Monday, March 16, 2015

Cooking w/ the Queen of Juarez Tamales

LIVING THE LIFE OF THE MEXICAN!!!!!  I know I have told you this about a million and a half times that I am a Mexican and I am loving it!!!  But now even more tan-  we are oficial.  We learned how to make tamales yesterday with the “Queen of Juarez Tamales”; well that is at least what the sister who taught us says.  It was really fun and we got to know the family a lot better!  (They are less active)  Sadly we do not have pictures, but we do have proof in our stomachs and that is what counts right???

We are seeing some excellent progress in Rosita also!!!  She took her exam to become a nurse and all went well and she feels like God is blessing her in her life because she is being more obedient to the commandments!!  We are so close; she is changing and she is noticing it!  One of these days I know that she is going to notice that everything that is happening is because this is the true church!  We love her so much and pray for her like every momento!  PATIENCE AND LOVE AND THE BLESSINGS COME!!!! :)

We also met an AWESOME guy this week; his wife is a reference that we have but she is never home so we met him!!  We started by talking about the Book of Mormon!!!  AND TO BE HONEST I HAVE NEVER MET ANYONE SO EXCITED ABOUT THE BOOK OF MORMON!!!  He said it was an answer to his prayers and that it makes so much sense that Jesús Christ came here to the Americas!!  He told us when he left, I know you were looking for my wife, but it looks like I will be the one coming to church with you guys!!!!!!!  AWESOME RGHT!!!  To be honest to hear him so excited about the restored góspel and the BOM it made me more excited and to remember really how blessed we really are!!! :):):):)  It is the greatest thing in the WHOLE world that the same church the Jesus Christ established when he was here - is here AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):):):):):)


1.        What will you miss most besides the people?

OH GOODNESS THE PEOPLE HERE ARE THE MOST AMAZING!!!  I THINK I AM GOING TO MISS TALKING TO THE PEOPLE ON THE STREET!!!  The fact that the mayoría of the people tell you everything up front, they open all of their heart in like the first 5 minutes!!  I mean sometimes we get some really interesting stories, but it’s awesome the trust that the people have to random people....  It could possibly be our skin color, but I think the Lord is softening their hearts!  I also am loving the food of EVERYONE here!!!  Man I am thinking about how sad it will be not to eat beans and rice and tortillas at every meal...  SO IF I GET BACK 200 POUNDS HEAVIER YOU KNOW I LIVED A HAPPY LIFE HERE IN JUAREZ!!!!

2.      If we stop on the way home for food, where would you like to eat?

HMMMMMMMMM - I AM GOOD WITH ANYTHING!!!  You guys can choose any place that you think would be good! :)  I am not picky anymore!!  MIRACLE!!!  Maybe like MADDOX!

3.        Who was the craziest companion you ever had?

DEFINETLY HERMANA ELLSWORTH!!!!!!!!! :):)  Hahahaha - no to be honest they all have been crazy!! hahaha  In their one Little way, it has been quite the experience to live with lots of different sisters!  I have loved it and learned so much! :)  But really I am thinking these days that the Hermana Ellsworth is the winner!!!! :)



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