Monday, December 30, 2013

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up in Strings.....


WOW can you believe that Christmas has come and gone??  It honestly just seems like a blur to me.  haha  It turned out to be one that I will never forget.  Christmas in the mission is very very different as you can expect, but the spirit of the epoca is the exact same!!!  On Christmas day we had the opportunity of eating with one family in our ward called Gonzalez.  They are THE BEST!  They were so sweet to us and fed us WAY too much food, and really made us feel like part of their big family.  They had two piñatas and a lot of desserts and just a lot of visiting and meeting new people (which I love so much!)  It truly was a special Christmas for me, difficult, don´t get me wrong!  (I just wish I didn’t have the best family in the world back in Utah that I miss)  hahaha  But what a blessing it is to be here in Mexico testifying of why we really have Christmas!!!  Because a lot of families were busy and not home on Christmas we got the wonderful opportunity of going back to our house and DEEP CLEANING!!!!  Merry Christmas ;) haha  It was fun and we rocked out to the church Christmas music - we had a lot of fun  :)

I did indeed get the packages - ALL of them, and wow, I really don´t know what to say!  I honestly couldn´t help but bawl when the Mission President unloaded 4 huge packages from his car when he came to visit!  haha  THANK YOU TIMES A MILLION AND A HALF!!!!!!  We loved all of the little surprises and you had better believe that we have made a huge dent in the food already!  We are really excited to make the cheesecake for new years!!!!  Really, thank you so much.  And the boots are incredible and so warm and comfortable!  Thank you thank you thank you!  Tell Susan & Ken THANK YOU SO MUCH and grandma too please!!! 

HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY AMANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hna Jacobo and I sang happy birthday for you - I hope you know!  What did you do??  Did you eat some good cake and ice cream?? 

The weather is getting colder, ha-ha, but we are getting smarter and figuring out how to keep our house warmer in the night and by warming up our pajamas with the little heater while we are planning!  haha  It is crazy how cold it is... so much for buying clothes for 100 degree weather ;) hahaha  It is great, and the clothes and hat and everything you sent have helped so much! 

This week was an interesting week with the holidays and everything!  But it was a great one!  We worked really hard to find new investigators this week because we know how powerful the spirit of this season is, and we really were blessed!  That is really cool that you got to talk to a Hermana in my ward; she is so sweet and her husband is the mission leader in our ward, so we have gotten to know her really well!  Hna Jacobo and I also got to speak in our ward on Sunday (yes mom in Spanish).   I think it went really well; everyone in the ward said that my Spanish was good, and that they could understand me... so I would say it was a SUCCESS!!!!!!!!

I have a couple questions! 

How´s the BE b-ball team doing??

What do you have planned for new years??

How does Derek like sleeping in his bed again??

I love you forever, and am always praying for you!  I have the best support system back home, and I am so so so grateful!!  Never doubt the power of the Lord to help you in EVERYTHING!!!!!!  I know He lives and loves you!

Hermana Sutton

                   p.s. It was AMAZING to talk to you!!!  I can´t believe how big MY Beckham is - make him stop please!!!!  Keep smiling ;)  I love you with all my heart!

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