Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween (A Day Late)

One more week done and it is getting better every day.  I loved seeing the pictures you guys sent of all the fun dressing up for Halloween!  That holiday is the best; not gonna lie, it wasn't too happening here at the MTC, but we ate as much candy as we could and made everything we did fun.  I honestly didn't recognize you, mom, in your pirate outfit!  I love it; you always know how to put a smile on my face.  If I was grandma and grandpa I wouldn't recognize you either.  haha  And The Noyes look SOOOOOO GREAT!!!!  Amanda you are always so clever and I cannot believe how big my little “Beckster” is getting.  (Make him stop please)  I almost expected you to come trick or treating to my apartment since I am so dang close ;)  Anyway - HAPPY HALLOWEEN a day late!

We got to go to the temple this morning which was incredible, like always, but today was more different than usual.  I felt more peace there than I have ever felt in the temple or anywhere in my whole life!  I truly know that that is the house of The Lord, and He is there, and He wants to share His love with us.  We are so blessed to have such a blessing in our lives.  I honestly wish that we could go to the temple every single day here at the MTC; most days I need all the strength I can get ;)  haha  but I just want you to know how much of an impact that Celestial place has had on my life. IT IS AMAZING!!!!! :)

My week has gone by really quick.  Every day feels like it is never going to end.  But you look back and think, wow it is almost Sunday!!!!  I know this work that I am doing is great and worth every single moment.  I have been called of God, isn't that exciting?? Not by Pres. Monson or an apostle, but God himself has called me, and this amazing army of missionaries to serve the world!  I am just so honored!


What type of things do you during GYM time?   Gym time is THE BEST time of the day!  I honestly look forward to running and running and running and getting my tension released! (weird huh? I always hated running...)  haha  But gym is really great.  We usually play volleyball with our zone or basketball and yesterday I played soccer with the Elders!!! It felt so dang good!!!!  I am so excited that I am headed to Mexico!  But I best be picking up my futbol skills, or some little 5 year old kid is going to school me....  Oh well, gotta love the best sport in the world (yes, dad, it is).

How does meal time work for you?   Any good food?  The food is pretty good, they have like a permanent trailer up in the parking lot of Raintree, but it actually is pretty good.  There meals are simple but I have always really enjoyed everything here :)  And they have ice cream every single meal, so how can you complain about that??  Am I right!?  Don't worry though, I've only gained 10 pounds or so.... hahahahaha  NOT!!!  I watch what I eat!  But enjoy, of course!

Do you also have a microwave (in addition to your fridge)? We have a fridge in our apartment!!!! which is great so... (SEND ME DR PEPPER!!!!!!)  please please please!  But there is a microwave in an apartment that's kind of close to ours that has vending machines and all that jazz!  So yes, there is a microwave!

I hope that answers all of your questions!  And you get a little info of my days here at the good old MTC!  It's such an amazing place to be, but it really is hard and a lot of studying and a lot of teaching and a lot of praying because there is no way you can make it through on your own!  But I have grown so much and I am surrounded by such a great zone and people who care about me.  Teaching is getting a little bit better, but the language is hard and it is a little frustrating to not be able to say what you feel you want to.  But I heard the best quote this week!  "God doesn't need Spanish speakers, He needs spirit speakers"  So that is what I am trying to do!!!  And it is a challenge, but is so great!!!! 

I know that my Savior lives!!!  He is only a prayer away, and He is just waiting until you open the door and let him in!  The church is true!  And I know that is the only way to true happiness!!!

I love you so much family! (and friends) Thank you so much for your letters and packages and Dear Elders, I cannot explain how much of a help it is to get through a long day and know that you have a support system behind you.  I truly am so blessed in life!  Keep being strong and remember that I love you for eternity :)

Love, Hermana Sutton

        Keep me in your prayers!!! You're always in mine!!!

            I get the amazing opportunity to sing in the MTC choir and to sing in our sacrament meeting a lot!!  So that is so incredible!  I have LOVED that  great spirit that comes when we sing our praises to the lord!

I love you family!!!!


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