Monday, October 27, 2014

Megan's 10 Random Missionary "Fun Facts"

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WHAT A HUGE STEP WE HAVE TAKEN AS A FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WE NOW HAVE GRASS.....  NO MORE WEIRD LOOKS FROM PEOPLE DRIVING BY THINKING... WHAT A STRANGE FAMILY!!!!!!! ;) hahahahahahahahahaha  But sounds fun and those pictures of Beckham are so dang cute!  He is growing and he better be able to recognize his favorite aunt!!!!!!!!!!! :)

 As for us & our week, we are doing great!!!  Studying lots, eating more or less healthy, and serving the Lord!!!!!!!  WHAT IS BETTER????  I had been thinking about some things that maybe I haven’t told you about my misión life....  (I feel like I tell you a lot, but I bet you guys (mom) wants to hear a little bit more....) so here is a list of a 10 random things about my misión!!

1-MY EYES HAVE CHANGED COLORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is the weirdest thing; you know how before they were like a weird brown/green combination??  Well yeah, that is the past and the light green is in.

2-I always hold the bible in my hand!  Usually the right one, but sometimes I switch.  I think I am weak, so my back gets sore when it is in my bag!

3-MY LEG HAIR HAS STOPPED GROWING!  I think I am a pretty good trainer... it is this thing, when you don’t shave for so long... they don’t grow back!!! (now don’t think I am crazy mom.... I think it is genius!!!!)

4-I only eat natural yogurt!  Before I thought it tasted like cardboard, but now I have found my love! :)

5-We find ourselves quite often at a little restaurant that sells 2 burritos and a coke for 25 pesos!!!!!  OH YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!

6-We talk to a lot of people in the Street... last week we found a gay hairdresser... he may or may not be trimming my hair today!!!


8-My name for EVERYONE is SOOOOOOOOTON!!!!  Thank you president, the first day we got here! SOOOOOOOOOOOTON!!!!!!!

9-Every Wednesday we have a “cooking party” with an hermana from our Ward and some of our investigators!!!  It has been working great....  Now everyone that goes to the thing is working for a baptismal date!!!!!!!

10-I AM FAT.

Now your questions.....

…. 1 ….  Did you get you boxes from  Jennifer & Grandma Reva for your birthday? 

YES, I GOT THE BOXES AND THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I APPRECIATE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The Halloween bags she sent us work perfect for our groceries!!!  And Jennifer knew exactly that I needed a Little taste of BOX ELDER!!!!!!!!!  Also, I got a letter from Holly!!!  Thanks for everything!!!!

…. 2 ….  I was thinking about sending a cute, red, felt-like jacket I bought to your mission president’s wife for Christmas?  

I think that would be sweet of you mom!!!!  She and I are really tight!!!  She is a sweetheart, and I think she would really appreciate that!!!!

…. 3 ….  Have you sung in church lately and/or do you have a job in the ward?

Yeah we sing every once and a while!!!  OHHHHHHH and yesterday was the primary program!!!!  AND I PLAYED THE PIANO AND HERMANA ELLSWORTH THE FLUTE!!!!!!!!!  IT WENT SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)  As for a job.... just piano for everything!!!!!!  I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!  (thanks for the piano mom!!!!!!!!! sorry for never wanting it...... ;)

…. 4 ….  Amanda & I noticed in some of your pictures you wore a “rust” colored dress in some and a “rust” top only or a “rust” bottom only in others….did you do a little sewing and separate a dress and make into 2 separates?  (We were somewhat impressed if you did.)

OHHHHHHHHHHHH - AREN’T I JUST THE SNEEKY LITTLE MISSIONARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I didn’t cut the dress, but I have a sweet story about how I found that dress.....  One day I will tell you!!!  But I just use it separately to add a Little spunk to my wardrobe!!!!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA-clever mom and Amanda...... ;)

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!  I AM DOING GREAT!!!!!!!!!!  AND LOVING BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I KNOW THIS IS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Sutton


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