Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy 4th of July

Wow - sounds like you all are pretty patriotic now a days!!!  hahaha  I can`t lie.... the party here wasn`t as great!!  But just wait for the 15 of September!!!  ALL OF MEXICO IS A PARTY!!!!!!!!!  hahahaha  But we did our best to celebrate it; I just happened to be in Juarez for a meeting and we found some decorations and took pictures!  It was really fun, nothing like the cook offs and car show!  But will pay it back next year okay?? ;)  BUT HAPPY FOURTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And Happy Birthday JENNIFER!!!

So like I said I went to Juarez this week for the annual training meeting!  (They are always amazing.)  PRESIDENT DERBEZ IS PRETTY MUCH MY HERO!!!!!!  HE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!  I learned a ton and we had a lot of fun sleeping in the super nice hotel and well, enjoying the queen sized beds!!!!!!!!!!!!  HEAVEN!  While I was in Juarez I got the package from MOM!!!!!!  And I loved it :)  Thank you so much!  Let me just tell you how in tune with the spirit you are....  On Friday we missed our bus (or better said - there weren`t any tickets to come back from Juarez) so we had to stay another night in Juarez...  BUT I DIDN’T HAVE CLOTHES!!!!!!!!!!  But don`t worry MOMMA SUTTON always knows, and there just happened to be a lovely skirt and shirt waiting for me in the package!!!  THANK YOU & THANK YOU Grandma Reva!!!!!!!!! hahahaha  Even from Utah you are taking care of your little girl!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha

We had a really great week with our investigators!!!  We are going to have a baptism this next weekend for a little boy!!!  And then hopefully the other weekend for Angel!!  (I sent names to dad last week of investigators)  We are seeing miracles and enjoying being here and working hard!  Really I receive a witness everyday that this is the work of the Lord and we are just here to help!  We have to work in His way and we have the promise that everything will work out :)  I have seen that!!!  There is a scripture in D&C  97:8  That talks about the sacrifices we make!!  IT IS WORTH IT!!!!!!  As a member of the church we have the duty to sacrifice everything we have to the LORD!!  Not just missionaries!  BUT EVERYONE!!!!!!!!  We must show our love for Him by our sacrifices!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, it RAINED YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ACTUALLY GOT A LITTLE COLD AT NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! CRAZY - HUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????? But we are so grateful for a little moisture; we sure need it in this desert!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha 

Also, I wish I had time to tell you about one of the less active families that we are teaching... but let me just say....  They completely changed their lives with the BOOK OF MORMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It has power and it has changed everything for them!!!!!  If you are having problems, READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Sutton

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