Monday, July 28, 2014

"I have been waiting for you guys to come!!!!"

WHAT???!!!!! hahahaha  How are my amazing family and friends this week??  Sounds like things are moving right along and everyone is happy and healthy! haha  Good to hear that the boys had fun at scout camp and that everyone is back home so that mom isn`t so lonely! ;) haha

This week was another one great for me!  Sorry I don’t have anything different to tell you, but really I’m super happy and working hard as ever so that you guys get the blessings ;) haha  No, but really I know I should be here in the mission, and even though it is super hard and I am completely exhausted I am happy and every morning I get up with a new energy and dedication!

So this week was a little bit different...  WE HAD A TON OF RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Crazy, right??  But thank goodness that we are getting a little bit of moisture or I think that we would all die... including the lizards in the streets! hahahaha  I will for sure send you some pictures of the rain; it was crazy and super fun to run through the puddles and get soaked completely!!!  A new experience for us here in the desert!  We are happy and still healthy! (even though it got pretty cold)

1.       What is the name of the street you live on?
We live on the street 6 de Marzo and Callejon Ochoa!  You should look for it on Google earth!  You can see exactly where I am at!  And also the house of our neighbor that was awake all night having a party with Karaoke! hahaha  Our neighborhood is really calm...  Well all of Casas Grandes is calm!  But we are happy where we are at, minus the cold water... but we have a basketball hoop!!!!!  So all is well :)

2.       Did you drink all your Dr. Pepper yet?
I have drunk all but one!!!!!!! (don`t tell anyone) hahahaha  I justify sinning just a little bit for my DP!  I think our Father in Heaven will understand ;)  Do you?? hahaha 

3.       Did you like Barbara’s caramels?            
WE LOVED THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WE SHARED THEM WITH EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  AND EVERYONE WANTED THE RECIPE!!!!!!!!!!!  I told them it was a secret, and if they would sacrifice their first born child they could have the recipe.... hahahahaha  But make sure she knows how grateful we are and how happy our stomachs are!!! hahaha

4.       How are the investigators coming along?
The investigators are great and are progressing!!!!!!!!!  Oh my goodness!  Silvia (remember her?)  Well she is about the strongest person I have met!  Ever since we set her date to be baptized she has been bombarded with EVERYTHING!  Her kids got sick & she can barely walk because she has an infection in her leg or something...  She has to work every single day from 9 in the morning until 10 walking in the streets... her parents aren`t supporting her and well, about any other thing that you can think of.....  BUT SHE DOESN’T DOUBT OR LOSE FAITH ONE LITTLE BIT!!!!!!!!!!!!  That is what you call true conversion!  And she couldn’t be more excited about her baptism and she is reading like crazy and just soaking everything up!!!!!!  She really is an example to me! :) 

Other than her we had a great week in finding a few new investigators........

We knocked on the door of one Hermano this week... and the first thing he said to us was....  “I have been waiting for you guys to come!!!!!

Another young couple was standing outside and we started talking to them and they want more than anything to be sealed in the temple!  We have an appointment with them tonight!  And we have high hopes that they are going to progress!!!  (they are only 20 and 21) hahaha  It`s like teaching my friends!!!

And Angel...  well, is crazy as ever, but he also is preparing for his baptism!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a good week!  And what is better than anything else is that my testimony and my conversion are growing so much and I am learning MUCHISMAS COSAS!!!!!!!  I know that this work is inspired by the Lord; He knows His sheep!  We just have to learn to recognize the voice of our Shepherd!!!!!!!!!!  I know that He lives and that He is the Christ!  He sacrificed everything for us, so that we can return!  And this is the message of Joy we all have!!!  SHARE IT PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

Hermana Sutton

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