, what do you want/need?
HMMMMM PACKAGED!!!!!!  We have been thinking and well we are happy with ANYTHING!!!!!  You guys are always the greatest!!  But maybe some ideas!!!  Maybe a pedometer!  It would be cool to see how far we walk!  And also a HLJ ring - I said last week!  OHHH, and maybe a blazer or two!  We have to use them at all the meetings with the president.  OHHHHHHH and a NEED!!!!!!  My tennis shoes are torn into pieces!!  I have 4 holes in the bottoms!!  My companion has worn me and my shoes out of running!!! :) hahaha  But we are happy with anything and everything!!  New investigators also would be great!!!!  OHHH and also, my debit card is going to expire in October!!  (Sorry, I forgot to tell you guys!!!!!!)  If you could call and get a new one that would be great!!!! 

Okay just a little bit about my week!!!  We had interchanges and also a lot of meetings so we were out and about in Juarez!!!  The training was great!  And I am loving being a missionary and the life and the spirit!!!  It is just the greatest!!!!  I am learning so much and learning to find the little tiny blessings the Lord has blessed me with, not just the HUGE ones like the best family in the whole world!!!!!  BUT THE BEST THING ABOUT THE MISSION IS LEARNING AND GROWING CLOSER TO THE SAVIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!  There is a video that you need to watch!!!  It is called “BECAUSE OF HIM”!!!!!!!!!  (If you can put it on my blog that would be sweet) but I honestly couldn't explain how grateful I am for my Savior and everything that he has done for this girl!!!  I am truly and eternally indebted to Him!  But I know that when I do my best, it is great for HIM!!!!!!  I love Him and I know He lives!!!!!!!!!
Have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!  I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  KEEP SAYING YOUR PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Sutton

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