Monday, November 17, 2014

Street Serenade - CRAZY!!!!!

BUENAS TARDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Como esta mi maravillosa familia????  Estamos aquí al empezar otra semana y wow que rápido!  La verdad esta semana pasada fue excelente,  El Senor esta bendiciéndonos mucho con experiencias, desafíos, espíritu, y mucha risa!!!!!!!  Esta semana hicimos TANTAS cosas, no puedo empezar a explicarlo todo, pero aquí son algunas cosas que puedo explicar con palabras!
Google translate:  (How is my wonderful family????  We are here to start another week and wow that fast!  The past week was really good; the Lord is blessing us with much experiences, challenges, spirit, and lots of laughter!!!!!!!  This week we did MANY things I cannot begin to explain it all, but here are some things I can put into words!)

On Saturday we pretty much had the greatest day we have ever had as a companionship!!!  IT WAS A WEIRD ONE BUT IT WAS GREAT!!!!  To start it off, we found an old investigator that we hadn’t seen for a long while, and now she wants to learn and come to church.  We had a lesson super powerful with her and everyone was in tears!  Everyone has their timing!  After that we ate with the Rodriguez family!  (THEY ARE AWESOME!!!)  They are the parents-in-law to Lamar (if that makes sense to you guys).  We ate Chinese food and just being with them is so uplifting!!!  After that we went and saw Hermana Patlan and the whole family, and they are all reading their scriptures and saying their prayers and progressing MUCHO MUCHO MUCHO!!!!!!!!!!!  I really have not had a baptism on my misión that I have seen such a huge change in someone as I see in her and her family!!!!!  I am so grateful for them!  

After that, it turned a Little weird.  We went to see one of our investigators who is a bit crazy, and long story short we were headed to the internet café to find something he needed help with and a weird guy stopped us on the street and serenaded us with “Nirvana”....  yup, it ruined the song!!!  BUT IT WAS HILARIOUS!!!  We tried everything we could to get away from him but our investigator thought it was funny, and so we were caught in a pickle!!!!!!!!!  After that we went and saw Francisca and shared with her for the first time the book of Mormon!!!!!!!!!  WOW - I WISH I COULD EXPLAIN THE AMAZING SPIRIT THAT WAS ACCOMPANING US!!!!!!!!!  The Book of Mormon is so powerful.  We really didn’t do anything too special to share it, but with our testimonies and the power of the book the hermana was almost in shock!!!!!!!!  It really was something amazing!!!

To end the night, we were walking home, and I mentioned to my companion that we failed to find anyone new to teach today....  I then was thinking about the things I could do to improve and the desires I have to help the Lord in this work.... and that is when we saw a family outside pushing their broken down car.... and us being the huge "muscles", powerful - hot looking missionaries we are went and helped them out!  Then started talking to them, and we are going back on Wednesday to get to know them!!! :)  AWESOME RIGHT??????  I am so grateful that our prayers are answered, that we really have a Father in heaven that is aware of us and our situations and He loves us!!!!!

…1…  So how is your attitude been?

…2…  Seen any strange happenings in Juarez?
Every single day we see things really strange.... but I think I am numb!  hahahaha   But I would say the weird serenade in the street was the winner for this week!

…3…  When do you get to go to the temple?
OHHHHHH!!!  Hardly ever, but that reminds me that I a need to get all my 4 generations done in my family tree before December, is there work to be done??  And maybe if you could send me a copy of your family tree dad y mom!!!  If we have all our generations done we get to go to the temple in December!!!!  HELP ME OUT!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

…4…  Do you ever get to go to a soccer game or athletic events?
IN MY DREAMS...... ;)  No we really don’t do anything like that here!  But I did meet some cool guys on the bus one day that were baseball players!  That is as close as I have gotten to see a game!!! ;)

Sounds like you guys had a great week.  Tell Scott congrats and hi to everyone!!!  Also this week I got some more ties, from the Merrells and from the Dance family!  So far I have 20, but I am sure the rest are coming!  I talk to the President, and he wants you guys to write a little something to put on the bags... like a “MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!  Love, the Sutton family! (or something like that!) If you want to send me the Word doc I could print them out!! ;)  Between us, the President is super happy and grateful for everything you guys are doing for Christmas; he got a little sentimental about it!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Have a great week,
Hermana Sutton

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