Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas!!! SING IT OUT LOUD!

HOLA HOLA HOLA!  Can you believe that it is almost already Christmas???  AHHH  Where has the time gone?  I really can´t believe that it has already been 2 months since I left little old Brigham City!  If my mission goes this fast... I may just stay here for 3 years??  Is that okay with you fam?  hahaha

We had a really great and difficult and blessed week here in Casas!  We worked so hard to work with the barrio (ward) this week to try and strengthen their testimonies so that they will have the desire to share it in their lives.  On Monday night we had a Noche de Hogar (family home evening) with the ward and we watched “Joseph Smith: A Prophet of the Restoration”.  It turned out to be an incredible night and everyone who attended shared their testimonies after, and I really feel like that sparked something in the ward because the rest of the week they were really helpful and excited about the work!  It truly is the work of salvation for all.  So don´t think you get off easy because you aren´t on a full time mission.  EVERYONE NEEDS TO SHARE!! (and I know I say this every week... but it really is so important.) hahaha :)

We also had a devotional Christmas yesterday for everyone in Casas Grandes and the Colonies.  All of the missionaries sang in a choir that we have been practicing for about 2 weeks now.  IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!!  We sang pretty much all the Christmas hymns and also performed some numbers in small groups.  I actually got to sing “Oh Holy Night” as a solo too!! :)  I absolutely love music, and coming on a mission has just made me love it so much more.  The spirit really does talk through the music of the soul.  There actually is a Sister who lives in Dublan who is the stake president’s wife and she has a facebook page for a lot of the missionaries’ moms and family...  I think it is called “Chihuahua Moms” or something like that.  You´ll have to search for it and asked to be added to the group.  She is going to put some videos from last night up on the page! 

1.       Did you get any packages yet?  I didn´t get any packages yet, but I told the zone leaders yesterday to keep an eye open for it because you sent some!  It might take a little longer because I am so far away from the mission home.  But no worries; I will get it!! and THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!  You, family, are really such a blessing.  XOXOXO 

2.       What good foods have you eaten?  Oh my goodness where do I start??  The food here is to die for! Everyday I think, "Today is going to be the day that I am going to eat something that is gross..."  But nope, the day hasn´t come yet!  So to answer your question... EVERYTHING IS GOOD! ;)  We eat tamales a lot, and salsa!!!  And chicken and meat cooked so well, and a lot of rice and beans. Mmmmhmmmm just really good Mexican comida!

3.       How is your Spanish going?  My Spanish is going pretty well.  I mean it is so hard to be somewhere where everyone speaks perfect Spanish and I am just thrown into the middle of it, but I love the language!  Everyday my Spanish is getting better and better.  The gift of tongues is honestly so real! 

4.       Do you still Love your sweet parents?  TE AMO MUCHO MUCHO MUCHO MUCHO!!!!!  Honestly there isn´t a day that goes by that I don´t think I have the best parents and family in the whole world.  Every night I thank our Father in Heaven for you.  I wish I could explain how incredibly much I love you.  Thank you for being such great examples!! 

Hahahaha - you probably thought I forgot about Skype.... haha :)  We are going to Skype tomorrow around 6:45 or 7!  We finally found a family that has a camera and internet!  It should all be good and work perfectly.  Thank you for setting up my account and sending the password and everything.  I forgot how Skype works but do you have to add me as a friend or something first?  Who knows, but I’m sure it will go smoothly tomorrow!  ARE YOU EXCITED TO TALK TO ME?????? ;)  I miss you so much and can´t wait to see your beautiful smiling faces...  Don´t make fun of me if I cry when I see you though; I haven´t changed too much - I still cry like a little baby!  Hahahahahahaha

But I hope you have a great week and enjoy Christmas!  Remember to pray and remember why we are really here on the earth!  You are a child of the most powerful and perfect being in the UNIVERSE!!!!!!!

I love you for eternity!!!

Hermana Sutton

                                                     P.S. Hasta Mañana!!!!! hahaha


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