Friday, November 8, 2013

Doctor Drama

Well needless to say this was quite the eventful week.  To stop you from totally worrying about the whole random doctor’s call, I’ll let you know what is going on.  So a few days ago I got a really bad sore throat right??  No big deal; I’m around people 24/7 and I just thought I was getting a cold.  Well every day it kept getting worse and worse and I never got a runny nose or anything else really.  Well on Wednesday night I didn't sleep because I really couldn't breathe and I couldn't eat because it hurt so badly.  So my companion made me promise if it wasn't better in the morning we would go to the clinic thing.  So I woke up in the morning, well kind of because I never really went to sleep, and I couldn't breathe at all and I couldn't swallow... problem right??  haha  So we went to the doc on main campus to see what he thought (thinking some Benadryl and some rest probably.)  He ran some tests on me and looked in my throat and poked and all that jazz, and found out I had a really bad case of tonsillitis, and he thought maybe an abscess or something like that.  But it wasn't strep throat so that's good, but he was worried so he made me go to another doctor in Provo at some hospital (I don't even remember which one...) haha  Anyway so me and Hermana Geddes sat in the waiting room for forever and finally met with the doctor who ran more tests on me and told me it wasn't an abscess so I don't need surgery so that's great!!!  He prescribed me some medication to help with pain, so I can eat again and breathe a little bit ;) The medication though is really strong, so it makes me a bit loopy but what do ya do right??  haha and some antibiotics.  Needless to say I am taken care of!  Just a little who knows what, but I’m trying to just relax and rest a little, which is REALLY hard for me to not be able to study and use every single second.  But it's good for me.

Also, it was crazy to hear your voice mom, haha can you believe I was right there when she was talking to you??  Crazy!!  But really exciting too :) I LOVE YOU!  and I am getting better every day, so don't worry about this missionary, just keep me in your prayers. 

Let me tell you about the rest of my week!  It was great.  On Sunday the branch president changed around our companionships to give all the sisters a chance to have the companionship of 3.  So as for right now it is just me and Hermana Geddes!  This has been fun; she is a hoot, and we have been able to focus a little bit more with just the 2 of us.  On Monday we taught one of our progressive investigators named Alberto. I cannot explain to you the spirit that was with us.  We were led to know what to say, we knew the Spanish, we were confident, and he actually made some crazy commitments!  I love teaching the gospel, it is so true!  Even though preparing lessons is really hard, it is worth it to see how it can change lives!

Oh also something else that is super exciting is that I got to go to Salt Lake on Wednesday to get my visa at the Mexico Consulate!   We took front runner all the way past Amanda’s lovely house!  (I waved) and then took tracks once we got to Salt Lake. It was such an adventure, and it was way fun to get with the other elder and sisters that are going to Ciudad Juarez tambien!  We met a lot of really neat people and talked to EVERYONE about the church!  It was so great :)  I love talking to people and being out of the MTC hahaha!  I did get my visa and all is set to go to Mexico in 18 days I believe!  I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited :)  It is crazy to think there are people in Mexico just waiting to hear the message I have to give them!  I am so blessed to have that in my life.

Also just on a side note, L. Tom Perry is coming to speak to the MTC on Tuesday night for the devotional!  We are all SOOOO excited!  The best part about the MTC I think are the inspired and incredible devotionals and conference that we get to be a part of every week.

              How was the doctor visit and what did he tell you?

Told you ;)

                What can we send in another package for you that you have been really wanting (because Jake is stopping by to take a box back to Provo and we can’t send him empty handed….)

 I would love some healthy food!  That sounds silly, but I eat way too much junk and sit around all day, something like apples or fruit snacks (hahaha) would be great! Oh and maybe like tape and scissors too! I have to borrow Herm Geddes all the time!  And PICTURES!!!!!!!!

                Are you starting to understand Spanish better now? How do you practice/learn? 

Spanish is really hard!  But I am doing really well I think; it definitely causes me a little stress (but what doesn't??) haha  We have THE BEST teachers who are so inspired and helpful and patient!  So Spanish is coming; I mean I teach at least one lesson every day in complete Spanish, so it's better than 3 weeks ago ;)  But I hear I’ll have to learn the language again when I get to Mexico, but I am working hard, and the gift of tongues is REAL!

                Have you met any other Sisters or Brothers that are going to you mission too?

Yes there are about 10 of us going to Ciudad Juarez on the same day!  They are so fun and I can't wait to be out in the mission field with them; they are special souls!  Every time we see each other around campus we always raise our hands and say “JUAREZ”!  So it's fun!

                Have you seen any other Brigham people while in the MTC?

I have seen SOOOO many Brighamites here in Provo!  Actually one of the Elders in our zone I went to school with, his name is JT Lund!  Haha  It's nice to see a familiar face once in a while.  Oh and here's a list of everyone else I can remember that I have seen!  Tyler Bate, Kealton Heil, Alex Patterson, Andy Bennett, Braden Lunt, Garrett Jennings, Cody Paine, and I know there are more.... I just can't remember! haha 

That's cool that Zach Andersen is headed here so soon!  Where is he going again?  I’ll have to keep an eye open for him here in the big MTC!

Oh another random fact - I got made the sister training zone leader this week!  It is such a blessing to be able to serve the incredible sisters in our big zone of 6 districts.  Each one of them have a special spirit and I love them so much!  I HAVE THE BEST ZONE EVER!!!!  We sing every night together, and everyone is so helpful and happy!

Thank you thank you thank you for the wonderful package that arrived at the most perfect teimpo yesterday.  You were guided to go to Provo, because I desperately NEEDED that package!  So thank you for listening to the spirit and helping this Hermana out.  I love you so very much, and I could not ask for a better family and support system!  You mean everything to me, and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think and pray about you! 

The church is so true, and Our Savior LIVES!!!!  Keep your head up - He knows what you are going through!  Remember to pray and to get up from your knees and act!!!

I love you forever!

Love, Hermana Sutton


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