Monday, February 24, 2014

1st Week As A Trainer


WOW!!!  Sounds like things are moving right along with the wedding, with mission calls, and with everything!  It is so fun to hear what everyone is doing!  

This week was a great one!  The first week with my new companion - which is always really fun!  I remember my first couple of weeks in the mission and how big of a change it was!  I hope that I can give her some advice on how I made that transition in my mission (because it really wasn`t that long ago, but it was... but not... wow - time is so different here in the mission)  But it has been a great experience to train someone and I have learned more this week than EVER!!!! 

….1….  You had transfers, but are you still in the same city (Nuevo Casas Grande)?  And?

I am in the city in my wonderful ward and with friends; it is great!  It is a lot more responsibility though.  I have to remember where everyone lives and what their names are and all that jazz!  But it has been great and my relationship with the members has grown a lot more this week (but don`t worry, I still miss our ward back home like crazy!)  Make sure everyone knows I say hi and I love them!

….2….  New companion – name, what’s her background, speaks any English, family, anything you want to tell us about her.?.?.?

My companion’s name is Hermana Soto!  (hahaha - almost Sutton)  She is from Honduras in the capitol and she has 24 years and she is the oldest of 4 kids.  She studied architecture before she came on her mission and finished college!  She is such a sweetheart and really has desires to work hard to serve the Lord (ohhh yeah!!!!)  haha  She reminds me a little bit like Kendra Hunter! - who is going on her mission this week ;) haha  We work well together and have a lot of fun!  She is bi-lingual, entonces she can speak English perfect and same with Spanish.... (ugh, I want this) haha  It is helpful that she knows English but I need to work on making my Spanish better ;) hahaha

 ….3….  How’s the Primary coming along?

THE PRIMARY IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I never want to leave!  They are so sweet and so hilarious and like my little “littles”!  Nothing is better than all of the little kids running up to you at church and yelling Hermana Sutton and hugging you as tight as they can!  My heart literally melts with joy!  They are so sweet!!!!

….4….  Did you get your last box when you traveled to Juarez last week?

NO package... no worries!!!!

We had an amazing experience yesterday that was a little bit weird... but a miracle, none the less!  An hermano from Colonial Juarez called us after church when we were at our food appointment to make sure we were still okay for the appointment with him and his friend at 6....  Yeah, well, we had no idea who he was or his friend or anything... (a little weird ) but we felt like we should go so we met him and his wife at the church (yes, they are members - thank goodness) and then to their friends house.  And guess who was there... the most perfect family who are so prepared by the Lord!  They are called the family Carbello and WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW; they are literally a miracle!  We had a really special lesson with them and the spirit was so strong and they were so interested and want to learn and to change!  The whole story was really weird, but if you trust in the Lord with all your heart and do what you are supposed to be doing, He will lead you to miracles and to see His hand in this work!  I am a witness of that!

I know this work is of the Lord.  He lives and always wants to help and to lift us when we can`t go any more!  I AM SO BLESSED!!!!!  THIS MISSION HAS CHANGED ME!!!!!!! 

Have an incredible week and remember to read your scriptures and pray pray pray!!!!


Hermana Sutton


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