Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hola Hola Hola

How are the best family and friends in the world doing this week???  I can´t believe you got so much snow? Thank goodness the snow hasn´t come to Nuevas Casas Grandes yet, but it is very very very cold!!!  We´ll keep our fingers crossed that the snow stays in your neck of the woods.  Snow would make walking everywhere all day a little bit more difficult.  The crazy wind and dirt already makes it impossible to stay looking like a presentable representative of the Lord ;)  haha 
This week was incredible!  I know I said this last week, but every week is just so special and so different!  This week Hermana Jacobo and I had the opportunity to sing in sacrament meeting junta.  She played the piano and I sang; the obisbo asked if we could sing “Oh holy Night”, and I gladly excepted because that is my favorite Christmas song as well!!!  It turned out so amazing and the spirit was so strong.  It was great to be able to kind of express myself and my testimony because it is a little difficult to explain how I feel in the few simple phrases I know in Spanish! ;)  But the spirit is the same in every language. And I love the quote I heard in the MTC (I’m not sure if I shared it with you...)  God doesn´t need Spanish speakers, He needs Spirit speakers :)  so that is what I am trying to do - rely on the spirit!!!! But just so you know, my Spanish is getting better every day and even though it is so  hard, I can see myself growing and I am learning so much everyday!  My favorite thing is to talk to the kids, because they speak a little bit of English and use simple words in Spanish!!!  It is great!!!
I got to watch the First Presidente devotional this week too!!! (  I know Amanda and Eric did) did you??  It was awesome to hear the familiar sound of Motab!  But sadly I didn't understand too much of the messages the speakers gave, because it was in Spanish!! ;)  Hahaha but I really enjoyed it, and one of our investigators named Judith came with us!!!  (I’ll send a picture of her.)
This semana was really special because the members actually wanted to help and share the message of the gospel!  Can I just testify to you that this work of salvation is not just for missionaries who wear a badge to share, EVERYONE IS A MISSIONARY!!!!!  And why not share with those around us?  This is what makes us happy, so why not help otro personas feel the same!!!
1:  Will you be able to SKYPE at Christmas or will you need to purchase an international calling card?
I am not exactly sure how calling is going to work on Christmas.  I talked to some of the other missionaries and in the past they could not Skype... :( But I’ll double check with the zone leaders and let you know next week!  Can you believe it is almost Christmas???? ahhhhhhh :)  I am so excited for Christmas aqui!  In all of our lessons we have been singing Christmas songs, and it is so amazing to feel the spirit of the Lord!!!
2:  Did you buy some warm clothes?
I did find some boots which make things a lot warmer!!  I am borrowing a warm coat from a member and gloves and things, but today we are going to look again and see if there is anything that will work!  The stores are... well interesting here!  There are some nice ones and some not so nice ones, but you know me the bargain shopper!  I´ll find a good deal ;)
3: Do you want us to give your e-mail address out to the ward or is that not really allowed?
You can give the ward my e-mail; I don´t really care, but make sure you tell them I probably won´t e-mail them back!  I really don´t have very much time at all, and emailing is a challenge for me anyway!  It´s hard because I stress I am going to forget to tell you something, so just have patience with me because I may write kind of scatter brained!!  hahaha 
4:  What made you smile this last week?
OHHH  I smiled so many times this week!!!  I think the thing that made me smile the biggest was yesterday when we got back to our apartment and Heramana Jacobo and I were thinking about our amazing day!!! 
With the help of the members yesterday and the miracles of the Lord, we found 5 new investigators!  And they are so ready to hear the gospel and so ready to change their lives!!! The Lord works miracles, and everyday I can´t help but smile because I get to see firsthand how the Lord changes lives. :)  He has changed mine!!!!  I am so blessed!!!!
I know this church is true family!!!  No doubt in my mind, and as long as we have the faith of a mustard seed, the Lord can work with us and we can become something amazing!!! 
Hermana Sutton

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