Monday, June 2, 2014

"Chile de Arbol" - HOT Chiles

IT IS SO HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha  I have never felt the heat like this in my whole life; everyone keeps telling us that this isn´t even the worse... but I don´t even want to think about that yet!!!  AHHHHHH  I found that it is a lot better to sleep on the ground - it is a lot cooler ;) ha but we are happy and healthy and working our butts off (haha BEHINDS for you, mom)  I wish I could explain to you all of the incredible things that happened this week!  Can I just send you my journal!!! (There isn´t enough time to write it all) but THE CARBALLO FAMILY GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was the greatest of greatest days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I WILL SEND PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But to be honest this week was one of the greatest of the mission.  We saw so many miracles and I feel like our area is progressing, and well we are just HAPPY!  What more can you ask for right??  haha

Before I forget HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE!!!!  (I have been terrible in remembering birthdays... forgive me)
But happy birthday first off to my little boy!  I can´t believe it has been a whole year since he was born and I had to wear a silly mask in the hospital!  haha - worth it.  Give him a big huge hug and kiss from his favorite aunt!  ALSO, happy late birthday to Holly on the 15 :( sorry sorry and Scott and Jeff!!!!  I AM TERRIBLE, but I love you all :)

Next to the questions... short answers so you can have a story too!  (Dad´s questions) sorry send me the other questions again next week!  I HAVE A STORY THIS WEEK!!!! 

1 - How did your soccer game go?  Do you still know how to play?
We are playing soccer every p-day and I LOVE IT!!!!  I look forward to these 2 hours all week long, even though we play at 3 (the hottest part of the day)  That is the only time we can, and Wow - WORTH IT!!!  I still remember how to play and to be honest all the elders are surprised that I actually know how... oh boys....  ;)

2 - Is Mexico’s World Cup team any good?  Are people excited for the World Cup?
I think that Mexico is pretty good, but to be honest I haven´t heard too much about it.  Maybe that means they aren´t too good ;)  hahaha

3 - More info about your new area / companion.
My area is great and I love it!  We are working with 4 missionaries.  2 other elders both are white - one is from Utah and one is from Washington!  It is a little weird to be working with 4 but I like it :) 

4 - Did you get some new shoes yet? How’s the foot?
We are making it work with what I have no worries!!!  The insoles you sent are really great :)  The foot is good :)

5 - Any new food adventures? Eat anything disgusting lately?
One little experience - yesterday we were at lunch (with the elders and the family we ate with) and well the family asked the elders if they wanted to eat a REALLY REALLY hot chile they had outside.  Of course the elders said yes! (You have to understand that this ¨chile de arbol¨ is super super hot.)  The elders ate it and cried their mouths burning!!!  And then jokingly said, okay Hermana Sutton - your turn.  I couldn't let them beat me right??? SO I ATE IT!!!!!!!!!!  THE WHOLE ENTIRE CHILE IN ONE BITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Worst idea ever....  I was bawling and eating ice cubes for an hour. hahaha but I did it!  OH YA BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we were at lunch yesterday (after the chiles) and talking to the family to see if they had anyone in their minds that they thought we should visit (like an old reference or a friend).  And they told us of one family that the dad is a member but has been inactive since high school and the mom isn´t a member.  So after lunch we went off to their house to see how everything was and to introduce ourselves and get to know them.  At first it was just the mom who was there and we were talking in her living room with her.  She seemed a little interested but she is really active in the Catholic Church, but we just shared with her a little bit about the church and all that jazz.  Well about 15 minutes later her husband walks in the room from his bedroom.  He had this look on his face a little weird, but none-the-less we stared getting to know him too and they both are really great people.  We decided to sing them a hymn and well that is when everything changed.  The spirit was so strong and well I think everyone was touched.  We started asking them how they were feeling; she told us everything she was feeling and how she liked our message.  The dad stopped us and looked us in the eyes (and in suspense) asked, why are you here today??  We both looked at each other and explained about the reference and how we felt we should come visit.  He then stopped again, and told us.  I am very sick, hermanas.  I have cancer.  And there was silence....  He then told us that this past week he had been visited by a lot of missionaries from different religions everyone had a message really great but he was confused on who to listen to.  Just before we got to his house he was in his bedroom thinking about all of this, and was praying to know what the truth was.  AND WE CAME!  He told us this with tears in his eyes, and said I just wanted to know what the truth was.  I asked him if he thought this was his answer, and he said.  How could it not be!  We have an appointment to go back tomorrow.  Keep them in your prayers!

MIRACLES HAPPEN!!!!!  GOD LIVES!!!!!!  HE LOVES US!!!!!!!!  HE ANSWERS OUR PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!  I know that this is His work, and without a doubt He is helping!  I feel so blessed to be a part of these miracles here in the mission!  This is the greatest opportunity I have ever had to be here in MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!

WITH LOVE (all the way from Casas Grandes)

Hermana Sutton 

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