Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"16 de Septiembre" Festivities

VIVA MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This week was quite the patriotic one!!!!!!!  WE PARTIED HARD!!!!!!!! ;) hahahaha  Okay, well the missionaries "party hard".  There were a lot of activities in the ward and well, of course, “16 de Septiembre” was awesome!!!!!   We feel like we are more Mexican than a lot of the Mexicans here in Mexico!!!!! hahahaha

Let me first explain a little about our adventures that we had on the last Monday!!!  We got to go the El Centro... which isn't usual for the sister missionaries, but we have hook-ups so we got to go and see what the fuss was!!  And it was quite indeed a blast!  It is really busy and there are a ton of people!!  We went primarily to see the huge Catholic cathedral that is there, but we also did a little booth shopping and just trying to fit in. "hahahaha"  It was a blast and so good to be doing something unusual!!!!!  So the cathedral is huge and it is a little scary... but really pretty!  You felt weird inside of it, but that would just be because the spirit isn't there!  But it was cool to see and sneak to take pictures (that might be a sin... woops)  Also, when we were headed back from the “Centro” we stopped to take pictures at the temple!!!!  ITWAS THE FIRST TIME WE HAVE SEEN THE TEMPLE HERE!!!!!!  IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So we went a little crazy in taking pictures, but you never know... it may be the last time we get to see it!!!!!  BUT I LOVED IT!  Even being on the ground outside you can feel the power of that amazing place!!!!!!!!!!!  Then we came back for our district meeting and then we went to a sister’s house (an investigator) and she taught us how to make mole verde!!!!!!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM   THAT STUFF IS SUPER GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Some day if you guys are lucky I will make it for you!!!!!  But you know it won't be as good because we will be in the United States!!!! hahahahah  BUT PICTURES TO COME FROM THAT TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then there was “16 de Septiembre” and we dressed up in the colors of the Mexican flag...  IT WAS A GOOD CONVERSACION STARTER IN THE STREET!!!!!!!! hahahaha  and we ate real real Mexican food at a members house!!!!  We found an amazing hermana, but I don't have time to tell you about her today!!!!!!  NEXT WEEK!!

SORRY, I REALLY HAVE NO TIME TO WRITE!!!!!!!  But also this week we had a TARDE MEXICANA!!!!!!!  It was on Saturday and we all dressed up and went to the church and ate tacos and had karaoke and the primary did a little play!!!!!!  AND OUR INVESTIGATORS WENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was a miracle!!!!!!!!!!  I think that we had about 13 non-members there!!!!!!  WHICH IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THEN YESTERDAY WE HAD A THE MOST AMAZING MIRACLE AT CHURCH!!!!!!!!!  So two of our new investigators went to the party on Saturday night, but there car broke down and they couldn't get it to start, so they left it at the church to try and fix later.  So in the morning they got to the church and it wouldn’t work still...  so I told them to have faith and come to an hour of church and then we will try again (they weren't planning on coming anyways)  They went to an hour!  And well, the car started right up afterwards!!!!!  They took it to their house and then came back to stay for the other 2 hours because they knew it was a miracle from the Lord!!!!!!!!  THEY ARE INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!  AND I WISH YOU COULD MEET THEM!!!!!!!!  The Lord's timing and ways are perfect!  Don't you dare think that there are coincidences in this life!!!!!  HIS PLAN IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!

Sorry fam and friends, but we have to go and I have about a million trillion things I want to tell you!!!  But I’ll try and remember them for next week!!!!!  I love you all and am always praying for you!!!!  But I know that the Lord is taking care of you!


Hermana Sutton

VIVA MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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