Monday, March 24, 2014

Week of Miracles


Let me just testify that the Lord lives and He loves His children and knows exactly what they need and how to help them!  I had the craziest and some of the greatest experiences this week.  I am so grateful that the Lord is always looking out for this crazy sister.

So last week I think I mentioned that one family in our ward had a really old aunt who was really old, and her spirit reminded me a lot of Great Grandma, well on Thursday she passed away...  Yes, you heard that right, Thursday.  Her body gave out just like our sweet and perfect Grandma.  Somehow I knew it was a sign that Grandma had left too.  I knew how weak Grandma was and how much she just – in her words - ¨She just wanted to die" ;)  hahaha  but what an example she was to us in our lives!  I also had the opportunity to sing at her funeral and her viewing and it was something unlike any other.  The spirit was so strong and gave me strength unlike my own.  I knew that for me this was Grandma’s funeral, and I really don`t know why it worked out the way it did - that they both passed away on the same day, but I know the Lord is looking out for me and knows exactly what I need!  He knew how much it meant to me to sing at her funeral and in a way - I did do just that!  Never forget that the Lord has a plan for each and every one of his children and He is ALWAYS there :) 

The truth is this week was one full of many miracles just like the funeral!  I wish I could explain all of them, but words just don`t even start to explain them!  We had the activity for baptisms for the dead in our ward this week, so we got to go to Colonial Juarez!  AND of course it was an incredible experience to be in the temple!  It is the best place in all of the EARTH!  The spirit there is overpowering; there is no way one could feel sad in the temple - I don`t think!  The Lord is there and he has so many blessing that He wants to give us!  If I could explain the temple in one word it is POWER!  We receive so much strength in the temple it is unbelievable :)  Judith (if you remember got baptised in December) went for her first time, and had an incredible experience of doing family names :) The plan of God is perfect and we can see his love for all of his children and all of the opportunities he has for us :)

Also we had another experience BEYOND amazing this week!  There is a Hermana in our ward who is menos activo and who has been sick for over a year.  She has a disease in her bones that doesn`t allow her to walk and gives her a lot of pain.  For this reason she hasn`t been able to come to church, but we went to invite her anyway!  She lives with the grandsons and she wants them to start going to church and learning, but she hasn`t been able to take them.  But we invited her none the less and I felt impressed to promise her that if she had faith and a real desire to come to the church with us, the Lord would help her to feel strong enough to go, because that is where He wants her.  She thought we were crazy but told us that she would see what happens....  When we passed by her house to pick up her grandsons before church she was waiting by the door in her wheel chair with the most beautiful smile ready to go to church :)  I honestly have never seen anyone look that great to go to church in my life!  She was shining!  And The Lord provided her exactly what she needed!  She told us that she hadn`t felt this good in years and now she knows more than ever before that the Lord lives.  I wish I could explain her smile and countenance at church and with the members and everyone!  SHE WAS SHINING WITH THE LIGHT OF CHRIST!

Miracles happen folks!  God is a God of miracles :) 

I love you with all of my heart and soul and you better believe that I pray for you always :)  Never forget the power and love of our Father in Heaven!  He wants us to be happy just like He is and receive everything that He has :)


Hermana Sutton



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