Friday, November 15, 2013


Hmmm - I have no idea where to start or how to tell you everything that has happened in this crazy quick week!  I am so happy to be on a mission.  I KNOW without a doubt I am supposed to be here, serving the Lord and helping those around me!  I am so incredibly blessed, though, to have the BEST support system and love from everywhere!

Okay, I HAVE MONO.  Can I just leave it at that??  haha  Okay fine, but something that makes me laugh a little bit is that you found out about my blood work before I even knew I had mono.  They forgot to tell me or something, who knows. But when I went to my doctors apt on Tuesday they said, "Here’s some medication to help you feel better from your mono." and I was like...  HOLD ON A SEC!  hahaha  They got a kick out of the fact that I had no idea.  But yes, I have mono and it is a miracle that I am still able to wake up every morning.  The doctor said they are so surprised that I am even still going because most people who have mono AND tonsillitis are in bed for weeks and sometimes even months.  I know that help from heaven is the only way I am still functioning.  But this has been a MUCH MUCH better week than last.  I have been able to live with one nap a day during gym time :(  but it helps a lot.   They told me I can't do any physical activity for 6 weeks... hahaha  Funny!  But I will try, and try not to get too fat ;)   I am on antibiotics, and they gave me pain medication but it is really really strong so I have just been taking ibuprofen a lot!  That way I can still stay sane and pay attention.  But thank you for the prayers; I can feel them.   I know without a doubt that everything happens for a reason, and every day here at the MTC is a miracle for me.  I am studying hard and doing the best I can do, and that is enough to the Lord :)

Hmmmmmm what next – OH, on Tuesday we had the amazing opportunity to sing for and to hear Elder Perry speak!!!!  It was incredible, and even though I couldn't sing too well it was amazing the spirit that was in the room and the power that a servant of the Lord holds.  His words were inspired and it was so cool to see the focus of the missionaries on one single man. He is such an example to all of us and his energy is contagious!!!!  He spoke a lot about being unified with your companion and trying to be the best you can be.  I enjoyed his talk so much and I can testify to you that he is an apostle of the Lord and he speaks what the Lord would speak if he were here!!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the amazing packages and the dear elders this week.  I can honestly say that you are known all over my zone for having the most unique and amazing packages!  I really don't know what I would do without the support that you give me.  I even received a sweet package from Valynn (from smiths) what a sweet heart!!!!!  At the end of every day I just go to bed thanking to Lord for everything I have, because I think I win the most blessed sister award!!!  OH and I LOVE our family picture!  Shelby did so well and can I just say we are a pretty sharp looking family!!!! 

Just so you know a little bit more about MTC, they have the most amazing and inspired teachers who give up so much to help us and to listen to our concerns and help us with our Spanish that we think is right ;)  haha  I am so blessed to have Hermano Staude and Lebron there to help us every day and to put up with 5 crazy sister missionaries!!! 

My companion and I are getting along, we are so different and she has a really hard time having confidence with Spanish, but together we are growing together and trying to enjoy every moment!  She is an amazing daughter of God and I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to be with Hermana Geddes.  I love her so much (even if almost every night she has to sleep on the couch because this Hermana snores like her dad ;)  haha   We are having fun and doing well!

Oh I also wanted to mention that I got my travel plans today!!!!!!!!!  Wooohoooo..  Mexico is coming so fast, and I cannot believe that my MTC experience is coming to an end; it FLEW!!!!  But something a little surprising is that my plane leaves at 12:45 am on the 25th so I actually leave the MTC at 9:00 on the 24!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I could not be more excited to be going to actually be teaching and helping real people and bringing them unto Christ!  OH back to my plans - I fly to Georgia and arrive there at 6:08am and then have a layover until 9:47am; then I fly to Mexico City and get there at 12:25pm then leave at 3:54pm to Ciudad Juarez!!!!!!  So a really long day and I couldn't be more excited for it!!!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):)  Let me know how the calling thing is going to work!!!  Hopefully mom and dad will be in the same place and then I maybe could call Amanda Derek and Eric. I just am SOOOOOOOOO excited!

Yo se que la iglesia es verdadera. Me Salvador vive y Dios es amaroso muy! I KNOW THAT MY REDEEMER LIVES!!!! He lifts me every day and gives me more strength than i have ever felt!!!!

OH - QUESTIONS........ Sorry this is long!

                Did you end up getting the box with the music in it (from Tami)?  It also had pickles & chips w/ salsa so I was a little nervous sending them together. 

 I LOVE THE MUSIC SOOOO MUCH!!  Tell Tami thanks a million and a half!  The pickles and the chips and salsa were in perfecto condition!!!!

                Have you received the oranges?  Jake mailed it on Monday from the UPS store in Provo…  Does same day really mean same day?

 I got the package on Wednesday, so not exactly one day delievery pero.  It was perfect!  I have the best food stash by the way!!!!

                What kind of food do they cook out of the food trailer?  Anything good?  Do you have a place to eat it also (ie. a sit down cafeteria, etc.)

We eat really well; the food is good and nothing too special but I like it!  (Especially now that I can eat solid foods!!!!!!)

TE AMO!!!!!!!!!!! I have the best family!!!!!!!!

Love, Hermana Sutton

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