Monday, October 6, 2014

Happy Happy Birthday to Megan..... ;)

WOW WHAT A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  First of all I am glad you are enjoying my birthday and that you ate breadsticks and pasta........  (Sad day for Hermana Sutton!!!!!!  Hahahaa)  So far it has been a great birthday!!!!!!!  My companion made me breakfast and we went and bought groceries and I got a little bit of chocolate to celebrate!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaa   So far so good ;)  The only thing I am missing is a little bit of Dr. Pepper, but we will see what we can do about that!!!!!!!  But this week was a great one too!!!!!!!!  It was full of a lot of changes but you know all is well here in beautiful Juarez!!!!!! hahahaha  Let me explain!!

WE HAD CHANGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My new companion is from Plain City (even closer to our house then Hermana Anderton).  Her name is Hermana Bunderson (ya - I know like the best elementary school that ever existed!!!!!!!!!)  She is super fun and super relax; we get along pretty great!!!!!!!  Actually if you want to know how she is, she is like the twin of Rachael Bierer...  Like EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!  The way she talks - the way she acts - it’s just like Rachael!!!!!!  She is pretty great!!!!!!!!  BUT A LITTLE SURPRISE WITH THE CHANGES!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha  Just a little switch swatch!!!!!  BUT WE ARE LOVING BEING TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But this week was full of a lot of miracles and blessings!!!!!!!!!  First of all the sister that we live next to, has been preparing to go to the temple for a long time and she finally got all her interviews done and she went this Friday!!!!!!!  I was so excited but even more excited and honored when she asked me to be her escort in the temple!  WHAT A BLESSING!!!!!!!  So on Friday we headed off to the temple and it was an experience incredible and she absolutely loved everything!!!!!!!!!!!  It just amazes me every time I go to the temple how powerful the spirit is there!  There are no restraints for it, the filthiness of the world can’t come in!!!!!!!!!  And wow, how blessed we are to have temples here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

….. 1….   Where did you watch conference?  (in Spanish or English – or – what kind of a question is that – hahaha)

General Conference was amazing wasn’t it????????????  WE JUST SAT IN AWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We didn’t want it to ever end!!!!  I watched it in Spanish, and my companion and Hermana Ellsworth (she is in our área) watched it on a laptop in English!!!!!! hahaha  But it was great!  I missed a little bit hearing the voices of the people!  But I loved it in Spanish!!!!!!  How was your experience with Eduardo Gavarret?????  DID YOU UNDERSTAND????? hahahahahahaha  But the whole two days were amazing!!!!!!!!  I know without a doubt in my heart that those men and women are called of God and that the Lord truly shows his love for us because he has called these amazing leaders!!!!!!!!  I loved so many of the talks; I couldn’t begin to explain!!!!!!!  But just remember conference doesn’t stop then, we have to study and share everything that we have learned so that these messages really change us!!!!!!!!!!!!

…. 2 …. How many elders are in your mission?  (I have a plan for a gift for you to give them a s well…..  I’m thinking I can get donations of ties from the ward and other friends and family members.  Your brother and Eric thought they would like that…..  Oh, I found your Hermana’s gifts on e-bay for a good price and they were shipped and delivered here last week – you’re going to die because they are really cute!!!!)

YOU ARE AMAZING MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!  But there are a billion elders.....  I think in total of the whole misión we are almost 200 missionaries....  A LOT HUH!!!!!!!!!!!  Do what you can, but no matter what I still will love you!  You don’t have to go in to debt to show me your love!!!!!!! ;) hahahahaha  Unless you won the lottery, in that case - keep it coming!!!!!!

Hmmmmmmm  I think I should tell you guys another story.... but that will just have to wait until I get home! hahaha  I don’t have enough time, because all of a sudden I turn 20 and all of my long lost friends remember me!  I have to reply to them so that they will stay my friends ;) hahaha  I’m just kidding!

But I am learning so much!  Can you see a change in me??  I know it is only through words, but I really think that I am becoming a better daughter of God; I think you guys would be proud of me!  And I am doing my very best so that we can be together as a family FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!  I know that the Lord always keeps his promises!!  Keep doing what you know you should do, and you will be surprised by all the WONDERFUL BLESSINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Sutton (the 20 year old)

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