Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ready, Set, Go

November 22, 2013
I swear I was just barely sitting on the computer emailing you about last week... WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE????  But this week was really good.  It was really fast and I don't remember too much that happened, but I’ll try and come up with some interesting things.  (Sorry I really am terrible at emailing, but oh well I guess it's something, right??) 

Yes, I did have two more doctor appointments this week, and they cleared me to go to Mexico!!! Which is amazing news!  The nurse who has been helping me at the hospital said that she was really scared that I wasn't going to get better and she'd have to give me steroids or something to make my immune system pick up.  But we're set and I don't have to take any more medication which is a relief.  I felt as if I was the drug holder of the whole MTC.  Taking my probiotics, my vitamins, my acne medicine, my Lora tab, and my antibiotics.  Man, I am really going to connect with the Drug Lords in Mexico ;) - ha-ha - but I am so grateful for all the help that the doctors gave me, and it was such a blessing that I got over it so quickly!

I received the package that you and Amanda both sent!  Thank you so much; I honestly have the best family in the whole world!!!!!!!  Thank you for the adorable cardigan and the fun treats! And you better believe I hung up the Viva Mexico sign that night!  But I totally understand that in Mexico it is harder to send and more expensive to send things.  But I am so grateful that while I was in the MTC I got lots of snacks and surprises!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

We had infield orientation yesterday, which is pretty much a meeting with all the missionaries that are going into the field this next week!  It was such a fun and an exciting day.  We learned how to actually apply everything that we have learned at the MTC, and how to serve others and how to plan and how to be the best missionaries that we can be. Being there gave me so much more energy to go to Mexico, if that is possible! ;)  I am so stoked to be out of the USA and to actually be serving where I was called.  I want to help people so bad, and bring happiness to their lives.  The gospel is so incredible, and the MTC is great and all, but I am SOOOOO ready to be teaching real people and just to be in MEXICO!!!  Oh also, I saw Zach Anderson, and Ben Rex!

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to sing in sacrament meeting with Hermana Geddes and two other elders from our zone.  We sang How Great Thou Art, and it was an experience I will never forget.  Although it was a simple hymn and we really didn't do anything too special in the song. The spirit that was there was so powerful.  You honestly could cut it with a knife!  As I sang the words about my Savior Jesus Christ I received yet another witness of how real, and alive and loving He is.  JESUCRISTO VIVE!  He really does, and I know that!  He has suffered everything for us, and I am so grateful that I can be a representative of Him.

This week really was full of incredible experiencias espirituales.  I wish I could tell you all of them and explain how much my testimony has grown, but there is no way I could type what I feel.  But let me try with one.  I was meeting with one of the Sister Training Leaders last night when I was interviewing, and she was really struggling.  She is such an amazing Hermana and she really is so strong and an example to all, but she was feeling like she was failing and like she wasn't being the best she could be.  So as we were talking all of a sudden my mouth just starts going and going and going.  I had no idea what I was saying but the words just kept flowing.  And it was EXACTLY what she needed to hear.  EXACTLY!  And I can testify to you, that it was not me.  The spirit is real, and if you are doing what you should be doing and striving every day to be your best and to serve Him, He will use you as an instrument.  IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH my mission address is kind of weird...  But that's the only one I could find!  So I’ll give you it, but when I get to Mexico I'll let you know what it really is.

Sister Megan Ann Sutton
Avenida Ramon Rivera Lara #7010
Fraccionamiento Las Asequias
C.P. 32617 Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua

I love you so much!!!!  I am always praying for you!!!  The church is true!!!  And I am SOOOOOO EXCITED FOR MEXICO!!!!!!!

Love, Hermana Sutton


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