Monday, June 23, 2014

Renaldo - My Future Husband - hahaha

Can you believe that Mexico TIED!!!!!!!!!!!  GROSS RIGHT!!!!!!  It is just like “KISSING YOUR GRANDMA”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (sorry grandma!!!) hahaha  But we hear it was a great game!! (crazy, attractive Renaldo that had to ruin our dreams!)  Maybe he`ll marry me and then I will forgive him ;)  We play today at 1; I think again Croatia!!!  (and we just happen to be eating with the members at 1 also.......... don`t worry - I am obedient - you don`t have to worry about me!!! ;) haha  BUT GO MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!

This week was a tough but a good one!  We still our working with all our might to find anyone that is willing to keep their commitments and come to church..  But we are learning a lot and getting to know a lot of people in the street (sadly they are all die hard Catholics).  But we can`t receive a testimony until after the trial of our faith!!  SO WE “JUST KEEP SWIMMING”!!!  hahaha

Today are transfers but me and my companion are safe, no worries!!  She is still in her training, so I hope we have another six weeks together!!  Perfect amount of time to find someone for baptisms!!!!! :)

Hermana Estrada is from Guatemala Guatemala, just like Hermana Jacobo!! (2 Guatemaltecas!!!!)  They lived like 40 minutes away from each other but never knew each other!  She lives in the city so it is WAY different than Casas Grandes!!! hahaha  She told me she pretty much lived on the bus to go to one place and another, and worked a lot!  She graduated from high school awhile ago, and then just worked to save up for her mission and help her family out!  She has 3 siblings and she is second to youngest!  Her little bro is in the mission in Costa Rica.  She is really quiet.... or maybe I am just really loud!!  I have learned a lot from her, especially listening and being patient!  I always like to be going going going (surprise!!!!!)  She is really awesome though! 

My new calling in the ward????  Hahahaha  I still play the piano!!  But only for relief society!!!  I also play the role of greeter, and sometimes teacher if someone doesn`t show up! hahaha  And well, I do anything else they need!!! :)

Something awesome that happened this week was that we went to the ward party and there was a MARIACHI!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):):):):)  IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They had their legit outfits and sang like their life depended on it!!! HAHAHAHA  IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!   Do you know what the best part was??  That one of our investigators came!!!!!!! :):):)  He had a great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I’ll send pics) haha

But that was our week!!!  We are happy and healthy and preaching like our life depends on it!!! :):):)  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!  

I can`t believe Beckham is walking!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you had an incredible week! And remember to say your prayers!!!! :) THEY WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Sutton

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