Monday, June 9, 2014

Find the Red "ELECT" Tomatoes

OH MY GOODNESS - 2 WEDDINGS THIS WEEK???????????  WHAT IS GOING ON??????????????  THEY ARE TOO YOUNG!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ;)  But still that blows my mind a little bit!  Make sure everyone knows how excited I am for them!!!!  (Who knows if Kara and Mitzi read my blog or not.)  But FELICIDADES!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to Thomas!!!  Remember me, your cousin.?.?.?  ;)

Sounds like you had a great day at the zoo this week!  I remember going to the zoo when I was little; still the giraffes are the best!!!!!! hahaha  Make sure that you keep that Beckham little!!  Okay, that is our deal okay?? 

Well I don’t have quite the stories and excitement that I had last week, but it still was an incredible week filled with a lot of learning and feeling the spirit!  I had the opportunity to go to Juarez early early early Thursday morning for a training meeting with all the leaders of the mission.  It was really great, and well, let me just testify (number 1,000) how inspired our leaders are in the church!  Especially the Mission President.  He is so great and hilarious!  He and I have a really good relationship and whatever thing he needs I am there and same for me.  I feel like he is my dad.... (well, I don´t give him hugs like you dad ;) hahahaha  But he really is inspired and I feel honored to be here in this mission.  There is a lot of order - which is something I love.  We focus a lot on exactness, which sometimes brings a lot of stress, but wow, my testimony of obedience has grown so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But the meeting on Thursday was great and we stayed the night with some of the hermanas that live close by...... 

Then on Friday morning we had the opportunity to meet Elder Johnson who is the Area President for our area!!!  HE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!! (speaks English of course - you can see that by his name)  But we had a conference for about 5 hours and wow, those 5 hours changed the way I think about everything!  He knew exactly what to say to encourage us but to also help us to improve!  Something he said that stuck out to me is that as missionaries we are here to pick the red tomatoes that are ready to be made into salsa.... not find the green little tiny tomatoes and pray and pray and pray that they are going to grow faster!!!!!  And IT IS SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone has their time, but we shouldn’t be waiting around for those green tomatoes that grow a little slower!  WE NEED TO FIND HIS ELECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And that is what we are going to do better from now on! 

I am so excited to be here in the mission!  It is the hardest thing I have been blessed with in my life!  But wow is it worth every moment!  I really am starting to realize why I am here and how I can use the gifts I have to bless others!  The Lord is my light so why should I fear, right??  Even though I don't know all things, I know that the Lord is there!

You had some questions from last week, but well I couldn’t find them... oh well!!!  Hahahahaaha  I hope you know how much I love each and every one of you and how much our Father in Heaven loves you too!

TENGAN UNA EXCELENTE SEMANA FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Sutton  (the Utahan that is starting to look like a Mexican)
Thank you sun!!!!!!!!!!!

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