Monday, March 17, 2014

I Ate a Whole Fish!!!

Hello from Mexico!!!!!!   I hope you had a birthday party for me yesterday; I turned 5 MONTHS OLD!!!! (in la mision)  Wow am I ancient!  haha  I really can`t believe that I have been in the mission for 5 months; it has gone by like a dream! (a dream with lots of walking ;) hahaha  but I am truly happy!   So if you were doubting that ever... make sure you know that I am happy and fed and have a place to sleep at night, and most of all have the AMAZING gospel in my life!  The mission really has changed me so much - I am a completely different person than I was 5 months ago...  WOW and thank goodness!   The truth is, the mission helps one to  always improve and allow the Lord to mold you into what He needs of you!   You learn here in the mission that you really don`t matter (hahahaha - harsh!!!)   But we really are just instruments in the Lord’s hands and if we let Him, he will guide us and help us in ALL things!  D & C 90 :24 is awesome!!   READ IT!   It is a promise that if we do all the things the Lord asks and keep Him in our thoughts always... EVERYTHING will work together for our good.   What a promise!!!

Anyways, needless to say this week was soooo fast but really great and I am learning and growing like a mad woman! (or missionary)

What’s Hermana Soto like?  Is she all work and no play?  Is she very athletic?  (I hope she makes you speak in Spanish and you don’t start slacking off – hahaha).

Hermana Soto is awesome!!  She is so not like me but thank goodness that she isn`t (can you imagine 2 crazy hermanas like me???)  Wow - no way!   I think the world would fall apart... ;)  But she is awesome and really is a great missionary and Hermana!   We have a lot of fun no worries, but we work our skirts off (not literally thank goodness) but we make a good companionship!  She is a little athletic!   We have been going running in the morning!!  AND I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never thought I would enjoy running, but the day has come and it is one of my favorite times of the day! 

Have you been able to play any soccer since you’ve been in Mexico?

Sadly not very much... once in a while I will juggle for a few minutes with the little boys that are sometimes in the streets.  But to be honest, it isn`t that huge here :(   People like watching soccer but not very many are out and about playing.....   I MISS IT!!  But today we have an activity with our zone to play soccer or basketball; needless to say, I am SOOOOO excited :):):):):):):):):):)

Do you ever get to take any “field trips” on you p-day to see the area?

Hahahaha -  Sadly there isn`t very much here in Nuevo Casas Grandes to see....   Just desert and desert and desert!  There are some ruins, I think, semi close but to be honest I doubt we will be able to go...!   But we make our own fun here on P-days like searching for crazy new candy in the dulcerias or playing soccer before the reunion de districto! 

I had a really cool experience this week!   So background... there is a family in our ward we are really close to and they have an aunt that is really really old and really really sick and weak - a little bit like our sweet great grandma!   Anyways they asked us to go and visit the family and her because they aren`t members and need a little bit of light in their lives right now...  So we went and it was such a great experience!  I was able to talk to her like she was my best friend!  (This was something that I think would have been weird for most people - I know it was a little for Hermana Soto.)   While she was in her bed and couldn`t move and really weak and skinny, I could see in her eyes who she really was and it was so special to see her smile and know that she is a daughter of God and her spirit is strong even if her body is weak.  I know that I had to work in the nursing homes before my mission for a reason!  There is something special about that age!   They have so much experience; it was great to share with her and learn also! 

I hope that made sense... I really can`t explain how I felt!  I just know that everything that happened before in my life happened for a reason and i know the Lord gave me opportunities so that I could be a more effective missionary now!

I know this church is true!  It is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!  Never forget to do the little things and remember the Savior in everything!  He is why we are here, and He is why we can return to our Father one day :)

I love you so much!!!  THANK YOU FOR BEING THE BEST FAMILY & FRIENDS IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hermana Sutton! 

P.S.   I ATE A WHOLE FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Like fried, with the eye balls and bones and EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was awesome and really good :)  I just hope it was clean!!!! ;)   Of  course it had chile on it…..  EVERYTHING HERE HAS CHILE!  and not like the fake stuff like the really really really really hot stuff!!!!!  And I eat it all and LOVE it :)  I have to have my chile for everything :)  I am a MEXICAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (at heart at least) 


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