Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New Investigators... YEAH!!!!!

I AM MEXICAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  hahahahahahaha  (one day.....)

This week was awesome; we had a lot of miracles!  And we are starting to see all of our work paying off!  We found 10 new investigators this week, and every single experience was amazing!  The Lord really is putting us where we need to be!  

On Monday night we were walking down a little street and there was a little boy that was with his mom trying to learn how to walk....  And well, you guys had just sent me a video of Beckham walking for the first time... so I had to run over to them and show them a picture of my cute baby!!!  It was perfect!  We won their trust in a heartbeat!!!  (THANK YOU BECKHAM!!!!!!!!!!)  

There is a family of a mom and her three daughters like (14, 18, 20 years old).  It is like a party house; they are so hilarious and so fun to be around!  The mom had actually listened to the missionaries a few years ago but they told her they were there to make her feel something different... and well it wasn`t her time and didn´t feel anything with them!  But the first time we went to her house, I started the lesson out with a song, and she almost started crying!  She said, “Well NOW I am feeling something different!!!”  IT WAS A MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The Lord is preparing people alike like crazy... and maybe if their timing wasn´t a few years ago... it is now!!!!!  We have another lesson with them tonight, and I might just have to sing another hymn! (hahahaha)  Keep them in your prayers!!!!

We also put our first baptismal date, for an hermano!  His wife is a member but he isn`t but he wants to be!  HE IS COMPLETELY CRAZY!!!!!  But they are a sweet family that just moved into our ward!  We are so excited!!!  But dad, I need advice... what was the thing that HIT YOU!!!!!!!!!  We have about 8 families in our ward that the dad isn`t a member... But we are struggling to figure out how to help them!!!  GIVE US SOME ADVICE OLD MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

1.       Did you get new shoes yet. If not WHY?
I haven’t gotten new shoes... But I promise I am good!!!  Don´t worry!!! hahahahaha  I do have a pretty sweet tan line on my feet though!!!!  I look ridiculous with all my tan and whiteness!!! hahahaha

2.       Do you ever get to drive a car?
NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And thank goodness; the people drive crazy here!!! hahahahaha ;)

3.       Where do you get the bread for sacrament?
They just buy it!  Or a man in our ward that has a bread store makes it :)

4.       Eaten anything really hot lately?
HMMMMMMMMM HOTT???????? NO...... but I learned how to make Chile Colorado the other day with an hermana!!!  We made enchiladas (not like what you are thinking... MEXICAN STYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) but they were super good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am loving being here in the mission!  I am loving forgetting myself and putting others before me!  I am loving talking to new people and sharing the experience that we have had as a family!  Ustedes son LOS MEROS MEROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Sutton! (I think I am losing weight with all this heat!) hahahahahaha 

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