Monday, December 16, 2013

Pedro's Baptism

It honestly was an incredible week here in Casas Grandes!  The Lord has prepared so many hearts here to hear the gospel, and Hermana Jacobo and I are working harder than ever to find the Elect of the Lord.  I have been told that this area in the past has been really difficult and they never have had too much success, but things are changing and people are excepting the gospel every day.  It is so incredible to see how the world is changing in these last days.  Hearts are being softened and members are starting to have a desire to share the gospel too.  It is a blessing to be where I am, doing what I am doing everyday right now!  I am so blessed to be a representative of the LORD!!  And even though it is a big responsibility, I know that the Lord only expects my best.  So every day that is what I am going to give Him.

Earlier this week I went with the other missionaries from the US to the Migration Office about an hour away in Janos!  We had to give our finger prints and sign our lives away.  I´m pretty sure I signed a paper that said I can never leave Mexico...  Sorry fam ;) haha  But the trip was really fun, and it was so nice to be able to speak in English.  I absolutely love being around other missionaries. There really is strength in numbers, and especially when they are all missionaries!  The spirit is so strong.

I also got to learn how to make tortillas this week!  LEARN is the key word.  I failed and it was embarrassing to try and spin the thin piece of dough and watch it break into pieces... haha  The member who showed us was really nice, but you could tell for sure she had had years of practice. haha

Also on Saturday we actually had our first baptism!!!!!  And I wish I could explain to you how incredible the entire experience was!!!!  Pedro is the joven who loved to drink coffee (if you forgot) and he is such an example.  He was so ready for baptism; he pretty much jumped into the font!  The spirit was so strong during the entire meeting and the baptism!  I am honored that I was able to meet Pedro and witness yet another miracle!!  I know that baptism is the first step that we show Jesus Christ that we accept him and his perfect plan for us. OHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It just was the happiest day ever!!!! :) I´ll send a pic, don´t worry!  I´m not that great of a missionary yet.... ;)  hahahaha  but it was incredible and I got to sing at it also!!!!  Oh what an experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, before I forget we found out that we DO GET TO SKYPE for Christmas!  I will be skyping on the 24 and probably in the tarde!  I am so excited to see my beautiful familia!!!! But I am not sure that I have an account that works, so I was wondering if you could set one up for me and for you, and then la proxima semana just let me know what the password and information is!  That way it will be much easier and we won´t have to bug the member family for as long.  We only can talk for 40 minutes, but that will be long enough to show you I am still alive and happy ;)

-1-  Did you find you a warm coat?

I did find a coat that was semi warm! hahaha It is hard to find really good quality here, the zipper broke the second day I had it, but I will still keep looking for one, don´t worry!  But it is cold!  I still can´t get over how crazy that is; I´m in Mexico for heaven’s sakes!!! hahaha 

-2-  Do you have Elders in your area or are there just sisters in your city?

Hermana Jacobo and I are the only ones in our area! Called Estacion :)  But there are Elders in the all the areas around us.  In our district we are the only sisters, but in our zone there is another companionship!  We meet together every Lunes, and sometimes more than that like to practice Christmas songs for our devotional on the 22!! 

-3-  Is there a ward or a branch?  What kind of a building do they meet in?

We are in a ward, and it is semi-small but really really really incredible!  The members are so sweet and really are starting to get excited about the work we are a part of.  Our building is really pretty nice!  It’s just like a normal church house and we have a piano that actually works!!!  BLESSINGS!!!!!

-4-  Did you hear that we have a Texas address to mail your stuff to? It's a UPS office in El Paso but should speed things up alot and will be cheaper. So is your comp still working out OK?

Awesome!!!!! That is super nice!!!! :)  I am still really far from Juarez, but it will still get to me!!!  The zone leaders should pick it up!!!  Isn´t it amazing how the world is changing and the work of salvation is progressing???

-5-  We've looked you up on the maps and you're in the middle of nowhere. Did you say you lived on the street "Cinco de Mayo"?

I’m just off the street in a little alley way! :)  I LOVE THE STREET CINCO DE MAYO!!!  So exciting :)

But I want you to know that I am so incredibly happy!  I am where I am supposed to be and it is so amazing to see the miracles of the Lord daily!  I have never prayed so much in my whole life, but I also have never been so happy :) coincidence??  No such thing....!  I know that Our Savior Lives!!!  I am safe, the Lord is always with me; people are usually SUPER nice!!!!  Sleep is sufficient and I’m drinking water, of course!  I am the daughter of the water queen!! ;) 


TE AMO!!!  Tenga una buena semana!!!!

I hope you have a great semana preparing for Christmas!!  But remember what Christmas is really about :)

Con MUCHO Amor

Hermana Sutton :)

P.S.  We just got a text from a young man (Raul-from Mexico) who is now in Provo that says you know his mother.  Her name is “Silvia Ortega De Rodriguez” from the Estacion Ward.  If you know her, we could send a box with him this Friday.  He’s going home for Christmas and offered to take some things down for you.  What would you like us to send you? Coats, boots, sweaters?

YES YES YES YES I know who that is, and it would be incredible if you could send some things with him!!!!!  OH WHAT A BLESSING!!!!!

Don´t get overwhelmed, but if you could send with him WARM THINGS!!!  like sweaters, socks, sweats, scarves, sweaters and gloves and maybe even a pair of boots.  I bought a pair here but they already are falling apart :( oh and maybe a hat!

But don´t worry if you can´t.  I am still surviving!!!!! :) and happy!  But I know it is just going to get colder every day!!!  I mean I am fine and happy and usually pretty warm!

Just some ideas, don´t get overwhelmed!  These are just some ideas!!!

P.S.S.  Thanks for the new coat Aunt Jennifer :)

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