Monday, September 1, 2014

I'm Really in Hawaii & I Got 2 Tattoos - hahaha

Wow - can you already believe it??  We are in September and Peach Days is already here??  THAT IS CRAZY!!!!  Is the time going by super fast for you guys??  I feel like I just went to Peach Days a month ago!!!! ;) hahaha  But sounds like a ton of fun!!!!  

First of all before I forget...  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SARAH (last week) AND TO ERIC!!!!  PARTY HARD FOR ME!!!! hahaha  OHHHHH... and make sure you eat some really tasty peach cobbler for me!!  That's one of the things I would die for... :)  But I hope everyone has a great week!!!!

Our week was really great too!!  It went by so fast; I feel like I don't have anything new to tell you guys, and then I feel like you know nothing about where I am or what I am really doing!!!  “I am actually on the beach in Hawaii getting a tan and drinking pina coladas with my companion.”  We decided that we needed a little break and we deserved a reward!  So off we went!  We walked across the border and found a really cheap flight to Hawaii and off we went!  So just so you know, we are happy and healthy and enjoying life!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - YEAH RIGHT!!!!   Okay... maybe not so much!  But it was a great week!  We found the cutest old grandpa that is really interested in the church!  (Age doesn't matter right??)  His name is Alejandro and we found him in the Street.  He yelled to us...  “WOW, THERE ARE SISTER MISSIONARIES!”  So of course we went and explained that the sister missionaries were way better than the elders!! ;) haha  We started talking to him and he is really receptive of the góspel and is keeping all of his commitments and praying and wow he really is great!!!!  (He couldn't come to church yesterday, but on Saturday night he waited at the church to find someone to tell them that he wouldn't be able to make it.)  I'm not justifying that it was good he didn't come, but at least he put some effort into telling us he wouldn't be able to make it!!!  We are really excited to put his baptismal date today!!!  PRAY FOR HIM!!!!

Hmmmm - what else did we do this week???  We are really trying to focus our energy on finding the people that are really interested in the góspel!!  I think a lot of people get confused in wanting to talk to the “white” girls... to wanting to draw closer to Christ!!!  But we are trying to help them out!! hahahaha :)  But I am loving being here in Mexico!  I am loving sharing the góspel!!  And I am loving the person that I am becoming!!!  I feel like I have more stories but I can't remember... oh well!  On to the questions from last week (sorry)

….1….  Is it warmer or cooler in Juarez than in Casas Grande?
IT IS WAY HOTTER!!!!!!!!!  I THINK IT IS BECAUSE OF THE PAVEMENT!!!! hahahahaha  But I think it is going to start cooling off one of these days ;) we hope!!!

….2….  Have you thought of any special things you would like for your birthday?  (it will be here before you know it!)
HMMMMMM - birthday???!!! Hahaha  I really am just happy!!!  I don't know what I would like!!! (INVESTIGATORS???) hahahaha  The only thing I could think of is maybe a CTR ring that is in Spanish! (HLJ)  but like a real one!  I think that would be sweet!  See what you can find!!  Other than that, I am good!  Maybe clothes!! hahahaha  Of  course!  I TRUST YOU!!!  YOU ALWAYS KNOW WHAT I NEED!!!  YOU ARE MY FAMILY, REMEMBER?????

….3….  Can you keep up with your companion when you run? 
My companion loves to run..... End of story!!  She runs marathons and lives to run!  I, on the other hand, enjoy more to push people around and kick a ball in a net!!!  But I run cuz she loves it!  I can keep up with her usually!  (I told her not to slow down because I want to get faster!)  But we'll see how it turns out!!! hahahaha

….4….  Now that your mission has been open for over a year, have they actually set up a facebook page for Juarez yet?  
I have a meeting with the President this weekend and his wife so I will ask if they have thought of having one!!!

….5…. Is there a Wal-Mart in Juarez?
There actually is a Wal-Mart!!!  Crazy huh!!??  I really don't know where it is or if it is like Wal-Mart, but yes indeed we do have a Wal-Mart!!  And do you remember when I sent you a picture of Costco??  Well, we and the other sisters in our Ward are going to go today!  Sister Ellsworth’s mom sent her a card!  SO we are going to go buy groceries for the whole month ;) hahahaha

….6…. How’s the BIG CITY?
It is a lot different being here in the big city!  I was so use to Casas that when I got here I felt like a fish out of wáter!  But I love it!!!!!  I love riding the buses and I love that there are a lot of people in the streets!!!  (Funny story... I can tell you now because it already happened!!)  A few weeks ago we got out of our district meeting which was about a half an hour away and we were planning on heading back on the bus because we had a lesson...  SO we asked the sisters what bus to take because we still are getting use to them and they told us and it was WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We ended up really really far away and in one of the sketchiest parts of Juarez!!  (There aren’t missionaries there.) hahaha  And we thought – ohhh - the bus will just turn around and take us back... well no... and we ended up having to get off the bus and find another one!!!  We were laughing so hard but really inside we were scared for our lives!!!  To end the story, we did make it home and safe... and we only have 2 tattoos!!!  I would say we are set for anything now!!!!  hahahahahah

But yup!  I am here, just another amazing week serving the Lord!  I love this work, I love this gospel, and I love that I am being tested and tried because I am so much stronger than when I started!!!  I love this!!  I feel completely blessed to be “HERMANA SUTTON”!!!

I love you all!  Have a great week!! (And maybe a pic or two of you guys one of these days!!!)


p.s.  If you are looking for a great talk!!  Look up Elder Uchdorf  - “Grateful in any Circumstances”!!!

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