Monday, October 20, 2014

If You Want to be HAPPY - Serve Others!!!

ONE MORE WEEK IN HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I couldn't have asked for a greater week; I sometimes feel like the Lord is blessing me with more miracles than I can handle!  I AM SO GRATEFUL to be here on my misión and just to be enjoying it.  I see so many missionaries that just miss all of the amazing things because they are getting caught up in “THEIR” amazing experience & they forget that when we focus on others, that is when we see the miracles in our lives!!  And that is what I have been trying to do, and I know that it is working!  IF YOU WANT TO BE HAPPY.... SERVE OTHERS!!!!  It doesn't matter who it is, just go out and be like JESUS!  hahaha

The greatest miracle that we had this week was with the family Patlan, and I think that I mentioned a little about them last week.  This family is probably the most amazing, (or one of the most amazing, cuz I have met so many great families here) I have met in my misión!!!!  Hermano Patlan is the secretary of the Ward; he is so great and is like the behind the scenes miracle man!  He is always searching for ways to help us, and he also makes the most amazing FRUIT WATER I have ever tasted!!!  He even makes papaya taste good, and that is hard.... hahahaha  Hermana Patlan is the sweetest, most humblest person I have ever met; she grew up being the "mother" of all her siblings and never got to go to school or really work.  She is a little quiet, but the crazy thing is the more she learns about the góspel the more willing she is to talk and to participate at church and just to everyone and share the gospel!!!  OHHHHHHH and JUANITA!!!!!  My heart will always have a special place for Juanita.  She is 20 years old and the sweetest angel I have ever met!!!  She has autism, but LOVES LOVES LOVES music, and dancing (especially to “Mama Mia” when I sing!!!!)  She and I have a special bond, and we really have since day one!!!  To be honest I think that is why we gained the trust of her mom so quickly!!!  Juanita really is a light in my life!!!  She is my little angel sent from heaven to remind me of the amazing things of this life!!!!!!  But the Hermana Elena and Juanita got baptized this last Saturday!!!  They both were SOOOO excited words just can't explain it!!!  (I’ll send some pictures so you can see them!!!!)  I told them I would be back here in 1 year to see their sealing.... we'll see how those plans work out!!!! ;)  hahahahaha

But really this family has worked so hard to be where they are at right now!!  The whole family has grown so much, and they have so much hope for the future now!!!  When I talked to the hermano after, he said “nothing has felt this amazing in my whole life!!!!”  (I think that is kind of how we felt when dad got baptized!  The happiest day of my whole life!)  I told him one more year and you will see a day even happier!!!!

This is TRUE HAPPINESS!!!!  Nothing beats the true and amazing power of the atonement that changes lives!!!  NOTHING!!!!!!!  There is no way I can deny that this is all true; I know it!!  I feel it!!  And I am living it!!  And I truly have been changed by it!!  Jesús lives!  He has prepared a way for us!!  WE JUST HAVE TO FOLLOW IT!!!!!!!  IT IS SO WORTH EVERY SACRIFICE!!!!!!

I love you all!!  It is so good to hear that everyone is doing great!!  Remember to stay busy!!  But not too busy then you will turn into a missionary!!! (hahahahaha ;)  wouldn't that be great!!!!)  But remember to keep your goals high and do what you know you should do!!!

Hermana Sutton!!!
the Mexican  :)

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