Monday, January 12, 2015

It's Always a Party With 3!!!!!!


It is a miracle, I am not wearing a coat and I am not dying!!  I would say that calls for a celebration!!  IT HAS BEEN FREEZING HERE!!  I think it was the same cold front that hit you guys as well, but I think it has past... we hope!!  But the weather here reminds me a little bit like Utah - you never know what to expect!!  But all is just dandy here in Juarez; we had a really good week, a lot of great progression in our investigators, I am practicing nonstop my Spanish, and learning lots and lots every single day!!!!!  Let me answer your questions and then I will ramble a little bit more!!!

….1….    What’s something “original” or “crazy” about each of your new companions?  (We’d like to know them a little better)

Hmmmmmmm - well I now have different companions, well at least until the changes next week!  I would explain what is happening, but we have no idea!!  BUT ALL IS GREAT!! :)  My companions are Hermana Panta (Peru) and now Hermana Ramirez (from estado de Mexico)   PANTA:  Hermana Panta is hilarious, she has this attitude that I love; she is this short little innocent hermana but man she has power!!  She is super prepared for the mission and does some amazing miracles!  She and I get a long super good, and we always end up laughing at every little thing.  She and I teach a lot alike so it is sweet to be with her because we never choke.  (I told her I am going to visit her one day with the Rex family... so she can marry Ben!!)  RAMIREZ: Hermana Ramirez is just so sweet and awesome; I knew her before but she came to Ninos Heroes on Thursday!  She has a little more time than the Hermana Panta in her mission.  She is like perfect.  To be honest we thought that we were going to drive her crazy because Hermana Panta and I are a little crazy and together even worse!  But she is hilarious too... she is the type of person that doesn’t say much but just has that funny personality!  We are loving life together!!   IT IS ALWAYS A PARTY WITH 3!!!!!

….2….    Who does the cooking (or do you just not eat)?

Hmmmmm we do indeed actually cook!  Like I have told you I am boss at the beans, and Hermana Panta is the queen of rice!  WE MAKE A GOOD TEAM!!!  Hmmm - what else??  We eat fruit, and eggs, and tortillas, pancakes, yogurt, arroz con leche, and sometimes the members even give us food!!!  I LOVE COOKING, but we dont have much time.  Last night we made caramel corn.... BUT IT WAS A DISASTER!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha  But none the less!!  I am trying to get recipes so I can show you guys how to eat like a Mexican!!!

….3….    Do you get to go to 2 wards on Sunday?  Do you have double callings too?

OHHHH - We are in the same ward!!  So the change wasn’t that big.  It was the 4 of us working together!!  Now we are just living in the house of the hermanas and we are working in the same ward!!!  WE ARE ACTUALLY SEEING PROGRESS IN OUR WARD!!!!!!!  WE ARE SO HAPPY!!!!!!!  NOW OUR GOSPEL PRINCIPLES CLASS IS FILLED TO THE TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS WEEK WE MADE A ROAD TRIP BACK TO MY HOME TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  CASAS GRANDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We had interchanges with Hermana Ellsworth and her companion!!  IT WAS REALLY REALLY GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!  SUPER WEIRD TO BE IN CASAS ONCE AGAIN BUT IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!  One cool thing that we experienced - we went and visited a recent convert that we had found when I was about the leave the area his name is Angel, he is young and to be honest didn’t know anything about God.  He was honest like a little child just learning for the first time all of the things!  BUT WHEN WE WENT THIS TIME!!!!!!!!  WOW - HE WAS COMPLETELY CHANGED!!!!!!!  He was asking questions and answering everything; he is reading every day and preparing to receive a calling in the ward!!  He is sharing the gospel with his family and wow it is a huge change in him!!!  Also in Casas I got to see the Beltran family!!!!  PICTURES ARE COMING!!!!!!

And back in our area... story time!!!!  We went and visited yesterday FRANCISCA AND MARIA ANTONETA!!!!  They are two best friends who are learning about the gospel together; they go to church with us but they are having a bit of a trouble accepting baptism.  They both are reading the Book of Mormon and they love it, but they didn’t know if it was true.  Yesterday we went to see them and we talked about everything that was going on with them and how they have been feeling since we have visited them.  They wanted to know if it all was true, together the 5 of us knelt in prayer, and Francisca gave the most beautiful and simple prayer to know if it was true.  After the prayer we sat in silence just to think, after about 5 minutes (no kidding).  Everyone was pretty much in tears and they both expressed what they were feeling!!  RIGHT THEN IN THAT MOMENT THE SPIRIT TALKED TO EACH OF US AND THEY KNOW IT IS TRUE!!!!!  It is amazing how powerful a heart filled prayer is!!!!

The week was filled with great experiences like this!!!  I know that this is the church of Jesus Christ!!!  I KNOW IT IS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!  I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!!!  I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Sutton

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