Monday, February 17, 2014

Off to Juarez for Training

HOLA HOLA HOLA FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How are things in good old Brigham City??  Warming up??  Because it sure is here!  It was crazy - we came home one day this week and I realized wow, I didn't use my coat all day long!  IT`S A MIRACLE ;) hahaha  I am a fan of the warm weather so all is good!  Happy late valentine’s day last Friday and happy presidents day??  What - I totally forgot that one! 

That`s exciting that more and more mission calls are coming along and that really the work of salvation is increasing every single day.  It truly is such an exciting time to be a live and be a member of the church! 

This week was a crazy one!  Unlike any week we have had in the mission!  On Wednesday night the zone leaders called me and told me that Hermana Jacobo and I needed to get on the bus to go to Juarez tomorrow, in the morning, for a meeting for new trainers in the mission!  Yup - you heard that right; I am actually going to train a new missionary....  No comment! ;)  I am just a little bit nervous because I feel like I don`t know anything because I just finished my training, but I am so grateful for the opportunity, and I know that the Lord will provide a way! :) :) :)  So anyway, we left for Juarez in the morning on a 4 and a half hour bus ride!  Let me just say that Juarez is a completely different world.... WOW  There are so many cars and people and buildings and noise!!!!!!!  At first I was a little freaked out; I am used to my cute little Casas Grandes!  But it was fun to be in a different place.  We stayed with some Hermanas that are there and then Friday in the morning I had my capacitation with all of the trainers in all of the mission!  It was such a great opportunity and I learned SOOOOOO much!  Now let`s just hope I can put it into action! ;) hahahaha  I need all the prayers you can give please!!!! hahahaha  After the meeting we worked in one of Hermana Jacobo`s old areas and visited a lot of her old converts and members.  Then on Saturday there was a meeting for all of the zone leaders in the mission and Hermana Jacobo (because she is the sister training leader), so I went to that meeting all day Saturday also, and then we came back to casas late late late saturday night!   So pretty much my week was spent, for the most part, in Juarez! (A little different than usual) but it was exciting and full of learning! 

So yes... there are cambios (transfers) this week and yes, Hermana Jacobo is leaving to Dublan (a little city pretty close to Casas Grande) and a new missionary from Honduras is coming to be in my area with me!!!!  I haven`t met her yet and I know nothing about her except that she is 24 and from Honduras!  I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!! :):):)  She will get here tonight! 

So that is pretty much it!  It was a good week!

OHHHHHHHHH - But I want to tell you about a family that we met earlier this week called the family Torres!  They are both pretty young and work for the law or something, and they have 2 little kids that are adorable.  They are Catholic, just like every other person in Mexico, but really aren`t religious and never have been.  They were a reference given to us and we have been trying to contact them for a long time and finally found them!  The first lesson with them started out a little shaky and they, at the beginning, weren`t really interested but as the lesson went on something changed inside of them and they began to be a little more attentive and interested.  By the end of the lesson the husband stopped us and said, “I think that I need this in my life! I have never let anyone in my house to talk about religion or anything and for some reason, I let you sisters in...  This isn`t a coincidence!”   AMAZING HUH??????  When he said this, the spirit testified to me once again how incredible this message is!  IT IS TRUE!!!!  And it is incredible to see the miracles!  And to feel the power of the Gospel in the lives of others!!

I hope everyone is reading and praying and going to church - if not.... I will hunt you down when I get back!!!! ;)  I love you so very much and I am so grateful to be here on a mission serving my Savior and growing with His help!  This is the true church; I know it with all my soul!  Take advantage of the teaching experiences you receive!  There is no greater joy than preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ!


Hermana Sutton
p.s.  Thank goodness I didn`t have to eat Menudo yesterday....!!!!


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