Monday, March 2, 2015

To Be "Older" and Still Have a Prom Dress :D - YES!!!

QUERIDA FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!! :)  COMO ESTAN????? 

As for me and Juarez we are STILL, and will ALWAYS be doing GREAT! :)  My companion and I voted and we think that really really (and we mean really) this week was the fastest of the whole mission!!!!  But that is a good sign I think, that we are learning and teaching and finding and laughing and well, being missionaries!!  What else could you ask for??

So like I have mentioned in the past, we are teaching the family Velazco, they are the Adventistas, and we are learning so much and studying our little hearts out because they have so many questions that are super great but hard!!!!!!  We are still on lesson one with them because we are making a big emphasis in the authority that is needed to work in the name of Jesus Christ.  Because, like I mentioned, Adventistas are not THAT different than our church in the sense that they live healthy lives and believe in revelation in these days.  But they are progressing and every lesson that we have with them is super powerful and you can tell they are really trying to learn and understand.  Like yesterday, we got to their house and they were waiting for us with cookies and notebooks to take notes and write their questions!  They are a really great family, and when they accept the gospel they are going to be really faithful and strong!!!

Also, a bit of a funny story, so we received a referral from an activity that one of the zones did for the 14 of February of an older lady. (In the activity they took pictures and then we deliver them and talk to them about the gospel!)  So we went to see her and get to know her, her name is Ramona... and oh my goodness she is hilarious!!!  She is a little bit older so I think she forgets a lot of things, but man we were laughing our heads off with her!!  SHE IS A HOOT!!!  So we got there, and she let us right in.  But to get to know her, she told us she was going to show us her music and dance... so there she went... hahahah  Then she gave us some capirotada (which is a dessert made of bread and nuts and a whole bunch of stuff)  It was super good!!!  But then all of a sudden she stopped and looked at me and said... you aren’t from here!  Do you speak English??  I told her yes and then she asked me to call this random number in El Paso to try and get the will of one of her friends figured out!!  IT WAS A MESS!!! hahaha  But after that we got to share a little with her, and told her about what we do and all that jazz and invited her to church!  On Sunday morning we passed by and she was waiting outside with her diamonds and her fancy almost prom dress!!!! :):):):):):)  We could not believe it!!!  She came to church and well actually shared her testimony also... CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!!!!!!!!!  She may be crazy but she felt the spirit and that is what matters!!! 

ALSO......  Sadly Hermana Hernandez and I have changes.... :(  We spent the night reminiscing about all the memories that we have had together and the high hopes we had about staying together... (I really think she just wanted to kill me in the mission! ;) hahaha - but I will be STAYING IN NINOS HEROES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I AM SUPER EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  AND YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GUESS WHO IS MY COMPANION!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HERMANA ELLSWORTH!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me explain in case you have forgotten.  So Hermana Ellsworth & I are pretty much best friends!! ;) hahaha  She was here in Ninos Heroes already and well she is a HUGE example to me!!!!  SHE IS SUPER SWEET AND I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was a shock, not going to lie!!!  But the Lord knows why and what and how so I am excited!!!! :):):):)

Other than my rambling and all that, WE ARE DOING GREAT!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):):):):)

I love you guys so much, (I hope you understand that!!!)  I know that what really ties us together is the love for our Savior who makes everything possible!!  I know He lives and that through Him we can return to our Father, have eternal Families, receive the forgiveness for our sins, and truly be HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so grateful for Him and for the opportunity to be a representative of Him!!! :)


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