Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Enjoy Every Single Moment!!!!!


I have thought deep and hard and I have decided that I am just going to give you a little snippet of what is going on!! :) hahahaha  because you know that I am super-duper HAPPY and working HARD and seeing lots if miracles, so we are going to save the awesome stories for face to face!! (It makes them so much better right??)

So this week!  Last Monday we went to Central Park (Juarez-style) with the Bencomo family and it was super fun!!! :)  We saw a giraffe and an ostrich and lots of ducks and we had a picnic!  It was awesome!!

We also had a great and hard week; we are really giving everything that we have!  Every night we think we are going to die from exhaustion but the Lord helps us so much to wake up with energy and desires to work another day even harder!  And we are seeing the miracles and it is astonishing! 

We found A LOT of new people this week, the Lord is really putting us in the place he wants us to be!  We had new INVESTIGATORS at church and our ward actually filled the most part of the sacrament room!!!!  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!   INCREDIBLE!!! :):)  I have had the great blessing of being here in this ward for a long time, and I am seeing progress in so many ways! 

Hermana Ellsworth and I are doing AMAZING!!  We literally are like sisters!  She means so much to me; I love that girl with all my heart!  And the people have told us that they can see that we get along really well, it is helping us in every aspect of the work!  The key to life really is ENJOY EVERY SINGLE MOMENT!!!! :)

It was short and sweet and to the point!!! :) 


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