Tuesday, June 17, 2014

World Cup Mania in Mexico!

THIS WEEK WAS ANOTHER GOOD ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (weird, I keep enjoying this mission stuff) hahahahaha :)  I really am loving being a missionary!  The only thing that scares me is that it is almost half way over!  AHHHHHHH!!!!  Today is actually my 8 month mark.  Can you believe that??  Who knows if it is going fast for you.... but for me - sì!!!!   But I am as happy as can be, and doing my best to find the ELECT of the Lord! 

WORLD CUP!!!!!!!!!  Everyone is going crazy for the world cup here!  We just ^happened^ to go into a couple houses of soccer fans the other day when Mexico was playing!!  HAHAHAHA  But it is a great conversation started!!  I am getting really good at making the link of soccer to our Heavenly Father!!  (What a talented sister I am) hahaha  But I love SOCCER!!!!!!!!!!!  I MISS PLAYING IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!  I never thought I would say that I miss early morning practice every single day of summer, or better yet - practice for 3 hours in the blazing sun!!!  You never know how much you love something until you don`t have it.... :(  hahahaha

1.  What is your typical Sunday like?

HMMMMMM our Sundays are like this...  We wake up earlier than usual we have ward council at 8 at the church!  Then we have church at 9 and then at 12 we leave and work and teach and baptize! ;)  It really is a normal day for contacting and teaching, other than there usually isn`t too many people in their houses!  But I LOVE SUNDAYS!!!!!!!!!  I have learned to love the santa cena unlike anything else!!!!!

2.  Do you play the piano anymore?

Yeah, I still play the piano!  There is someone else that knows how also, so they play for sacrament and primary.  But I usually still play for relief society!  And usually for all the baptisms in our zone because I am the only missionary that knows how!  But I love playing!  I`m not pro, but I am getting real good at hymns!!!

3.  Did you ever get some new shoes?

Nah - but I am okay!  I am wearing different shoes every other day and that has been helping a ton!!!  So no worries; my feet feel good!

4.  Do you miss your loving parents that would do anything for their sweet daughter?

OF COURSE I MISS YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It`s like I said earlier... you don`t realize how much you love something or someone until they get taken away from you!!!  hahahahahaha  Thank heavens I get you two for eternity!!!!! :)

5.  The Bishop asked me if I would talk about you again in 6 months. I hope he was just kidding but we'll seeing 6 months.

Dad, I think that is a sign that you are a great talker!!!  Take it as a complement!!!!!!!  hahahahaha :):):)

6.  I had a great Father's Day but wished you were here to share it with me.  

I WISH I COULD HAVE TALKED TO YOU LIKE I GOT TO FOR MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOVE YOU, POPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I hope you ate something really good for your favorite daughter!!!!

So this week went something like this.....  Let`s make a list of highlights!!!!
   <Intercambios con las hermanas en Huertas!!!!! (it`s like Utah there)  The houses are huge!!!!
   <World Cup everywhere!  GO MEXICO! 
   <The Stake President’s daughter came and visited with us one day this week!  (She is American and such a sweet heart she is going to California in a couple of weeks.)  After we visited with her in the morning, we went to their house and Shelley Jones made us lunch!  (AMERICAN LUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and speaking English!!!!!!!  It was WEIRD!!!!!  But so good!!  The family Jones is great!!! 
   <We found a new investigator that has a lot of potential!!!  It was a crazy story but he was arguing with my companion the other day in a little store about not saying her name... and finds out that he is interested in learning more about the church!!!  WE ARE EXCITED!!!!!!!
   < I am loving the Book of Mormon more than ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   <And I look more and more like a Mexican everyday!!!  (THE SUN IS KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!)  But hey, what can we do!!!!  HAHAHAHAHA

LOVE YOU FAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hermana Sutton

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