Monday, February 3, 2014

February is Already Here!

HMMMMMM - I don´t know where to start!  Another week gone, and I honestly it went by so fast!  I don´t know where the time is going!  AHHHHH slow down please!!!!  Hahaha

I´m glad dad is still alive after the Klondike Derby and also glad that I didn’t have to sleep outside in the snow... my house is cold enough ;) haha  

 Make sure that Grandma knows I wished her a Happy Birthday, and sang to her!! Haha

Also, I hope the birthday of Derek will be great (on the 7th right??) and make sure he finds himself a girl!!!!  Happy birthday Derek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is one Hermana in our ward that is amazing.... hahaha  

Also, Happy Anniversary to Amanda and Eric :)  WOW!  How crazy it is already February!

..1..        Have you found a new apartment yet?

WOW!  That is a long story...  We found one really nice but then who knows what happened and craziness..  But the Hermana that owns the house that we live in now is redoing her house so that we can live in the back part of it.  Yes, it is a lot nicer and I am excited!  But it won´t be ready until the end of February so hopefully I am still in this area!!!  Almost transfers already... how weird!!

..2..        What part of Guatemala is your comp from?  Is she a convert or was she born into the church?  Does she have any siblings and/or where does she fit into her family?

She is from the Capitol of Guatemala and she has been a member her whole life and so has all her family; her dad actually works for the church!  She also has 2 siblings, an older brother and a younder brother!!  It’s a small family like us, and she also has a nephew!  hahahaha 

..3..        What kind of cooking facilities do you have in your apartment (stove, fridge, oven, microwave, etc.) or are things like Derek had them – a hot plate, sink and fridge….?

Well... our kitchen.... hahahaha we have a stove top and a microwave that sometimes work!  and a little fridge like you buy for students living in dorms... but we are happy and always have food!  So no worries :)  We just have to be really creative!!! 

..4..        Did you send something with Raul (from Mexico)?  Do I need to call and reconnect with him?  I am going to send him pizza via Amanda when she remembers…..for being my currier.

Yes, I did send a little surprise with Raul but he has been really busy (says his mom) so he has the thing but you could give him a call and make sure!  It´s nothing big, but I just wanted to send something little for everyone :)  I hope you know how much I love you!!!!! 

This week we had exchanges with the Hermanas that are in a city really close to ours.  I stayed with them for a day and one of the other Hermanas came to my area.  It really was a fun experience and I learned so much!  It is good to get out and work with other Hermanas because you are use to your comp and how she works... Entonces - it was an experience really great! :)

We also had a little activity with those Hermanas yesterday and this morning, we stayed at their house and made cookies and talked and planned an activity for later this week!  It was fun!  I will send you pictures...  They all are Mexicans (well one is from Dominican Republic) so they all made fun of my Spanish... haha  but it is getting better so no worries!!!!!  It was fun to relax and remember what a sleepover is like :) 

HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We went to someone’s house last night and the Super Bowl was on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And guess what ???   They showed David Beckham right when I looked at the TV to see what was going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, miracles do happen!!!!!!!!!!  hahahahahahaha

I love you with all of my heart and soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO for everyone!!!!!  I truly am so blessed to be serving the Lord right now and that He gave me the amazing support system I have!!!!

I know this work is the work of our SAVIOR!  We truly need Him every hour!!!

Con Amor, Hermana Sutton

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