Monday, January 26, 2015

Snow in Juarez - CRAZY!!!!!


Can you believe that we are here again writing; wow the time is passing SOOOOOOOOO fast!!  But we are doing great and we had an excellent week here in the wonderful Ninos Heroes!!  

As for the weather we had a little bit of everything this week... starting with SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?????????????  Of course it wasn’t like the snow in Utah (not even close) but none the less - I held in my hand a snowflake for the first time in who knows how long!!  I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! But sadly the snow is gone, and we are enjoying not having to carry around our coats and gloves all day long!!!  It’s a love hate relationship!!! ;)  We are doing great and wow, the Hermana Hernandez is such a great companion!  We are learning so much and I love being with her because we both challenge each other to be better and to work the hardest we can!!!  (That is when true happiness comes - when we put all our soul into something!!!)

This week was full of lots of great memories and meeting a lot of new and crazy people in the street!!  (We have been focusing our attention a lot on trying to find new people to teach, so we are pretty much doing just about anything possible to find them!!!)  When you try and start a conversation in the street with somebody you don’t know, pretty much you have to find something that they know a lot about and try and get them to open up...  The thing is sometimes you start talking about pigs or the sewage in the street, or where you like to buy clothes all the way to the different types of chilies (that gets people going!!!)  hahaha  But we are loving it; I love talking to random people!!  The best thing is that if they don’t want to hear anything about the gospel, well the chances of seeing them again are pretty small so you can try anything!!  But when we put our efforts in the Lord, he blesses us and puts in our path the people who are really prepared to receive these eternal truths!!!

…1…    Did you get your package that was delivered to El Paso on Tuesday?

Hmmmm - not yet, but the next time we go to the offices I will check!!!  THANK YOU!!!

…2…    Been singing to any large audiences lately?

Hahahaha - nope :)  But we are actually trying to plan something for this March, so we will keep our fingers crossed that it happens!!!

…3…    Are you staying warm?

SI :) I am doing great, I have a load of blankets and I wear a million layers of clothes on the cold days.  All is well and we are happy!!!!

…4…    How are your investigators advancing?

Hmmmmm as for the investigators!  We are doing well!  But we would like to see a bit more progression!!  We have some investigators that have some needs really difficult, but the Lord is changing their lives little by little!!  

A sad and happy story!  So one of our investigators who hates reading has been reading the “Book of Mormon” a lot.  On Friday my companion was sick so we had to cancel the appointment with her; we called her and she said, “Dang it, oh well - I am going to invite my friend over so we can read the “Book of Mormon” together!!!”  (AWESOME - RIGHT??)  So she has been reading a lot and really loves what she is reading..... usually!  Well on Saturday we passed by to see her and she had read the night before 1 Nefi 14 which talks about the great and abominable church.  First off, she is Catholic and when she read that she took it really offensive!  (yikes right!?)  Like she knew the scripture was true & that is why it shot a whole in her I think!  She was confused to why God would call one of his churches the church of the devil, and well so on and so on!  We tried to help her understand a little bit more but she was kind of closed off to understand more.  But yesterday there she was at church once again!!  She told us, “I dont know why but I just couldn’t help but come again!!!” :):):):):):):)  So harsh, but it turned out really great!!!  We hope that she will accept baptism one of these days!  She really has changed her life so much!!!

Also, yesterday we had two young girls come to church for the first time together in almost a year!  The oldest sister is active but her little sister has not wanted to come to church for a long time!!  This week we went to visit them and help them with their personal progress and it was just what they needed to feel comfortable to come to church!!!  They both looked so happy!!!

Who else??  The Patlan family is preparing to go do baptisms for their family this Saturday!!! 

Carlos y Rosa are esforzando a lot for their baptism which is shortly coming (WE HOPE!!!!!!)

And well we can’t complain, we are in the work of the Lord!!! :):):):):):):):)

I hope you all have an amazing week, and remember to read your scriptures and say your prayers and keep the commandments and smile and serve others and be yourselves!!  BECAUSE YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!


Hermana Sutton

p.s.  OH NO!!!!!!!!  I’m sorry about Brother Morris; SISTER MORRIS WRITES ME HAND LETTERS EVERY MONTH!!!!!!  THAT IS SO SAD!!!!!!!!! :(  Tell the older people to hold on!!  I want to see them all again!!!

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